Thursday, July 29, 2021

You Are Here, Here and Now


In this Now moment, which is the only moment there truly is, if you are tuned in to Home and have daily spiritual practice, you are detached, and learning the lessons as they show up on your 'consciousness screen' which is projected by vision, hearing, touch, olfaction, and taste. 

Remember these truths.

We have been subject to warfare of the worst kind, an information war, by military grade psychological operatives with advanced technology far beyond any disclosure, both spiritual technology/expertise, and technological advances. 

Things are moving quickly.

The memo came out at work. We have a two-class system. This is to be in compliance with state-mandates by a certain deadline. Ones who haven't had 'something' are separated and given other rules. Even though the CDC says breakthrough cases happen, and those who have 'had something' can both catch and transmit it, same as those who haven't had it. To work one must be subject to tests, at least two (or more!) a week. And to keep the N-95 on 'at all times'. 

Our 'Covid Leader' hospital system wide says that the 'variant' is 'more catchy' because people have bigger viral loads in the noses. And those who 'had it' don't get major complications and die. So, GET IT. Or, the rules I described above.

I'd wear mine anyway, and I have, because if you are going to wear one it might as well work. 

Spirit told me, two months ago, when I was at Long Beach to ALWAYS wear it, the N-95, all day and never take it off.

Sure enough, there's almost three times more patients there with it than here where I work. 

A nurse posted a rant against the policy, on FB. Bless her. She cites data, risk, lies about the risks...I didn't dare like or comment and frankly I'm surprised it showed up at all in my feed.


Things are changing online. Where I get my sources of information. Things that routinely brought information to me, won't. I have to go to original websites now. This is new. And I'm sure it's no accident. 

So much has been censored. Even on Twitter. No more Esoteric Exposal. What got them off? Talking about the magic number box in the Sagrada Familia chapel in Barcelona. And also by saying that adrenochrome is as addictive as heroin. They were gone in April and I didn't realize it until now. 

A Call for an Uprising is saying prepare for the worst.

The Norwegian author guy I think his name is Bull Hansen, he says to prepare for the hate--the ones who did have 'it' want everything to go away, and the ones who didn't are a painful reminder so the hate will come.

Jessie and Madesyn both have given testimony for tribunals. There may be something going on behind the scenes that's about to break loose. I don't know. X-22 seems to predict major disclosures along those lines.

I ask Ross what to do?

There's silence.

There's been only one case for me all week. It's slow for me. But I don't worry. I catch up with other things. There's so much to do. And cooking takes a lot, and I fit cleaning in as best as I can. 

I worked on the safflower seeds again. There was still some painful spikes in it. I have half of a glass jar for tomato paste full. It's like a tiny can of tomato paste. I have more seed pods to go. I realize to keep the bird alive,  all these hours of work would give him maybe two days worth of food. That's one plant, for one season, and all the work to get the seeds out. 

When I planted the wheatgrass, and ignored it, my wheat berries, which were hand picked out of the plants like the safflower, yielded on half of a small medicine prescription jar. That won't make much bread! lol.

Today I was proud of my resourcefulness. I took the last green pepper (two had gone bad), the last chunk of ginger (most had gone bad), and all the green onions, along with the just a few days over expiration date tofu--and made a stir fry for lunch with some seaweed. 

Yesterday I made salad using lots from the yard, and adding the last not even full serving of thai drunken noodles on top. 

It is possible to stretch things out, it's a skill, and with uncertain times, I suggest you watch videos and practice because it can be lifesaving. My brother-in-law has excellent cooking skills, and it brings much to their family, because home food is always cheaper than dining out. 

I made chili with beans and used peppers from the yard, really spicy ones. I ate that all weekend, and also, for lunch with Anthony. I'd made polenta for the first time, using chicken broth for extra flavor and nutrition. That one cup of organic cornmeal sure went far, for several meals too. Anthony liked my chili so much he was astonished (I never make it for us, because his dad's mom forced him to eat lots of her turkey chili, which didn't have much flavor). So on Monday, I made chile colorado, using the same spicy yard peppers and dried New Mexico Hatch chiles like I did in the regular chili. He enjoyed that too. 

Remember, even if no one can buy or sell, without 'it', you can manifest, you can trade, and you can create. Be thankful for every liberty that is given, including being able to travel or work with testing. It's not guaranteed.

Here is a wonderful, inspiring video I stumbled across:  watch the whole thing it's short

Pray. Pray. Pray.

Even if things get worse, and they are on track for this, it's not a certainty. Nothing is impossible.

Remember your ancestors and the hardship they overcame. Their DNA is in YOU. And do your best to enjoy each day, it truly is a gift. If Corrie Ten Boom can survive what she did, and share with the world her story, God is good! Miracles happen. Suffering ends. Remember the video from the last blog post--the NDE--and how wonderful Home is!


Carla is worried. She is doing her best to keep it contained, and to be practical in her actions. 

Today, after picking Anthony up, they went to Costco. They verified something where money was due. Their snack--for both--cost a total of less than seven dollars--that's a full hot dog for Anthony, a coffee drink for him, a soda for Carla and a slice of cheese pizza.  They checked to see when the next tire service should be. And topped off the gas tank. 

It was productive. 

There isn't a lot of work for her. Two weeks of 'downtime'. But Carla was 'coming down with something' (Anthony had a sore throat and gave it to her). So rest is important. 

A time will come where Carla will hang up her stethoscope and no longer practice medicine. Carla trusts in me for her wellbeing, for her family, and for what to do in these difficult, 'unprecedented' times.

It gives Carla great comfort to apply the 'black is white' concept to all the news stories. Who is going to shed virus more, for example? People who 'had it' or people who didn't? Who is to say for sure? But to QUESTION the narrative is the example, and many insights are seen.

I am proudest of her for questioning the Hermetic Principles (a Robert Sepehr video). Although these things appear 'true', Carla was quick to declare that these 'truths' are only applicable in an earth-based 'duality' paradigm, and that undoubtedly other more advanced Principles exist for these other Realms. 

There are not many who can declare that. Most take it for what was told to them, or on face value.

Look between. Look beyond. Look within. For there your answers shall be hidden and you will uncover them with a little bit of luck, a lot of work, and some skill you have honed over many lifetimes!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The couple