Sunday, September 30, 2018

A New Look

panama boat with fruit bocas del toro 272

I have some fruit to share with you. I've been reflecting a lot on what it means to be in our situation now. As a reader shared, the advice to 'just live your life and find your joy' has grown thin. 

I've been having a really difficult time coming to terms with the atrocities that some people who run our society do on a regular basis, to innocent children and victims.  I follow Carolyn Limaco on Twitter, bless her for her diligent research into this unpleasant truth. What set me off is learning about the foot fetish--the BDSM 'code' of a 'delicate flower'--and sadly, the milkshake that is made in a part of the body that is used for excrement.  Carolyn is right on when she calls out the hidden codes these elite are communicating to one another in Twitter.  'Popping a bottle with force' is not a good thing.  It deeply troubles me. 

I've asked Divine Mother 'what is Enlightenment? Is it the going away of the Veil? Is it a good thing? What's the point of it? What does it feel like? Is Ascension when a bunch of people get Enlightened together?

Why is it taking so long? Why is this journey so arduous, do difficult, so tiring?

Just the other night, I was on call--it used to be we worked until perhaps eleven p.m. at the latest.  No. This time it was until three in the morning!  There is no defense, psychologically, for this. I don't know why only MY calls are this horrible on a routine basis. Others get to sleep. It's my random luck of the draw, except Spirit has an unseen hand in it, and every major full moon or anything like that, I'm on call. It's a joke how hard I work. It really is.  

Perhaps because I have one day off it's to help me make money to compensate for the day off? I don't know...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - October 9, 2013 Climbing the 272 steps into the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, The massive limestone caves form a Hindu Temple and shrine 

I see that I am struggling against another layer of brainwashing that has been put into me by my culture and upbringing. 

I want things fair.

And I want justice.

I don't like to think we live in a world where these kinds of secrets and rituals are okay in any way...and I want them to stop.   I want them to stop forever.

I know when Ross saw what I did in my immediate past life it caused him deep and sudden anguish and pain, so bad he fell to his knees and started crying. It had been hidden from him, and I saw when he saw it the first time. 

Wrong is wrong.

Except when you are Galactic. 

The new look is me struggling through the old 'programming'--and trying to see things through Galactic eyes/society.

Each of us is here on a soul mission to incarnate.

Each of us is going to judge ourselves when it's done.

We are going to judge ourselves against our goals and mission statement we created for ourselves.

This is how we grow the consciousness.

IF you look at Earth as a school where the students are given Free Will and permitted to express itself, well, according to Earth statistics, you will most likely find the students form a bell-shaped curve with their abilities and mastery of this subject.

Some students are going to excel.

And others fail. They are going to go to the far left of this curve.

Most are going to be somewhere in the middle.

With Ascension, it appears that there are some 'advanced students' who have been sent to boost up the right hand side of the curve, and to pull the bulk of the students (who apparently through their Higher Selves have decided 'enough is enough') and shift the shape of the curve.

If you ask me, the failures (in Heaven's eye's--but there are no real 'failures'--I think they see it as people who once given the taste of Freedom simply went off the deep end into the abyss of 'milkshakes' and 'bottle popping' and worse) had probably skewed the results so far dragging the masses into the lower and lower vibrations that somebody somewhere had to 'scrap the experiment' and 'step in'.

Perhaps those 'somebody somewhere's' are US--only with the veil we wouldn't know it.

What I do know is that in the context of Heavenly Joy, the idea of an anal milkshake is just about as ridiculous as it gets.  It's a perversion of the worst kind.

And once the soul who practices such things does a life review, it's going to be pretty obvious to everyone in the room that they either aced their assignment to explore the darkest of darkness (if that was their task, some are given these incarnations) or they took a total left turn at Albuquerque and failed everything they were sent here to do.

To the Galactic the behavior of another--although glaringly obvious--is a right of the soul that is only to be judged by that soul in the presence of Divine Creator when all is said and done. 

And any hurting of other people due to the laws of Karma are going to stick. 

These laws are immutable. 

So for all of us who are watching these horrors, aghast, take comfort in that no one gets a free ticket out of accountability. No one! In one way or another these are going to have to be addressed.

So, what seems 'unfair' to us in a human perspective are actually, 'Fair' in a bigger one, the one of reincarnation and lives between lives. 

I'll give you an example of this type of brainwashing, and working through it, in a humorous way.  Look here:

AMSTERDAM APRIL 27: Public urinal also known as Krul on April 272 015 in Amsterdam. At busy days they are installed in the necessary spots after which they are taken away and cleaned.

These men are peeing. 

In public!

I wanted to throw up when I first saw it.  I couldn't believe it!


Because of these laws in the United States that make it illegal in all fifty states, and in some circumstances, lewd behavior which will make someone get a sex offender designation. 

In Amsterdam this is OKAY. 

You know, in Amsterdam, a LOT of things that are illegal elsewhere are OKAY. 

And the city had them installed for the busy crowd. 

When in Rome, do as the Romans, right? 

We are living in a reality where Divine Law is in charge--perhaps not on a timeframe we would be comfortable with--and because of the Veil we can't even comprehend that everything is in perfect Divine Order and no one is going to get away with everything we see them getting away with now.

THIS is the meaning of Forgiveness. This is why the Galactics seem so lackadaisical with their messages and we are scratching our heads over the inaction. 

We are incarnate in an 'Amsterdam' but not Dutch, so to speak, but rather 'Galactic Visitors' who are incarnate and supposedly 'experts' in helping to shift that Consciousness curve to the right--thereby creating 'Ascension' for a people.  And by going within every day, we can escape the three-ring circus shit-show which is paraded before us with all the media...and at least enjoy the comfort of 'Back Home' and our Spiritual connection to it. 

The more you get hung up on the Freak Show, the more distracted you get from your purpose, and your conscious connection to Source--which is your spiritual and psychological lifeline for the remainder of your incarnation here. 

Which brings us to another point of distraction I have been guilty of--'watching for signs'.

Road sign used in Sweden - Advance direction sign, stack type.

Here is a sign.

It's in Swedish.

I can't understand it, or make any sense of it, or even pronounce the words--by the way our countdown is 272...

Our country here is going nuts. Magenta Pixie is an example of someone who is connected to Spirit and is firmly convinced that the current administration is from God and is doing what is meant to happen.

I saw this video about end times playbook and was a little surprised to hear about the decrees and stuff that we are technically under here in the States. But it didn't 'ring true'. Komurosan posted it, they are a good source of information typically.

What I see is that there is an expertly prepared psychological 'trap' going on here with the media--and people on both camps--the ones who hate the president and the ones who love him--being stressed psychologically to their limit. Spiritually too, for the ones who are believing it's either 'from God' or 'the end of everything decent'.

Anything more than passing observation plays into the hands of those who are orchestrating this--in the sense that the attention/emotional energy is redirected towards the co-creation of whatever the orchestrator wants to have happen.

I asked, from my heart, is the president good--as in--in cahoots with our teams?

The answer was, 'don't bet on it'.

The comments from that video link above are WAY more educational than the video itself. And some state clearly that these are all long time 'friends' on the other team and they are all in cahoots with each other.

When in doubt, connect to your own team.


Don't put too much emotional energy one way or the other into what you see in the news, regular or alternative.

When it comes to signs, living here incarnate -- interpreting 'signs' and 'portents' of our own future as humanity on Earth and how things are going to go down in the end--it's even more inscrutable than Swedish!

So give yourself a break, and practice forgiveness to yourself and to all the others--for being influenced by this huge intrusive distraction of the media.

Follow your inner nudging more.

And be on the alert for your own 'brainwashing' or 'indoctrination' that is always waiting in the wings of the 'stage called your life experience'...just like with the Amsterdam public urinals.

That's how they solve their own problem in Amsterdam. And they have a right to solve it any way they like.

For me I like to learn the truth behind the tricks so I can actively withdraw my energy from them. I knew intuitively that milkshake song years ago by Kelis had something that was way over my head secretly in there, otherwise she wouldn't sing about it. And I knew that the people who thought it was a cool song and danced to it were being mocked by those who made the song and knew the secret.

It's that way with so many things.

But with the Veil, forgive yourself. And when you mess up, do a ho'oponopono and try not to repeat the same messing up if you can. For that is how your Consciousness learns and expands.

You are all made from the same perfect energy of Creation--even the dark ones like explained here by Paul Romano-- are made from the same perfect energy.

It's just Free Will does some pretty strange and ridiculous things in the hands of some of the students on Earth.

And Heaven is in fact 'stepping in'.

We just aren't in the know about it.

NOBODY is 'in the know' more than anyone else.

Hopefully things will come to a resolution soon.

It's SO hard to wait. I know it. Ross knows it too.

He wants me to talk about the bracelet, the one my Council sent and I had the link. It's not easy to put on. I had to pick a size and roll it on because the clasp and the end kept making circles of bracelet falling off my arm. But the appearance is wonderful. It has that same otherworldly glow I've seen when I've seen heaven. Sort of translucent solid with a shimmer.

It makes me happy my Council sent it, and it reaffirms my faith that what we are here for, and what we are doing, is worth it.

Whenever it will be complete, it will be complete.

Ross nods in approval. He says, 'I am very busy with the arrangements for the party' and bows and takes a step back. He says over his shoulder, 'I want it to be fun and enjoyable for everyone.'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Two

P.S. I have to share a story from the O.R. I like to match my music to what the surgeons like. I guessed wrong, and the young Russian didn't like HipHop like I thought. It turns out he likes Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift...after I'd played nine hours of Hip Hop. So for the last case, I found Taylor Swift for him. He kept going on and on about how she's so talented. Then on the radio, Lady Gaga came on.  Guess what? He doesn't like her. Why? He went to see her or something his friend showed him about her--and he saw her peeing in a champagne bucket!  That turned him off to her, completely. Now he calls her a 'freak'.    I wonder if similar will turn the general public off from these 'celebrities'?  LOL