Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Making Peace -- Gaia News Brief 1 September 2015

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

This is a Southern California philosophy.

I was in the awkward position of being in the doctor's lounge with my former teacher, who is a real estate agent as well as an anesthesiologist, when someone I know who told my boss to fire her sat on the OTHER side of me.

I take things in, and I try to find something good in everyone. Here she was, with a successful sale last week bringing in over thirty-five thousand dollars for her family.  She was showing me her excitement over the house, and how her son's photography made a huge difference in her getting close to her asking price.  We looked at competitor photos, which looked like cell phone photos. We looked at her son's website for his photography business.

When the other surgeon walked in and sat down at the third computer terminal, I was looking up for my open cases on the computer system to finish, and telling myself to THINK FAST!

I asked my former teacher how old her boy had been when I was in residency with her, and mentioned how proud I am now that the ten-year old at the holiday parties is so successful now in life. I shared how I wish the same for my son.

And the ENERGY of the man who asked for her head RELAXED.

My goal was for him to realize if he needs to ever sell his home, he's got an incredible advantage in her--she is Chinese, she knows the market (how to sell to Chinese), and has connections. In the last home, she, an anesthesiologist, sold the home of a friend anesthesiologist, with a 'stager' who was ALSO an anesthesiologist who went into interior design...to a buyer's agent who was also an MD, and the wife of the couple buying the home was an OB-Gyn.  There were FIVE doctors interacting for that sale!

And for him to see that she's not all that bad--but she does talk on the phone a lot for her outside work, because in anesthesia business, like in surgery, is getting a little 'slow'...

He showed me his pictures of his family in front of the Taj Majal; I gushed with delight over his photos just the same as I had with my old teacher's photos...and I was sincere in my heart to them both.

This is how we are able to help, right where we are 'stationed' in Life...by being who we are, at the right place, at the right time, with the right word and open hearts.

Working As A Team With Spirit

Out of the blue, I decided to approach my close friend who has moved out of the area, with the information about the real estate photographer and my former teacher, just in case her family ever needs to sell another home. (I was assuming her home in an exclusive area has long since sold after the move).

I wasn't sure if the information was welcome. But I needed to speak up--Spirit was making it seem important for her to know.

It turns out the sale of the house is complex.  Someone in the area, another neighbor who is also in the same business of real estate, is on the scary side of 'motivated'--and might do anything to make sure there is no competition to the sale of HER home (the neighbor's)...

Funny thing, being in the right place at the right time also can be the right place and the right time for your friends, too.

The Bracelet

Yesterday I picked Anthony up a little late from his summer program.  We ran errands, and ate Mexican (something they don't have like us in Canada--there I know of two, here we have at least ten different options near our home)...and did the grocery shopping.

I have a very small car, and an even smaller trunk. I told Anthony we 'couldn't buy much' because it 'wouldn't fit'. Well, we ended up filling the shopping cart and he worried the food wouldn't fit.

It did.

He was astounded by my packing skills. The only thing he needed to hold in his lap was the package of toilet paper I had told him in the store he would need to hold. By the way, the toilet paper made Ross laugh and smile, since the last time we bought it. This time we only bought one package, and it was on sale two dollars off. (yesterday with coupons and careful shopping, I saved sixty-three dollars total for our needs.)

Well, my intuition was alive and well at the checkout stand--I had a feeling the young worker talking to her friend was going to leave a bag of my groceries out of the cart.

It looked okay, and we packed the trunk, drove home and unloaded the car...and the yogurts were missing. We eat Noosa and I use it as the culture for my own yogurt too. It isn't cheap.

So I checked the car again, all the bags again, and called the store. The manager, who is also young, said, 'just come back with your receipt'.

I explained how that worker 'wasn't paying attention' and I really wasn't looking forward to coming back to the store.

She said, 'I'm sorry.'

I came back, and was guided to be pleasant. I went directly to the bagger and asked if she had seen my groceries?  She looked at the 'returns' cart--there were two of them, and they were full. Nope.

So I went to the dairy cabinet and got my things. I took the one with the fifty-five cents off sticker for the cottage cheese with pineapple. The woman at the register was the same manager, and she said, 'I remember you'.

On the way TO the dairy case, I saw the word 'believe' peeking out from the floral display, as if to get my attention. Spirit does this. I was like, 'Okay...'

And at the register, in the basket on the ground, was a yogurt and a can of green beans.  I picked it up to give to the manager because it too needed to go back.

It was French Vanilla.

Ross was behind this!

I had to trust.

When I came home, I got a message from someone who ordered a bracelet--the size needed to be smaller than the usual--'just in case you haven't made it yet'...and THAT was what I would have been doing if I had not had to go back to the store!!!


Yesterday was a very big day for Ross and me. We decided our lives begin fresh, as Ross and Carla, ever since we reconnected when we did as described some years back in this blog, I think, around December 2013.

This is important because, as a couple, we have together MANY of our past lives.

The way he says it, 'People will call me different names, and I will answer, but as far as I am concerned, I am Ross and I am with YOU, Carla, for all eternity.'

We have hope.

We have intimacy--our emotional connection is very very close.

We have each other...

This morning, when I woke up, I explained how I was so happy with yesterday, that I hope it's not too late to put in an order for today?

He makes it fun and stands with a little ordering pad and pen, paying rapt attention...

I asked for more of the same. And when I tried to imagine it, I got tired. So I asked him to please let me lean on him a little today, and have him help a little more for me in the manifestation department, if that would be okay?

It is.

And I also asked for lots of help with Anthony. Ross already promised to help him with a very tough day--the group is going to skate, and Anthony falls all the time, and gets embarrassed enough he asked to please just skip it if he could?

This is the first time I can rest because I know Ross is going to help Anthony, the same as if I was going to work and leaving Anthony with him--Anthony hears Ross just like me, and Ross says for Anthony to listen very hard and pay attention to Ross' guidance, not to think fearful thoughts about falling or embarrassment.

When we were on the Safari Sky Walk ropes, Anthony got really scared in one part. He wanted to quit. I was somewhere else on the course, struggling myself. And it was Ross who talked him through it. Anthony told me what Ross said, 'to let go of fear and look ahead, to look up'...

Ross says it's okay to share this with you, about our relationship. He is very happy with it too.


Carla is the apple of my eye.  That is an old-fashioned term, and it fits!

I am helping Carla to lose weight.

Both she and Anthony are at their highest weights ever. Part of this is due to the grounding that needs to take place when someone is involved with very high energies--as Carla's Reiki teacher Anne explained it, 'you just need more to hold you down to earth'.

I am smart.

I have them as 'diet buddies' to promote honesty and increase compliance as a pair.

I have clear direction to Carla as to what is okay, and what isn't.

I had Carla buy some carefully planned 'treats' to ration out, one is actually a chocolate chip cookie recipe--so that later Carla can create some lower calorie ones, gradually, without Anthony's being aware of it down the road.

I also am using the treats to create emphasis on portion size--for example, for the Ben and Jerry's that was on sale, I am having them use the ice cream cones instead of a bowl--to create the Illusion of a larger serving when in fact it is much less.

Both Carla--and later Anthony confessed--noticed that after eating a 'healthy' meal that is low in carbohydrates--once one goes into a mild ketosis (fat burning)--one actually CRAVES very high carbs...

Anthony found himself wanting juice, and drinking a lot of it, after his lunch.

He wouldn't have told her in the old way of 'diet police' that the doctors had Carla as a mother involved in.

This way, both of them are 'arm in arm' and it is a 'win win'.

They both tip the scales with Carla at 175 and Anthony, who is ten and taller than Carla--at 176.

I will keep you informed of their progress.

And I want no 'tricks'--no artificial anything, or incredibly small meal sizes--to accomplish my goal.

When you are highly connected to your family 'up where I am'--and Dr. Wayne Dyer might in fact be one of them, just like I am family to Carla, and no one would ever expect it...(so pick a guide who comes through to you better than the rest)...

When you are highly connected anything is possible...I can guide a house to sell...I can make sure a bracelet fits...I can help a child who is afraid...I can help a mother and son develop a stronger relationship with a common health goal...this is because I have the ability to co-create, same as you, when we are in Alignment.

All of us do.

You don't have to do it by yourself, on your own.

You have me, and all of our team up here (he shows Ascended Masters shoulder to shoulder, there are SO many!)...so..why not...just for today...call on us?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins