Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Five More Minutes?

Anthony wants a snooze so I might as well take the extra time to update you on 'Current Events'.

At the old house, it sprung a water leak in the garage. More more expenses! I have to trust my team and see how we are going to fix it. I should have put in PEX pipe a long time ago, but I didn't want to go through the trouble and expense. Sigh.

Otherwise, the popcorn is off the ceilings and they are repaired and painted. I believe today I go to the paint store to pay for more paint with the team. (I have today off).

The workers Victor and Alma would like my old bed. It's a huge oak bed frame decorated with grapes and vines carved into it. I also had saved two tables for them. Whatever they don't want, I will donate to a charity that takes care of abused women. They are picking up today.

At the new house, I'm unpacking. The kitchen is a little better walking but there's lots on the counters. We eat pretty much most of our meals at home, often in front of a movie or ballgame while sitting on the couch.

The yard brings me much joy. I had a rescue hibiscus that is turning back to life and this is so very rewarding. Also the plumeria were just sticks but now planted into the ground they are sprouting leaves. The plum tree has olive-sized green baby fruit on it. The citrus blossoms, which smell heavenly, are at the end and baby pea-sized fruit are starting to grow. I've pounded in spikes of citrus food all over the places where the plants are growing, and I can wait until the fall to do this again. Mint and periwinkle and gladiolus and roses are sprouting up as 'volunteers'--clearly the old garden had been there a long time, same with the lawn that's coming back. I'm getting to know the area. For example, over the fence is a thicket of weeds all in bloom and going to seed. I'm not going to round up but I'll need to get smart if I don't want it to take over my yard. Ross says not to commit to grass yet. But soon I'll know what to do.

At work Dr. Kelly had her Doctor Of The Month award taken away by administration, who is vindictive. Again, these behaviors point towards TWDNHOBIAH philosophy/religious beliefs. She is strong and holding her ground for patient safety. Last night the one guy who operates all night had cases booked until five a.m.  He transferred two of his three to the next day, at the last minute. Otherwise he would have had only one hour of sleep.

Workers are asking why nothing is being done to protect them on call. If the hospital is growing bigger, then hire more staff -- an eleven p.m. to seven a.m. shift. Instead because call is cheaper with overtime but no new staff, administration drags their feet. Even the charge nurse, when pressed, said, 'because it is the O.R. and you never know what you will get' to defend the current policy.

Anthony is taking up the slack and his intuition is doing well. He was going to take Uber to baseball practice, but the driver seemed fishy and had only been working for four days. His car wasn't moving on the app. So he thought against it and cancelled the ride on his own.  I'm very proud of him.

There is a huge change going on at my work at the surgery center. There is love. Everywhere. We are treating one another with respect and as if they are brothers and sisters. When we see each other in the mornings, we give each other hugs and say, 'good morning brother' and 'good morning sister!'. We have adopted one another as family.

And I've seen three incredibly sick patients with strange and rare and unusual diseases, who inspired me with their courage. The last one had bright red legs with many sores from the knees down, and a fan blowing on them. She said, 'you just have to keep fighting'. She had it since fourteen and I asked her how she keeps it together? She actually rides a bike and skis a little. But she would love to work. She said that we don't know what a blessing work is. She is labeled an Insurance Risk. So she'd either have to lie and say she doesn't have her condition--or just not work. She doesn't want to create an online support group because people get all angry and accusative and block one another for saying, 'I'll pray for you' on the other two websites/supports she's seen. I told her her courage is so amazing it makes me want to cry. And I teared up.

What was fascinating is her surgeon was working on her, someone I've known for twenty years who trained with me and dresses well. He has partners who he is getting ready for when he leaves practice. He has a wealth of experience and his skill was evident in that last case.

But what I saw was for the first time, a plaque of psoriasis on the left forearm.

The image of the sick healing the sick is so beautiful. To overcome the limitations and to help others who are worse off than them.

I had no idea he had psoriasis, which sometimes can lead to a painful form of arthritis too.

I love Lourdes. Where there are miracles. Ancient crutches and litters to carry the sick and other things are nailed to the walls of where the miracles have taken place, right in the grotto.

I pray with all my heart for miracles like this to happen all over the cosmos! The Divine Healing Codes are a good start. So are places like my work where there is love and friendship and a combined effort to heal the sick. Even places like the main hospital which are raising in vibration enough that poignant questions are being asked...

Ross says that's enough for today, and for Anthony to get up from his snooze. He has a full day ahead of him.

Ross also says for you to look to the skies. (their cloud ships that look like funny clouds might be coming to a neighborhood near you.)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple