Thursday, May 23, 2019

You Are Loved

Good morning! It is cool and grey out the window. Rain is impending.
This is my second attempt at writing today’s blog post. The WiFi and the message just wasn’t right.

Where I am and what I am doing is of no importance whatsoever. I am away from my home. Ross is with me in his chipper self, in spirit, as always, guiding me.

What I am about to share with you is the discovery I have made through all of my work here where I am, and I can assure you the work is both necessary and timely where I currently am.

You are loved.

You are eternally and deeply loved.

You are to be filled and overflowing with joy once you reach this knowledge.

I can see it by applying it to the dark ones I have found lingering in areas where I tour. I have seen their symbols hidden in the touring areas, and recognized  them, quickly taking action.

Ross asked me what the hardest thing I ever had to do in our relationship when he was incarnate? My soul answered immediately, from my heart, and that was ‘saying goodbye’.

The dark ones are all about saying goodbye. Goodbye to heaven, goodbye to each other, resorting to cannibalism to ‘keep the person alive inside you forever’.

The dark extraterrestrial beings they serve are very sick and twisted. What is ‘normal’ here on Earth is deeply influenced by this mental illness.

What Ross and I are doing back, in return, is offering complete and total love and forgiveness. To each soul. The souls can’t believe it, they laugh, with sheer delight! I likened it to an angel trying to fall who has a great huge bungee cord attached to it without its knowing. The harder the jump the faster and farther they go flying right back home to the Higher Realms.

Drop fear.

The dark ones love for you to be afraid of everything because then you are much easier to control as a human.

I have seen examples of food fears here—no gluten, no this, no that. This loving soul has built so many walls around them and their family that there is little room for spontaneity and joy to flow fully!

Drop the fear.

Embrace the love.

If Divine Creator can love the mean ones unconditionally—and Creator does because they are insane and need lots of healing from the experts in healing them—imagine how much more pleased and smiling Creator is for someone who is misguided a little (the fearful) or who is actively Ascending both for themselves and making the way clearer for others to follow?

When you feel the unconditional love in your heart, the joyful interaction, you will know you are home in your heart and you have never left.

YesterdayAnthony was talking about our rabbit. Does she miss us? I said I think so, yes.

We turned the corner, and who was sitting on a bench but an old toothless man with his tiny pet bunny who resembled ours! Anthony and I gushed in his language over the rabbit...and he let us pet her.

Joy is for everyone and everything!  So is LOVE. Nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

Let it flow.

Love is the only thing that is real.

And love is forever.

Ross asks me to share about Miguel. I met him at the W in San Diego the night before Valentine’s Day. I was actually in the bar waiting for someone to come downstairs who had invited me to something. Miguel was from here and he designs golf courses. We were attracted to one another. Both of us work too hard. We knew the distance was too far for a relationship. The short time I was in his arms meant so much to me. To both of us. I know because he tried to contact me one or two years later. By then I was a mom.

This love is still alive and in my heart. I love everyone here where I am. I see Miguel everywhere. I see his food, his culture, his kindness.

Love never dies.

Ross says love doesn’t have to follow the book that you see in the movies or in your culture ‘taking it to the next step’.  Love is everywhere.

This doesn’t give you permission to leave behind all of your responsibilities and do free love. That’s not who you are. But when love finds you, and when your heart is overflowing with unconditional love, wonderful things happen.

Carla loves me, Ross says, and I know it. I am forever watching her and guiding her from where I am. I have a special kind of love for beautiful Carla, who pleases me in every way. My love for her is overflowing and it touches everything I do, everything I say, to everyone.

Your love as a parent is like this.

Your love for us and our team is like this.

There is love outside for everything and everybody!

Go in Peace to find it!

Never be afraid for you give your power up with fear. Keep it to yourself.

Be love.

Be love always.

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The cousins to YOUR heart!