Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cataclysm -- Gaia News Brief 16 September 2015

Overcoming My Impossible

Today was a very important and tremendous day, both for me, and for Anthony.  I woke up with the feeling to clean my kitchen.

The flood in August of 2014 had left my world in shambles, with new paint and everything patched up...but the boxes of all my stuff?  Like my son said, 'mom, we never did recover...'

My table has always been like a magnet for 'stuff'...but this? This was impossible! And the dining room table was starting to creep up with 'stuff' too.

Every day, when I walked by the mess, I felt like a victim, a loser.

Even this morning, I almost got sidetracked by a number of things.  Ross even sent me a wonderful present, a gift, something very rare, that he showed to me online to order, which I did.

I saw this, and I got started:

Later, while I was still putting things away, I saw this:

I smiled inwardly, because this was my gift for the day--eating lunch on a table I have not been able to use in my kitchen for thirteen months.

What did I do after lunch?

I cleaned the dining room table too.

Anthony was so surprised when he walked into the house!  He exclaimed, 'Mom! We got our table back!'

He told me he was so very proud of me.

And my flaw, my disorganization, is my wabi sabi, my pain. It is always a struggle. I realize it is because I lead a busy, productive life, and I place my energy on people, not things...such as Anthony, Ross, my patients, and you.

I invest my time well.

Update on the Bunny

She is very happy here, and looks me now in the eye. We let her run in the atrium of our house, supervised, because there are hawks in the area. Spirit wouldn't let me get rid of the old bird cage (remember when Ross told me to buy one for Harry new that was very large, and it fell down the staircase?)  Our rescue bunny LOVES it. She goes under it and lies down. She hops in, and stretches UP, almost climbing the bars. She likes Harry's old chew toy dangling from the top.

Anthony and I enjoy getting to know her.

She's very smart, and also, curious.  I show her something, for example, a piece of apple, and I hide it in her cage when I want her to hop back in after her run. She acts like she's not paying attention. But in a while, when she's ready and not appearing too eager, she hops right in.

She's starting to hop up to Anthony too. She likes him best. I'm fortunate for that.


My health--it seems okay--isn't the greatest when it comes to my weight. Neither is Anthony's.

After our vacation, we made an agreement together to get healthy.

We've been to the gym twice, and once exercised here. But every day we have been together, we have enjoyed our company.  This too, this movement and exercise in our busy lives, is a miracle to me.

Enjoying The Show

Earlier, I thought of a title for this subject to be 'Battle of the Lightworkers!' but I changed my mind.

What we have in the milieu are:

  • posers  people who say they are an incarnate of 'somebody' but they are not (ego driven)
  • disinfo agents or 'trolls' (which in my opinion is an insult to the troll doll LOL) who deliberately, for money, put bad galactic information 'out there'
  • walk-ins  these are people who have such leaky auras that they are 'highly suggestible'--we will leave it at that. They publish all kind of things online, most of it a stretch of, well, everything.
  • royalty  these are the de-facto incarnations of genuine high-ranking spiritual beings
  • guardians of the royalty  these are spiritual beings who incarnated to be decoys and duplicates, and have no clue their story is false--it had to be like this for them to complete their missions.
  • sympathizers these are people from both 'camps'--the Light and the Dark--who admire or are remotely affiliated.
  • those in the middle these are some who are the witnesses, once they awaken

This is better than most professional sports, if you ask me.

I'm not the only one watching...The Council has also written it too, I just read it immediately before starting to write this:

Basically, as the vibrations in the Collective Consciousness increase, people are going to feel more emotional, and their sense of personal involvement in whatever is going on is going to lead to some Jerry Springer type of outbursts.

Those who are 3D are GOING to 3D.

Those who are 5D are going to focus on their own Ascension.

I am comfortable with 'who I am'--Mrs Ross, if you will, and Lady Gaia Sophia.

You know what?

If everyone says they are Gaia, I will smile to myself, pick up the mop, and start cleaning things up.

People who are focused on having a 'reason' to explain Ascension, and insist that concepts fit into the 'cubbyhole' of some category they expect things to be in their mind...these are the ones who are going to make quite a show with the arrival of these new energies.

People who are content in their missions, in their purpose, are going to take the Higher Road.

This morning, I told Ross, right before I woke up, 'The only thing I want is to spend time reacquainting with you'...and I caught myself!  In the next breath, I said, 'If this wanting to be with you is taking time away from my own spiritual development, and God, then, it can wait! I will focus on as not to slow our spiritual growth.'

Ross was taken aback.

He says it is the nicest thing I have ever said to him--from my faith. 

He assured me we get to spend time together, and we shall help each other grow...

Epilogue About The Bunny

This bunny is important to me, in my 'world'. Anthony is thrilled. I am enjoying learning to be a 'rabbit mom'...

But you know what?

There are very few at work with whom I can talk about it--my greatest joy at the moment that is 'socially acceptable' (not psychic, mediumship, or 'other' topics like tarot...)

I see it and I sense it that these relationships with my work 'family' are so superficial, I know they wouldn't care or want to hear about our new pet.

And that's sad.

My Bracelets

I had to take my collection--LOL--off to play catch with Anthony. I left them on the table, and after dinner as I was putting them on, Anthony slipped one over his hand...and said, 'um...this is strong mom!'

It was my little one I made the other day.

I had him try the moldavite --he thought that was pretty strong too.

Then I gave him my new one, all citrine...I don't have a photo...he said, 'hmmmm' it was more compatible with him...(remember his yellow chakra imbalance?)

I let him try Beatrice Ann Johnson's new one, 'Refreshing'--with the new colors of 5D. That one was very compatible with him.

Then I gave him mine with the Pietersite...a very strong crystal.

He said, 'MOM! I am having the hairs stand up on my neck and my back too! Whoa!'

He had no clue of the energy I transmit through my aura, and I reinforce with my bracelets. This is my son, who shares my home!

He actually 'back slid' in his progression, a 'regression' spiritually. He has a lot going on. He gave back his two most recent bracelets, and has returned to his older one--since mid-August.

There is no right or wrong, only lessons, and Anthony is taking time to boost himself up before he connects with his other bracelets again.



Who says a cataclysm needs to be unpleasant?

People who stand to make a lot of money from news broadcast media.

Who else benefits from 'predictions'? and 'predicaments'?

Those who stand to profit--both physically and spiritually--from FEAR.

I rest my case.

If you are still not convinced, there is always this too:

Carla? Little Missy--for YOU--it's bo bo time. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins