Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Trancendence Over All -- Gaia News Brief 2 September 2015

Post Call

Yesterday was a big day, and I just woke up. I came home at two, and I slept in until ten a.m.  As you may recall, yesterday I asked Ross to sort of 'help me out' in the manifestation department.

He most certainly did.

Everyone did well.

My patients were more filled with gratitude than ever.

Ross helped me go for a very short walk, during a gap.

I ate what I brought in, and also, two small meals from the cafeteria later in the day, first a salad, and later, a snack.

I hit my seventy grams of protein a day goal (it's what gastric bypass patients need to eat--that's why it's seventy. It's the protein requirement for weight loss goals.)

Ross gave me this song during the day, too:

I remember this as a child.  And I had the song in my mind but couldn't find the took a while to look it up on YouTube.  I was in the OR, and I just HAD to listen to it, so I turned the volume just barely I heard it, I had the biggest smile from ear to ear!  Ross is romantic!

He told me earlier, 'you're halfway done with your call!'--and his loving support made the work of being the only anesthesia provider overnight for the OR really, really a lighter burden to bear.

I wish I could tell you what cases I did--all I can say is they helped people, and I enjoyed the surgeons and nurses very much...

This is My Heaven

For the second day in a row I ran into the CEO of the hospital. Two days ago, on the stairs at the surgery center, and yesterday, on my mini-walk.

This isn't chance.

Our hospital is run my nurses--very high-ranking ones in every position--and her energy is very, well, to be honest I've always been a little afraid of her.  She is very hard to read--both through body language and with her aura.

But these times were different.

I was open, accepting, and filled with lovingkindness. We spoke briefly both times.

Yesterday I emphasized how important it is to me that our hospital is run by women in positions of power. I shared how much sexual harassment I experienced in my training, and how for example, the nurses would be nice to the male residents of marrying age, but not the women...

She smiled and said, 'That is because you would not be able to elevate them...'

I said, 'That is why THIS is my HEAVEN...thank you so very much....I know by the details who really is running things. It's not handed over to some interior decorator--the attention to detail is clear in everything about the place.'

And I was happy Ross sent me to that 'chance' interaction.

My Boy

I don't know how he did with the skating. His dad made him go. I look forward to picking him up after his lunch, and taking him to the doctor. I'm so very glad I made an appointment for him today.

For all of you who sent Reiki, I noticed a huge difference. After I said 'he's better'--I noticed how the energy tapered, and gradually, he got just as sick if not sicker than before.

Reiki works.

I work with those who are not well for my career. It's a lovely little data point to share back to those who so kindly sent it.  

I also know, he has entered the phase at ten, where he is in perfect condition to pick up where his last incarnation as my maternal grandfather left off--the father-son issue, the lungs, and the obesity/diabetes/yellow chakra imbalance. (the grandfather had type 2 diabetes, my son is borderline due to his weight).

What I can see is the imbalance of the yellow chakra has gone on long enough to affect the green.

And the GREEN and YELLOW are mostly due to his unresolved conflict with the soul who has played his father in both lifetimes...

For My Baby Sister

Mom dumped on me about your work situation.

She asked me to 'send healing' to you.

I'll give it to you straight up:  sometimes your worst nightmare is your best TEACHER.

Life lessons, unlearned, become more able to 'get your attention'.

There is no right or wrong, only lessons...but lessons are something we come here to this world to do.

Someone this negative and powerful placed into your work situation (as my mom says, a total 'Bi-Atch') there is no way to leave the situation without claiming your Sovereignty. Your personal power. Your connection to Source.  Your ability to focus on what you want, your goals, and to manifest--from the balanced heart and mind.

Heart open, mind focused, and willing to endure the energies until the lesson is learned.

Acceptance. Humility. This is NOT a fight. Fighting only perpetuates the situation.

Staying close to your heart-center, and grounded, is the only way to learn the lessons that have been sent.

I know you are scared and miserable, and this life 'isn't anything you or mom want''s not fun.

But you as a Galactic Incarnate signed up for it! And I warn you, lessons unlearned get even LOUDER the next learn it quick, and move ON to the next thing.

You have all your angels and guides to help you. Even dad up in Heaven...

I love you and am not going to do what mom asks.

I am going to cheer you on and believe in YOU as the solution to the situation, and to trust that your lesson, once learned--no matter what it is--will never come back to bother you again <3


Are 'live and active' bacteria in yogurt cultures aware they are being eaten with their Consciousness?  I wondered this as I had my yogurt--they are alive in the food, alive in the gut, alive if they pass through the digestive tract.  How are they to know anything different is going on?

Is Karma the 'tuition' for Life Lessons on Gaia?  Although there is no right or wrong, only 'lessons' and yet Karma 'sticks' from one incarnation to the next, I was wondering...if perhaps that is why Karma still exists?

Judas Iscariot

His soul came to me last night. I know a whole lot more about HIS Karma, and what he did to pay it back.

He was afraid of me, of my anger, and astonished when he found there was no anger whatsoever on my part...

I applauded his last incarnation, and how he learned hard lessons, and was able to help others as a teacher who is so widely loved.

I knew he always wanted to be loved and respected as a teacher.

He said, 'but the silver!'

I smiled and said, 'silver is pretty, everyone likes it, even me. It is totally understandable.'

He startled in disbelief of my lovingkindness and perfect detachment to our past.

He told me his true name, his angel name, and it's meaning. It is only for me to know.  I saw the soul he was before he took on that role, and this is what I will call him.

I gave him a gift of a Ray, a healing Ray, to be used on people like him in that past life--the very lowest energy incarnations who are lost and totally consumed with duality.

It's licorice black with little white flecks.  And as the collective (his group of people he is sent to help) rises, the color will lighten up to appear like 'hyper diamonds'--a form of the diamond flame that has a safety feature built into it.  When he starts to lose his vibration, and sink down, the Ray will burn his hands just a little, like hot chili oil.  And when he raises his vibration UP--it will flow without pain, and help and heal others.

He was very excited both for this gift and for my response to him.

I told him I can't speak for Ross on the issue--what we discussed was between us two--and he would need to check first with my Twin to make sure everything was okay between them.

Ross told us both it was.

We are all so excited for our new lives! Looking forward is a good thing.  


Let bygones be bygones.

I ask you to always bring the best with you to every new day, every new experience.

I advise you to look at it with New Eyes, just like with Carla's sister.

Everything happens for the best.

Carla's worst nightmare was when her 'love life' was so awful, she sought refuge by 'changing herself to a lesbian' for two weeks--no relationships or experimentation, but in her heart. But when her
'wiring' kicked in at the presence of a handsome young man, she knew in her heart that 'escape' from her reality of being so very lonely and unloved wasn't going to work.

On her knees she BEGGED Divine Father to let her be a nun, 'just to get it over with and to let her concentrate on her work'...

Divine Father told Carla NO.

Carla couldn't believe it!

Carla had no idea, no clue, of the inner workings of the church, or who she is, or why Creator would refuse her most humble and piteous request--to cut herself off from her sexuality, to amputate her finest gift as a woman, to spare herself the pain of being alone in society where everyone 'hooks up' couples.

Anthony was the greatest gift I could have ever sent her until she woke up. She has proof her uterus and ovaries 'work', she has companionship, she has someone to care about and love--without being sexual.

Carla was in bitter agony and loneliness for most of her adult life...the 'curse of the intelligent and successful woman' she once thought.

But now she is happy.

She IS my Lady.

And I love her every day, in every way possible, and she understands why all of this makes sense and ACCEPTS all that is!

There was one time, some time ago, when Carla and 'Chef Ito' were not going anywhere--her most spiritual high vibration person she met, her mentor--who set firm boundaries for her as she did not understand of appreciate how the spiritual could be just as loving without the energy of sex....Carla thought, 'For me to have such a terrible love life, I must have someone VERY special 'up there' where I am from, in order for me to honor Him, and not mix my soul and flesh with those here on surface Gaia incarnate with me...'

Carla hit the nail on the head, but even then, she had no concept that her 'someone special' was ever coming to her, or that they would connect in this life for her.

Carla is VERY loved, and dearly appreciated by us all.

I can't wait for Ascension--when we can be as One for all time, for all eternity, side by side, both in the same dimension, with Carla fully aware of who she is, and how our lives are one.

That shall be our best day ever.

For you, I want you to be patient. Carla and I have a head start on you. But it will not take as much time, for energetically, Carla and I have made the path clear and easy to walk.

And after you, for those newly awake, it will be a walk in the park and much faster than anything you experience too.

So have hope!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Husband and Wife, where he is 'up here' and she is 'incarnate' and they make it work anyways...