Monday, September 28, 2015

A Message To The Lightworkers From Archangel Metatron and His Twin

It is now the Time to invite you all to the Healing Temple of Zadkiel. It is a beautiful space to meditate, rest, heal, receive guidance, reflect, and even take time to review your Life so far. Ground yourself, allow your focus to be in the Present, and just think, "I would like to visit Zadkiel's Temple of Healing". A lake will appear and Your Guardian Angel will escort you across it. Cleanse yourself with the water as you "Wade" across. You will then reach the entrance of the temple, where St. Germain will shower you with the Violet Flame and lead you into the Foyer. Here, you can choose to take your Guardian Angel with you, or choose to go on alone. (Remember, your Guardian Angel is just one thought away, should you desire their presence again.) To the Right, are a set of stairs that lead to Metatron's (my) "office". It is open for readings, life reviews, and receiving further guidance. To the Left, are a set of stairs leading to healing rooms. You may call upon your Team, Angels, Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Animals, Fae (faeries--ed), and any other Entity that you would wish to assist in your healing for that visit. If you choose to go here, really allow yourself to be released and open to your healing. To the Centre, the area is an open meditation and resting space. Remember to give gratitude to all who assist you in any way, when you are ready to depart. As you walk out, Archangel Zadkiel will be waiting with a gift for you. The Gift can be ANYTHING; a phrase, a message, a song, an attunement, energetic jewelry, a realization. The list is infinite. Sometimes, it takes time to realize the meaning and significance of the Gift bestowed upon you. It took my Twin almost a year to realize the significance of the Key that was gifted to her on her very first visit. I hope that you all will visit often, and use the space well, as you see fit. Love, Light, and Blessings, Archangel Metatron

(This was shared to me with Archangel Lauren, who is the incarnation of Archangel Ariel)