Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Tenderness and Faith


I'm home from work again today. I was post-call on Monday, very out-of-sorts, and took a super long nap. Yesterday I went in to do a single case at seven in the morning. I was somewhat productive around the house. Nothing major. And today, again, home, but 'available to be called in' status. 

What have I done?

I made a wonderful breakfast. I drove Anthony to work (only two weeks left before his summer job ends!).  And even though it was difficult, instead of going from spiky seed pod to seed, I took care of all of the safflower seed pods, and de-spiked them. Next time I can take out the seeds. It took me an hour to do that with good gardening gloves on. 

It's a swirl of thoughts and emotions right now. Yesterday I was given a new Reiki symbol for when you can't see what's ahead in the future, and you are kind of worried about it, but it's out of your control. I can't make movies show up on this blog post, but I'll find a way to share it at some point. 

It's very intense in the 'separation' over people who did and who didn't, um, well, you know. I was really kind of on the fence, it's getting so difficult. Even our governor says horrible things around 'responsibility'. Fortunately, I saw a video somewhere, by an ex-drug company Vice President.  It was Planet Lockdown full interview with Michael Yeaton. YouTube doesn't have it. I saw a FB version of it. It helped a lot to keep perspective. 

At work I hear so much hatred against those who haven't. Even in my butt-crack-of-dawn case, the gastroenterologist and GI nurse were astonished. In Asia, there isn't enough of the 'juice' to go around. And yet here, people reject it. Some who can afford it in Asia fly here to get their doses. The gastroenterologist asked, simply, 'what could the government be planning to do, anyways?' when he spoke out against those who choose to decline it. 

That's when it hit me...we are living in a world where people discount the validity of the Unseen World. But the people who actually have the power, and run the world, believe so strongly in the Unseen World that not only do they manipulate it for warfare and power, but they keep all that truth to themselves! 

What a dichotomy!

Is there any way I could awaken these people who hate? The ones who watch too much TV? The ones who have bought into the narrative hook, line and sinker?  

Even if I showed them the Georgia Guidestones, they's laugh and say it's ridiculous!

So I keep my mouth shut when I'm at work.

But it's happening. People are getting very large, three inch diameter round stickers for their badges to say that they are 'up to date on their shots'.  There is talk about punitive measures. Even for physicians. But when I ask Ross, he says to see how one surgeon is handled. He's a big money-maker for the hospital. And to ask to be treated like that one. 

All politics aside, I have a serious blood-clotting disorder that is autoimmune. I'm twice as likely to have a blood clot as a normal person. My friend, who has a similar one, where she is five times more likely to clot, got a pulmonary embolus after one of the doses, and is on a blood thinner for the rest of her life. This one costs three hundred dollars a month. She was lucky that she didn't get a saddle embolus, that one kills you in less than a minute. 

I have three autoimmune disorders, four if you count allergy. 

Then I remember the advice from beyond the grave from my medical colleague who passed from covid. 

The dichotomy gets a whole new dimension at work. I had a funny dry cough at work, I couldn't stop coughing, but it went away. And a colleague who took call for another one who was too sick, was so sick the nurses made him go to the ER for a covid test (it was negative)...and I had to cover his call a day early. 

Last Sunday, during the evening hours-, like four p.m. to one p.m., my surgeon was coughing like crazy. The evening scrub tech, same thing. She had had the 'rona, and both were -- immunized. So if you have a fever and cough you can't go to work, but if you're immunized you can cough like crazy and it's okay?

No matter where you are on the 'want it or hate it' spectrum, remember there never is a 'one size fits all' for anything. Seriously. And as long as you are able to keep respect for others, no matter what their choices, it's the most important thing. 

Remember, both those who are 'up to date' and those who 'never touched it' can get infection and spread it around without realizing it. They will feel sick, you can't spread anything without feeling like you are 'coming down with something'. 

Remember we have had the Anti-C installed last April. That's three months now. We have three years and three months to go, until he goes from calling the shots behind the scenes to out into the public. Instead of the Spirit of Jezebel (they persuade you), the spirit of the AC is very cruel and sudden. Just crazy harsh rules from out of the blue. After going out to the public, it's another three and one half years before you-know-who comes back (not exactly to the day, he reminds me...). We can expect world wars and significant loss of life. 

If' you're recovered from the 'rona, it's as good as a shot, if not better. That's what Michael Yeaton says. It lasts for at least seventeen years. And variants differ by less than one percent of the DNA sequencing. But your body if it fought SARS which is twenty percent different from 'rona, can fight 'rona too. Native immune systems are that good. 

If you've never had 'rona, then there's a decision. I know at the moment, those who have had a 'booster' against it are faring better than those who haven't in the hospital. We have nine patients.  

What's hidden in this or future versions? I've heard horrifying things, like graphene. (N-acetylcysteine can disrupt it one person says). There's only one way to know, and time will tell. 

If you'd like to get oil for the anointing project we've discussed in other blog posts, here's where you can get it:  click here. It's free.

Here's a wonderful video of a lady's Near Death Experience to help you keep perspective:  Jayne's NDE

We are LOVE, all of us. And God has a perfect plan, it's moving forward always. Each one of us has a beautiful, irreplaceable part to play in this plan. Be strong, have courage, and be glad you are alive in these incredible times. 


Carla made a journal while she was at work. In it she has messages from me, drawings, stickers from work, a little bit of everything. She kept it in her work bag, brought it back and forth to work every day. 

Only the last few days she has been reading it. It isn't finished yet, but I wanted her to go back and see how much she has grown spiritually.

What struck Carla most was the before 'rona and after 'rona entries. How significant those entries are.

Tonight I encourage you to go back to what you have written, in the past year or year and a half, and to just take note of everything you have been through, and how incredible it has been you have been alive through these times of change.

Remember you are strength, and all there is is LOVE. Nothing else is stronger.

Be sure to detach from anything that tears you down.

And to build yourself up through your dreams and to make your dreams happen. 

Your life is going to be incredible!

Never fear!

clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The ones who remind you of your beauty and grace which is your birthright!