Saturday, September 19, 2015

Making Emends -- Gaia news Brief 18 September 2015

Definition of Emend

To go back and correct something that has been written, a process of editing, which applies to the written word.

Making Right

In Twelve Step philosophy, as we heal from our compulsion, we grow to realize there are certain ones we have 'stepped on' and hurt in our life path.

One of the later steps is to 'make an amend' to the person you hurt, be it in writing, by yourself, or something kind to the person if they would accept it.

This is most important in completing the twelve steps.

You can't move on in your life journey without it.

EMEND is the word that has been chosen to apply to those of us who are in or entering 5D, where our behavior has been detrimental to another and caused them harm on their life journey too.

Two people are in that category, one who has said very cruel and awful things to a sponsor, the other, due to mental disorder, to everyone in their life including me.

Forgiveness was given.

The requests were granted.

Divine Creator wrote this:

My decision was observed by All That Is...and I felt good about it. I would have done everything the same, but I appreciate a 'pat on the back'.

Just because these people are forgiven, and it is a gift, this does not exclude them from the opportunity to make an emend to those they have harmed while in 3D, once they arrive in 5D.

If in your current or past Life Script you have abused someone, or perhaps MORE than one person, remember the concept of may 'rewrite' your Life Script.  You may offer kindness to one you have shunned. You may return money or things 'borrowed permanently without asking for permission'. You many give a gift of your heart...

Ask your guides for insight and inspiration.

Unmaking A Bad Day

It is what it is.

Yesterday, I picked Anthony up from school, with hopes to make dinner that was both healthy and delicious.

We stopped by a baseball training facility--to sign him up--but he needed cleats and pants--so we looked at a used sporting good place--no luck.

I knew the facility services would be expensive...and I let Anthony know.  I told him I am a hostage to his health, because he doesn't like to exercise, and I have to pay all this money for everything all the time just to get him to be active.

I asked, 'do you know how many thousands of dollars I spent on your swimming? On martial art?'

I shared my disappointment in his father's side of the family, who told me I 'wouldn't have to do a thing' for his baseball when he was seven and they signed him up.  I took him to practices, to games, bought a bat (they are expensive), cleats twice, and a new mitt because it was the wrong size. what they gave him. I bought the photos...all that for him to stand around in the outfield, hit some really great hits, and then be fed churros by the team moms.

He got upset.

He's already in basketball for the fall.

I got upset because his family is pushing him to 'their' sports, and not encouraging him in 'his' sports he enjoys.

I told him I think that all the love and unconditional acceptance he thinks he will get from his father's side of the family if he does baseball, might not actually happen once he signs up.

His father's girlfriend, Jessica, told Anthony, 'I like it that you play basketball but I would LOVE it if you played baseball.'

I explained how his coaches now know him and love him, in basketball (and between you and me, they KNOW about how his father makes him cry during games while Anthony is on the court, by 'coaching' him and telling him what to do, by hardly showing up to his games--and they are actively intervening on behalf of the child.)

Part of me doesn't want Anthony to experience hurt and pain of the others being better at baseball than him, now that he and the other boys are older.

Part of me doesn't want him exposed to some coach dad who would say, 'do I need to go get your pack of diapers? Stop crying on the field and throw the ball!'

I told him my wish is for him to find a sport he enjoys that he can play his whole life.

And if possible, one I could exercise with him instead of sitting on the sidelines during practice--our basketball is next to a gym, where I can go on a treadmill or swim while he has his team practice...

We went home.

We played with bunny, who was delighted.

He had a sandwich 'snack' that turned into dinner because it was five when he ate it.

I fed the snake two mice, but four needed to be returned to the store.

Anthony was worried a hawk might come for bunny while I left him in the atrium while I went to return the mice.

So...I realized...I could do what I must do.

I put the mice in the extra cage in Harry's room.

I stayed in.

I drank a meal replacement in a shaker thing--powder and milk,

We watched Best In Show, much to his delight!

I see how nice it is, to watch a movie together, and relax in the home. It's not all bad, the crap the team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart whipped up--our lifestyle--so we could be 'programmed'.  It had to have some level of comfort otherwise people wouldn't willingly do it.

So I enjoyed the 'electronic hearth' and our laughter...and went to sleep at nine.

I have been up since seven ten.  I must stop here. I apologize to you for not writing much.

All I know is I am delaying Anthony by writing this--he wants breakfast. I will go...


Carla's lungs are terrible at the moment. She has a cough and can barely breathe. She was taking in a breathing treatment while she was writing. It helped open her up.

Carla has been asthmatic her whole life, and not diagnosed until she was twenty-eight.

She has a 'coughing equivalent' instead of wheezing when her asthma flares up.

Carla needs antibiotics, and rest. She caught something while taking care of Anthony when he was sick.

Will she go to the doctor? No. Carla hasn't had a check up in a long time, and Carla doesn't have a primary care physician. She is too busy. She can't make the appointments. There is no time allowed in her schedule for this.

This is the weekend Carla 'has plans' for something special to do with Anthony.

She won't disappoint him.  Not on her life, as you know.

Will you please send Reiki to my lady for her chest?  She is applying the codes, and giving Reiki to herself, but she needs MORE...

I want her to have fun with our boy, and to enjoy all that there is to offer...

I thank you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team Leaders <3