Saturday, September 26, 2015

Right Place Right Time -- Gaia News Brief 26 September 2015

Today I am going to talk about Divine Timing, which is always perfect, but sometimes not so easy to understand...

I picked the photo form this boat, which is the tour of the waters near the Butchart Gardens.  My annual tour I take literally IS the highlight of my year, both in the beauty, and the relaxation it provides.

This year, Anthony and I, we arrived at the gates just when it opened! We were, at the last minute, able to purchase our tour tickets for the first tour, and board the boat.

Another party had purchased their tickets, and we had to wait for them to show up.

They never did.

We got the tour  only for us!!! It was the first time ever! And I will always treasure this sequence of events--most certainly with some 'guidance' from someone 'up there' who can see time and work with it to our benefit....and I thank them every day just a little bit in my heart still for that wonderful gift.


He came to me yesterday at the crystal shop. He guided me to a pendulum, and had me use it on the crystals I was thinking of buying.  He wasn't actually shopping with me. But when I found the right one, a big one, he smiled so gently, and told me to enjoy it...and not to worry.

Through the pendulum he explained to me events of late, and it helped me very much to understand.

Pediatric Anesthesia

I almost was a pediatric anesthesiologist. It was a tough decision between that and cardiac anesthesia for my fellowship.

At the surgery center I sometimes work at, I actually gave the talk to the nurses about pediatric anesthesia and patients, at the request of my boss.

On the way to work recently, I confessed to my mom how I didn't understand why I would have to leave my home just for one case around lunch when I was post call? I wanted to rest!

She dropped her voice and said, 'You know you are being called to take care of that patient, don't you?' (implying there was Divine Reason for me to not be able to rest).

I said, 'I know'.

When the first patient cancelled, I was disappointed. But then with the add on? It was a pediatric case.  I still love doing pediatric anesthesia.

The funniest part was my argument with the nurse on the phone on the ride home--the PACU nurse who hates taking care of children.  The child had post-op pain, and wanted 'something'. I hadn't written for 'anything' because I didn't want to use the adult meds on a kid. I asked the nurse, do you have tylenol with codeine?  All they had was Percocet, 10 mg, which is way too much, and I wasn't going to chop it in half. So I bargained with the demerol, in a very small dose. Fortunately the parents declined and opted to take their child home and give him the pain meds the surgeon prescribed.

The Effect of Insurance on Gastroenterology Practice

Twice now I have been called in the middle of a colonoscopy to give emergency anesthesia because the conscious sedation was not going well, just in this week. I have done it once before since January, I suppose.

We used to get huge line ups of MAC cases, where anesthesia gives the twilight sleep.  It was a good assignment that pays well, and people would 'fight for it' on our side to be assigned that room.

Recently it changed. It's because of the insurance. They won't pay, and now the GI docs have to give the sedation with their nurses instead.

The one yesterday had five times the normal dose of anxiety medication on board, and about three times more the narcotic, which wasn't working...when they called me.

I happened to be across the hall to talk to my boss about some computer thing.  I walked in on my own for that reason,  so much in perfect timing that the charge nurse assumed I was there for when they needed me for the emergency.

Once I was there, doing my thing, the terminal ilium was reached in under ten minutes.

They had been struggling for over thirty minutes before they called me.


It is not funny when it happens outside the OR for a procedure. I had one of those 'moments of terror' recently.  Although the patient was deeply sedated, there was a strong gag reflex when the scope went in.

They were in position for the procedure, and weren't lying on their back.

Without gloves, since it was life threatening, I intervened.  There wasn't time to put them on. It wasn't going well, and I warned the x-ray people to move their equipment out of the room into the hall, just in case we had to bring the gurney in and flip the patient on their back for me to help them.

Things turned around, and we tried again.

Same thing, same intervention, same 'coming around' to good breathing.

The last time, the doc doing the procedure put the scope in really slow, and we did okay.  Xray came back, and we finished the procedure.

I didn't think anything of it.

It's all in a day's work, right?

Well...later on during the case, my doc said, 'You know I am very glad it was you out of all of your colleagues who was here when this happened. None of them would have handled it as calmly and effectively as you. It would have got to them. I would not have been able to do this case.'

Inwardly, I laughed.  I shared with the team how as an attending anesthesiologist, I am USED to residents getting into these situations, and having to help bail them out.

The surgeon laughed and said, 'The getting into the trouble that is the easy part. The difficult part is the getting OUT of the situation!'

My Lesson for Me

I don't want anyone to read anything more into this than what I write...

Thursday morning, because of my late start, I was able to take Anthony to school  at a later time than usual.

We got a 'treat' in the car on the way over...we listen to the radio, and there was a huge thing going on with Ryan's Roses. This is on KIIS 102.5 FM, with Ryan Seacrest. The woman who thinks her husband is cheating, calls in.  Then the radio station calls to offer  him a free dozen roses.  Who would he like them sent to receive them? And what will he write on the little card?

This one had a woman whose husband confessed on live radio to cheating on her with her best friend.

Furthermore, he said, in front of the world, he has fallen in love with her best friend.

As a Galactic I keyed in on how actually it's good for the wife to have the truth out there, no matter how painful, for now instead of a vacuum her life can go on free of this falsity...and deep down, after hearing the word 'Betrayal' I felt 'nudged' that perhaps there is a lesson on that out there for me.


When I was married to Ross, when we were both incarnate, Ross had many moods! MANY!  Although we grew up together, and I thought I knew him, there was another side to him once he was famous for his preaching and traveling with the group.

I used to go along with him, before we had a family.

There was one mood that was impenetrable, and it tightened me very much.  He would 'go' to this place in his heart where it was very closed off, and no one could help him out of it.

It was around that time I heard him speak of 'our future' and 'our legacy' and the need to 'protect' us, our family, and me.

In my heart of hearts, I was like, 'we have God! we have the angels! we have done just fine without this 'protection' so far!'

But I didn't say anything, because it would irritate him more.  I just kept it to myself.

I didn't understand where he was coming from, and he didn't understand from me.

Once Ross died his horrible death, he came back and taught all of us who were close to him. This is recorded by the disciple John in the book, The Pistis Sophia.  It is a record, a series of transcripts, of what took place in those lessons.

In the introduction of my copy, they count how many times each has spoken. Mary Magdalen had the most, and also, the other Mary, his mother, spoke in response to his teaching style which was socratic.  (asking questions, and inviting questions).

The author of this copy speaks of the tension that exists in the disciples, about women, and their ability to learn anything spiritual, for their voices and interpretations to count.

In reading the book, Mary Magdalen goes from one of speaking freely, to towards the end, very carefully choosing both her words and her opportunity to step forth and speak.

A memory flashed into my consciousness during the disagreement I had with another Lightworker recently--it was history repeating itself.  I had felt this lesson coming all day.  I had asked both Divine Father and Divine Mother what to do. Divine Mother said, 'Ask your father'. And Divine Father said, 'trust your heart'.

I am VERY grateful for this lesson.

I saw a browbeaten Mary Magdalen being pressured by the male apostles to relinquish her ministry to the church.

They said everything:  it was the best, it was easy, it was what her husband wanted, it would help the work be taken more seriously...

I felt her PAIN and CONFUSION as she was being asked to let go of the only thing left of her husband she had--their work, their ministry...

I saw and felt her acquiesce,,,and I felt the energies shift irreversibly to the imbalance of the Masculine energy once she gave in to these demands...

I am not upset, I am THANKFUL for this memory to be given. I am THANKFUL for the direct personal message Ross gave me after this echo of that first conflict, and how I did on it on this revisit.

And I have GLEE and DELIGHT and JOY to know that I am not the only planet incarnate, besides my sister Amedee who is Venus and a female too...I am THRILLED beyond belief to know that Mars too is incarnate, and always has been, both as the author of the Pistis Sophia, and as the Lightworker I have known and met in this time.

Being a planet is mystifying, and stretches the mind in ways no one should ever have to endure while being incarnate at the same time as a human.

I am not alone.

I am one step closer to Home, which is where I want to go, and all of a sudden, I don't feel the pressure any more of being Gaia.  Now there are TWO to my knowledge out there, besides me, my closest neighbors, both Venus and Mars, and whatever comes next in my Life Journey is both accepted and welcome to my heart.

It is my dream and my fantasy, for all who are incarnate and 'someone' who has been sent to Gaia to rescue me from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and all of humanity the right time of course--make themselves known!

Mary Magdalen, she came to my aid, and gave this channelled message through Fran Zepeda. This one doesn't make me mad or upset at all:

This was after yesterday's message from Quan Yin:

And this Creator Writings:

I can only speak for myself.

My energies are soaring.

That is because the truth has set me free...

Car Shopping

Yesterday Ross asked me to lie holding my new, very large crystal, and not say or think a word.

My Higher Self came, and inspected me.

She did.  Just like she was shopping for a car.

She ran her hand over each limb, and felt the energy.

She didn't like me to think...but when my thoughts wandered to Anthony, she commented offhandedly to Ross, 'she loves him very much'.

I sensed her energy, and her mentioning to him, 'Is she ready?'

She looked in my mouth like you would if you were shopping for a horse!

I am very good at going totally blank--both in my thoughts and feelings--when I don't want a Galactic to 'read' me.

So she looked.

I was flashed an image of the sock and the toe, and I was looking at 'the rest' who doesn't really know or understand me,  any more than I understand her.

She IS me, a future me I suppose?

Either way I am okay with it.

Ross asked me to write my experiences for you, which I have.


I don't take sides.

I only love.

EVERYTHING is forgiven.

Both on my end, and Carla's--this is in our hearts.

Everything that ever could have passed has brought us to HERE (points with finger down to the ground) the right time, at the right place, for the Awakening.

All of the Karma is settled.

Accept and allow it.

Namaste (deep bow with hands in prayer position).


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Folks