Monday, September 10, 2018

A Little Bit Of My Life

Today I am going to talk about horror I experienced recently, on a spiritual level, and want you not to be afraid of it.

This horror was so overwhelming and complete that it was the first line in today's Gaia Portal  

'Dictums of luminescence and viewed and internalized'

Last Saturday I was overwhelmed with happiness to go away with my boy. My work is extremely short-staffed. My boss had spoken with me about cancelling my travel plans for a conference. He didn't know I had travel plans leaving the very next day.

I took them.

Until I was in the airspace above the intended destination. As we crossed the boundary between my country and the next, it felt like an energy dome of extreme negativity was over everything. Through clair cognizance I knew who had built it and why. 

I broke it. 

There was immediate relief.

The accommodations had a snafu. Anthony was so upset he wanted to go home. I wasn't sure if my tickets for an event could be took a lot of work on the part of the staff to fix the situation, and for me to console him.

For some reason, I couldn't connect energetically with the area as easily.

Part of my horror was the dawning on me that although I do very good work, it's like the game of ingress (something Anthony plays) where territories shift colors from one team to the other team depending on how much work the players on the teams do. 

The other part of the horror, in the loving memory of the work of Mikao Usui Sensei, is based on the research I've done to answer a student's question.

My beloved student wanted to know more about Elysium. 

Elysium was once a planet around where Mars and Earth are. In fact, their orbits were shifted when Elysium was destroyed. Is it the asteroid belt? My intuition tells me that Elysium's story and that of Pleiades B have something in common. If you love/own/wear Moldavite, those meteorite gemstones are fragments of Pleiades B.

My student was frustrated. She looked everywhere to reputable sources, online, and couldn't find mention of Elysium anywhere.

I only knew about it from the Kerth Barker books. 

So much is hidden.

I watched a movie on 'The Mysteries of Egypt' at the Imax theater. I realized--due to my research--that not much was said!  People feel they are 'informed' and don't seek out questions after seeing such a film which did not explain the mysteries at all!

The occult, the spiritual, the mystical, the Divine...all of it was glossed over!

At the bookstore I saw books about the 'real story of the Knights Templar' and another 'bestseller' the Hidden History of Earth. 

I almost bought them. Ross said to ask him, and I did what he said, and instead, I ended up with a book about King Edward who abdicated, Nazi Germany, and the Royalty written by the same guy who wrote the book Diana in her own words (Andrew Morton).

So I read the book.

Again, just like the movie on the 'Mysteries of Egypt', I was piqued in my curiosity to learn that someone had bent the rules to make someone a May Son (under the radar spelling)...but that Edward, and his brothers, and these other people were all in the same, um, 'guild'? Ah yes it was the husband of Wallis, Mr. Simpson, the social climber I think. Because there were rules on not sleeping with another 'guild' person's wife. 

All of that was glossed over!

The intrigue, the hiding/coverup of the sympathy for the Germans on behalf of Edward...even how the last name of that family wasn't Wind-Sore at all. It was Sacks-so-Something-something of German-sounding Gotha!!

It took hours but I read the book.

Then at the gardens I enjoy going to, I talked with my friend Jenny who is on The Other Side. She was friendly and polite, but reserved. I asked her how she could have all she had and NOT be in that 'guild' or whatever you want to call it too? I spoke more with her husband than her this time. 

She reassured me, as she often has, and said I have a friend in her, and to call on her when things get rough--spiritually--here in my earthly plane. 

I realized there that I had to ground--really ground--to good old terra firma--to make it through this next part.

Another day I went to the Egypt exhibit. It's not on loan from Cairo. Nope. It's from someplace in Scotland I think. I forget where. 

That's when I SAW.

This is what that family and all the 'team' TWDNHOBIAH believe--now--in this day and age! And again, like the movie and the book, all of the reference to the occult (if you want to understand exactly what I am referring to, read Drumvalo Melchizidek's two volume book the Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life--dude, he was swimming inside traps inside the great pyramid, and went crawling to a secret spot for his initiation and some light thing mystical happened).

I took photos of many things. 

Knights Templar? Earth? Flower of Life? Wheel?

Snakes and sun disks

Kilts and sort of a symbol we see our leaders use today when clothed (Napoleon did it too)

Builder things

Names for the builder things

Hierarch. The military as well as the 'ladders' of 'delegation' in TWDNHOBIAH and their religion follow this pattern too. 

I looked everywhere for evidence even hinting to the brutal initiations Kerth underwent (and many similar victims like him).

That's what makes their system 'go'.  The head 'Rocky' feller extracted a deathbed promise from his son to 'continue the tradition' which includes doing a specific harm to his own children. Like Kerth had happen to him. And that son said, 'I will'.

So in a nutshell, the horror is this:
  • The unseen world is real and has its own laws.
  • Even if you study the Book of the Dead from cover to cover, I bet dollars to donuts the REAL stuff that has information like Drumvalo alludes to--is hidden.
  • Kerth has been in those secret libraries, read the books (many have human skin leather to bind them), and learned that there's history on what happened behind the scenes, who blackmailed who and how--to make history happen 'for the record'--it's not what we are told because it's make to look like what we are told is true. But there's a whole hidden layer of complexity which is an art.
  • No matter where or how you look, history is written by 'the victors'--TWDNHOBIAH--who control everything/all knowledge available to us.
  • Furthermore, people who are in the general public, are hooked into the various ways because they have been conditioned to 'feel good' when, for example, they are forgetting their worries and dancing to their favorite songs, or engaging in vibration-lowering activities with their friends and 'bonding'...
  • From what I've read in the book Wild Swans, the population of a country can be coaxed into carrying out a revolution against factions within it, much to the leader's delight--he doesn't have to lift one finger to get rid of anyone who could challenge his rule!
  • much of the art of 'coaxing the masses' is developed by propaganda specialists in WW2 Germany, who ended up here in Operation Paperclipe on Madison Avenue...and it's only gotten more sophisticated since...
  • Also, with Wild Swans, the leaders of society are taken out in a coup or revolution--bourgoisie--and the medical specialists are often first targeted. Did you know suicide is a leading cause of death of physicians? Surgeons...and if you adjust the data...anesthesiologists are in the lead. Dentists too. Our family friend a dentist suicided years and years ago...My old teacher told me, 'we are good people and we mean to do well for our patients but in medicine now there is no room to breathe' as she encouraged me to take up a new line of work to get a passive cash flow started with her new company. The people are nice and the working conditions are better, she said...

Then I found hope.

TWDNHOBIAH may hold the reins in 2D and 3D.

Soon that horse is going to run away into the Higher Dimensions--with everyone along for the ride.

It couldn't have come at a better time.

Now I'll change with a little hope and joy.

We were out to tea. They do that there. (I was scratching my head reading that book on King Edward who abdicated, and I know through Kerth what they eat and do, and I kept wondering, WHY on earth do they drink tea and have tea sandwiches? What is the connection? Why do they care?)...

The piano player played, 'Send in the Clowns'.

I felt the presence of my high school friend Kevin Weeks who died from AIDS.  I almost started to cry at the table. Anthony asked me if I was okay and I explained why. This time I knew Kevin is with Ross, and I was happy for that.

Then Ross said, 'the next one is from me to you'.

I listened.  I couldn't make it out at first. Was it? Could it be?

'Maria...I just met a girl named Maria' from West Side Story! That's how I got my middle name! Mom and dad were at the movies watching it when she was pregnant with me!

Then he said, 'the next one is for Anthony'.

It was 'The Fool On The Hill' by the Beatles--gentle humor with love to the boy who was brilliant at school and embarrassingly being overcome by giggles at the fancy tea parlor. He likes to tease me and put that little finger up when he holds the cup...

All is well.

Spirit is real.

And the one that ISN'T Occult is already coming to you through your intuition. And hopefully, this realm is on our way here in a big way, soon <3

Our 'soon'.

As my best friend says, 'I tell my guides/Twin that his 'soon' and my soon are two different shoes!'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple