Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning! At this station is Ross. Today it is dark and raining heavily outside our home. We are grateful for this shelter and pray for everyone across the globe to soon know what it is like to be warm, safe and dry.

Our hearts have been on quite the journey the last six or seven years now, and my beloved wife is resting and relaxing for the past three days. There had been a promise for Thanksgiving in her place, and fortunately, her youngest sister's family rose to the occasion. Carla is not ready yet. She did have the joy to go through many old papers, and fortunately found her pair of eyeglasses she had been looking for with no success for eighteen months. She had misplaced them when they were new. Now her vision is razor-sharp, clear focus compared to her old glasses she wore around the house. There has always been a new pair for work and for travel. But for home Carla was making do with her two old pairs.

How often do we 'make do'?

With the little things? With the big ones? With the car that perhaps is paid off but not in the peak for safety and performance? With the home that isn't quite right for us. With the glasses or something which affects our health not for the better?

How have we come to compromise on our health just to provide a roof over our heads?

This is where Carla is growing to experience the power of manifesting. Just recently it happened twice. First with her thinking of someone who had terrible pancreatic cancer and hadn't heard from in years. Next thing you know, he writes a blog post after a long hiatus! And her mentor, Jonathan, reached out, after many many months! Only this time they are talking about winding down their careers...ways to find work which are easier on the body and 'people aren't trying to die on you every five minutes' in the O.R.

We need each other. (he interlaces his fingers). This we know and have gone over many a time.

We need reassurance that the interconnections we have are still vital, between our hearts and those we care about. For in being human, truly, except for those living off the grid who are hunters and trappers, we depend upon others to survive.

Everything happens for the best. (he points to his head) I want you to know that the vibrations of the earth and our 'milieu' of energy around it are at some of the highest vibrational frequencies that they have ever been. This leads to very quick manifestation.

So what is in your heart?

Yes some things in the news are sad, even the koalas who are burnt.

Would you like to help them?

Imagine the koalas being given everything they need, and uniting humanity in their noble effort, and their thriving in the new forests again.  I want you to paint a picture, a photographic detailed one in your mind, and reflect on it every day. In this way you are writing the future for everyone which is of mutual benefit to all.

You can imagine a world where the homeless are clean and well fed. This is what I see When I look at someone I always see the highest possibility for them--which in truth everyone will reach in an instant once they are in 5D.  It is miracles like this which are possible and worth striving for. Everyone has a chance as long as they have breath in their body -- chance to change for the better, to take the higher road, to fall down and get back up again.

Carla's father often told a story of a group of people who were seated at a table who had very long spoons tied to their hands. The spoons were so long that they couldn't reach their mouths with them to eat. They were miserable and tired and hungry. This was hell. And then, there was the same table, and the same spoons and a completely different result--everyone was happy, and content. This was heaven. And in heaven, the people were feeding each other.  There you have it, service to self, service to others, and how it stacks up.

Do your best to enjoy the holidays. Be open of the heart! Do not let  others take advantage of you through your sympathy (many fundraisers and end of year commercials unnecessarily pull at the heart strings with psychological science to separate you from your money)...but be generous and kind without undue burden onto yourself. Do not go into debt. Celebrate within your means. And thereby you will prosper. If you know how, do choose to send Reiki to persons and places where there is an abundance of stress, to help assuage it.

And remember to absorb all the beautiful love I and Carla and ours and YOUR Star Families are sending you this holiday season!!! Soak it in and we want you to enjoy it!!!

Clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who love you and you are beautiful and dear to us, every single day!