Saturday, May 18, 2019

Anything Can Happen!

My Higher Self came up with the title as I woke up this morning. She was cheerful and encouraging. Every night when I go to sleep I tell her I love her (I know, right? Me? LOL) when I tell Ross I love him too.

Then I conk out.

I want you to know that in a private conversation with my best friend--and I know none of our conversations are actually private because we are monitored and also many messages channeled from the Council pick up on our topics...I was talking from my heart about the torture and abuse of all these lessons. It feels like torture and abuse. I know I might be like some kid whining over having to eat my vegetables my parents are forcing me to eat 'for my own good'.  But I decided to be a huge kiss-up to both Ross and my HS because to me it seems that perhaps that together with moving forward is the only way out of this matrix.

Then this message from the Council came out.  I would like to call your attention to paragraph three lines one and two.

That's a direct answer.

The bulk of the article addresses this part of Ascension--our view of it, which we have been conditioned to believe, and I in my current situation am totally on board with this philosophy and concept:

Ascension = not having to worry about paying the bills.


Well, there are other riches around us.  Spiritual ones. Once we might take for granted because we have been brainwashed by the advertising agencies to overlook it in our quest for what they sell.

Take a look.

Look at this! Asians eating spaghetti! Isn't this wonderful? In history, the Italians got their noodles from Marco Polo who brought them home from the Orient.

Spaghetti is delicious!

And everyone who is incarnate can enjoy it.

That joy between mother and daughter can last a whole life!

Spending time with those you love and enjoy is one of life's greatest gifts!

Together we share victory, hardship, worry, encouragement, and precious, precious time.

Ask anyone whose loved one has been taken away, and they will let you know how priceless those times are.

I'm going to talk a little more about your precious time with yourself.

This is the only thing that you can take with you.

You are your own best friend. And the better you know yourself, and the better you perceive what is going on with Spirit around you, the better off you are going to be at every single point in your life.

Let me share with you something I've stumbled across recently, while reflecting upon my troubles.

This is the true me.

This is the true me that drove Ross crazy with adoration for me back in the day, and why he chose me over all others.

You know how I've been having a hard time at work?

From the dark energies that have attached to people and they are acting out on it and going bonkers and making my life miserable?

I have turned the table on them.

I have taken one of their teams tactics and applied it to them!

I'm making them look crazy.

I am so cool, calm, collected, cheerful, loving, professional in every way--that it's totally obvious to everyone else who is witnessing the conflicts that I am on the up and up.

In other words, I am making them look bad with my impeccable behavior.

If I am called on the carpet to explain I will quietly say I've seen the error of my ways and taken a new path...focusing on the new path and moving forward.

The energy of Spirit is with me.

I can be in a room full of people who are talking about Game of Thrones, like it is normal and cool.  I can anchor the energies strongly, not saying a word, that NOT watching Game of Thrones is even cooler, and that watching it is very uncool. I use Game of Thrones as a metaphor for 'something that the narrative is pushing really hard on the population'.

I know through the direct aura-to-aura transmission that there is no defense against this type of energy interaction. Strong will, strong mental faculties, and very strong desire for Heaven to come to Earth, along with a little self-confidence--are unbeatable!

Here are some articles that help to consolidate this concept:

I will share with you an example from my work. Several examples.

First one--the nurse in pre-op takes me aside. That's always a bad sign. She said the patient is refusing general anesthesia and wants a block. For a super easy quick case. (blocks last hours of numbness).

I go to the bedside, and I see an older woman and her daughter, filled with fear. They 'don't take medicines'. For example, the daughter said, if we have a headache, we don't take a pill, headaches go away on their own. 

Apparently the mother had been groggy for days after her initial surgery to fix the bone. She didn't want that. And she was all worked up.

I patiently explained that when we remove hardware, if it's sticking out of the skin, it's easy to remove, and a little sedation is all that is needed. But if it's inside the skin, sometimes bone grows over the top, and even though we have X-rays to look in surgery, sometimes it's like looking for a needle in a haystack and it can take a long time.  In this circumstance, having the patient lie still for the length of time needed makes a general anesthetic a good thing for both the patient and the surgeon.

They agreed.

Then we spoke about the need to remove the dental work. Many many many people resist this. But I gently explained that dental work that's removable is expensive, there is a small chance for it to break in surgery because it's not as strong as real teeth, and there's an even greater risk for something to get dislodged and go into the lungs if it were to break. Once removed, there's no chance for it to break or cause harm. Would she mind?

Her daughter explained it to her the same as me, and she did.

Then I asked her, gently, 'are you comfortable with me?'

She started crying.

I thought at first they were tears of no but they were tears of 'yes'. I got her the kleenex.

I explained that when patients are nervous I can give medicine for the nervousness and anxiety to ease the moving from pre-op to the O.R. But new studies are showing that this medicine can actually cause mental confusion over the next few days and cognitive changes. There is a list of medicines the geriatric society says are not good for these patients, and are to be avoided. So this medicine is one of them. I wanted to raise the subject in the open, both options are okay with me and she can choose, but if she wants the goal of clear-headed emergence from anesthesia I would recommend that she skip it. 

She agreed.

This took half an hour to explain. We delayed the case. A lot.

But the surgeon totally understood. He said she wanted the surgery to be on a Friday and he doesn't even operate on Fridays! He had to adjust his clinic.

Sadly, Dr. Dao did the original surgery one month earlier. And Dr. Dao isn't feeling well enough to operate. So another surgeon did it. A young one. 

When the patient woke up, she was incredulous and proclaimed to the world how amazing I am! And she cried more because this was exactly what she wanted both times. And her daughter said she was texting the family as soon as her mom went back--about this incredible doctor who SAT DOWN AND TOOK THE TIME TO ADDRESS EACH OF THEIR MOTHER'S CONCERNS.

I knew in my gut while I was interacting with her that this was the right thing to do, and what was needed because if I screwed up with the bedside manner, next time she needed surgery she probably wouldn't go and if she did it would invariably be traumatic for her. 

Then in recovery room I asked them to tell my boss they were happy with my care. I also offered for them to request me if ever my services were needed in the future.

This is an example of being where you are needed to be, working with Divine Creator, and helping to improve the frequencies of those around you. 

Believe it or not, my next patient, the Charge nurse came and took me aside, and said, she refuses to sign the anesthesia consent, she refuses general, and her husband is a physician and he speaks to you with his face right next to yours way too close.


And when I met them, they were speaking a language I didn't know. I asked. And it was Hungarian! I exclaimed I spoke it as a baby because my sitter was Hungarian!  And from then on out, everything went smooth and she got her general. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S. I was going to list some interesting views on the abortion situation in the states which is causing all kinds of conflict in the social media and society. This is optional. 

Ross and I want you to know we love and forgive everyone who has stories on both sides of this issue. Our hearts especially go out to the victims of SRA who are forced to abort, or sacrifice, their children. We know that SRA couldn't be hidden without this convenient way to dispose of the fruits of their behaviors and abuse. We also know that if people were able to see the spiritual, the souls, of everyone involved, including the little babies, and that EVERYONE on all sides of this conflict are bathed in unconditional love--no matter what the view--things would work out. Ross adds that there is a depopulation scheme going on actively making humans less fertile that needs to be exposed. That will give added weight to the entire discussion. 

Long story short--pro choice? WE LOVE YOU.  Pro-life? WE LOVE YOU! Product of rape? THANK YOU FOR BEING BORN!  SRA? We ask you to stop and we know you will once you realize how much YOU ARE LOVED BY EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN HEAVEN!!!


We LOVE everything and everybody.

And we wanted to help you look smart so we added extra boundaries to the discussion at hand--both extremes in two dimensions, with little sparklers of extra points of view--just because we like a well-rounded thinker!