Tuesday, September 4, 2018


PACIFIC OCEAN, CIRCA 1961: Unidentified crew members of US Navy Submarine 285 relax on deck, sometime in the 1960s, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

I originally wanted to title this blog post, 'nothing to say'.

Ross said, 'nothing and EVERYTHING'.

He suggested 'something' as in 'something to say.

I liked his idea, and took his advice.

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park is a zoo and botanical garden displaying plants and animals of the Chihuahuan Desert in their native habitats. It is located off U.S. Route 285 at the north edge of Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Every time I encounter something from mainstream media I just say to myself, 'ew, yuck' and I turn my attention to something else. 

It's frustrating.

Everything about Ascension is frustrating. The veil. The not knowing. Even a stellar Gaia Portal like this one barely give me a blip on my radar. 

The part about Ascension I was asked to do--why I was here and born and all that--it's way passed. 

So the only part about Ascension I have some control is over myself.

My 'ring side seat' is producing thoughts somewhat like this:
  • I sure am fortunate to see with my own eyes and experience my life experiences. Eyesight is not a guarantee.
  • I am glad to be able to hear with my own hears and listen to the sounds of the earth around my. Hearing, isn't a guarantee.
  • I enjoy being able to smell with my nose the scents of the world around me, and to taste what I eat. This is a gift, that it still works. There's no guarantee for that, either.
  • Having a family is a wonderful blessing. It's a mixed bag, sometimes we can hurt each other too--but we can heal. Family isn't 'forever' incarnate. People die. People change. But for now, to have the family I have, it's a tremendous gift. The same goes for friends. For students. For people who are engaged with this healing work...

Dr. Bret Bachelor is back. I've been calling to him to write for months now--with my heart, as that's often better and more efficient than with my words.

(Dr. Bret is an orthopedic surgeon. He had a tumor the size of a football, and underwent radical surgery. He almost died. )

Enjoy the kindnesses which are shown to you, and enjoy sharing kindnesses with others. 

This is what life is all about.

And I think that love and gratitude like this truly are eternal.  

It's a good idea to practice it!

 Sunset in the mountains landscape with sunny at Doi Pha Hom Pok, the northernmost national park in Thailand, The tallest peak is Doi Pha Hom Pok at 2,285 metres, the second highest in Thailand


Carla is going someplace I have never been (he taps his chest)--with her heart.  A place of doubt is a place I've often visited when I was incarnate, but I have the FAITH to carry me through this doubt.

Carla is discovering the balance with Spirit and the Self, both in the soul and in the physical.

I 'poured myself out', losing the balance which was important to my family and friends.

Carla is on a 'walkabout' on the inside, and I encourage you to join her in your own way--to look within, to identify what is passing before you in your stream of consciousness, and to 'filter out' the lessons which are pertinent to you.

Just like with the mainstream media, and Carla's example, you are permitted to acknowledge what is 'out there' and to bypass the lesser things in order to focus on the greater things which mean more to you. Your hopes and dreams. Your mission/your calling. Your family and friends.

Lessons will present themselves to you in a way so you won't be able to push them aside and ignore them.

Focus on this (holds one finger up) the ONE thing which is calling for your attention. It might be something your body is telling you (it's your best teacher and friend, your body is). Right now, Carla is feeling the sunshine on her and enjoying how it feels warm and good. Warmth is right up there with nurturing, love, and compassion in Carla's book. So she is filling herself 'up'. This will sustain her for when the next lesson hits.

She also is enjoying Anthony and his interests and his passions, even though she doesn't share them (much like she was with me in our former life!)--she is happy for him as he watches his videos about his video game.

clap! clap!

Everything happens for the best.

I want you to remember that.

And when I and my teams do work we do things right--to the highest effectiveness and efficiency.

Don't let your eyes fool you or dismay yourselves at the 'world at hand'.

It isn't finished yet.

Not for a long shot.

So keep counting the days.

You can put that one in the bank, or, if you prefer, in your pipe and smoke it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins