Tuesday, May 14, 2019

How It Appears With Eyes That See

Today is an opportunity to look through rose-colored glasses, or in this case, strawberries, and see the world how Ross and I see it. 

Wait a second! you may think to yourself. I have two eyes! I don't walk into walls! What is it about Ross and Carla's eyes that they see in which I cannot?

Let us remind you that our countdown here is the link to the original article which caused the start of the count   -- we are rapidly approaching the conclusion of said countdown.  

In all of the Cosmos, there exists a minority of beings who nourish themselves on the suffering of other sentient beings.  Another word for this energy of sorrow and pain is 'Loosh'.  In the movie Monsters Inc., it's not far from the truth that an entire process exists to gather energy from screaming children. This is the concept.

On Earth, and possibly on other planets, where such beings were before being herded to their last stand on planet Earth--such beings have assembled themselves into a hierarchy. And our own military hierarchy is built upon similar rank and file systems because they are effective in the organization of non-minority beings to do the will, what is desired, to meet the objective of the minority of beings who energetically feed on  Loosh.

These beings have proved highly successful in the monopolization of the natives and star seeds who are perceived by this minority as 'lesser souls', mere animals really, more suitable for herding and refer to them as 'useless eaters'.

At the very top of this hierarch are the 'High Adepts', who practice a radical form of their organized religion which is far removed from the rituals which they refer to as 'slicers and dicers' with contempt. Yes, they practice cannibalism. They believe the deceased who is consumed their soul will live inside of them, or at least their memory. Outside of this they can be total vegetarians. 

The key to the High Adept, and Kerth Barker talks about it in his book with that word in the title, is that they seek to mislead others off the true path to Divine Creator/Source. This is to deceive the innocent from what is their birthright--the full realization that their life lessons are playing out in Harmony with All-That-Is--and furthermore that they are surrounded in loving energy of Spirit.

The more who are misled, the better-- in the perspective of the High Adept, a leader in the hierarchy of these minority of beings.

As an example, in the book, the High Adept who interviewed Kerth because of his bloodline ties to Solomon--and therefore Kerth's ability to command that soul of Solomon--had his house staff convinced he was a God. They would sit in a chapel, and worship him as he sat on a pedestal. Literally! And due to mastery of Illusion--as well as abilities to do a little more than 'slight of hand'--this High Adept was undoubtedly able to make this illusion seem real enough for his house staff to believe in it.

Who do you think is running the world as we know it? As society's highest ranks?

Who is behind every movie, every form of mass communication, every sport, every amusement other than taking a hike and spending time in Nature?


Now it's starting to make sense, isn't it?

You are on an adventure. You are leading the true path for the little ones to follow. You are the one in the green jacket. Those you serve are in the pink.

And you are leading the impressionable ones who are just starting to wake up from the web of lies and illusion, HOME.

Home where there is nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

Every single day.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple