Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How To Transcend The Status Quo

We are One.

We have been under the illusion of separation for too long.

If we take these two philosophical points of view together, at some point down the road they are going to have to unite, and it's going to be a little awkward...

Today Ross and I are going to walk you through the baby steps that build upon the starting point from yesterday:  you have to be OKAY with being 'WRONG'.

My father was a wise man. He would admit he was wrong, even when he wasn't, just to keep the peace. He had the value of Peace and Relationship way up on his ranking system, much higher than 'being right'.  This is because he knew in his heart he was right, he didn't need to prove it, and he knew that all the angels in Heaven and Divine Creator wanted Peace in that situation and also knew he was right.

I have surgeons who tell my boss they don't want to work with me.

I know it.

I know it from how cold they are to me in the break room, and also, my boss tells me.

But I have to be careful, I need my job. With one, who I used to work with a lot, and is single parent like me, I wasn't sure what it was. This person likes to control their anesthesia their patients get (No Fentanyl!). And also, this person is very politically outspoken and not exactly 'in the middle'.

I had been making efforts to breach the gap, asking about the family, things like that, for some time now. But I recently got assigned to that room.

I couldn't do a ho'oponopono. That's a step you can do when the breach is out in the open. This was kind of under the table, behind my back, the usual thing.

So Ross helped me. He coached me, and now through our example we are going to coach you.

First off, is a strong mindset. I COME FROM A PLACE OF PEACE. You think this so hard the whole time, your body language shows it, your aura strongly carries this message. And you do your job.

Second, you do whatever that person wants, as long as it is reasonable. This surgeon gives the local anesthetic at the end. What this means, is that the patient is having surgery with no pre-emptive pain medicine. No tylenol. No narcotic. No ketorolac. Nothing.

Naturally, the blood pressure and heart rate go way up, the patient is at very high risk of moving during anesthesia, and actually, yesterday, a patient screamed through their LMA.

This surgeon doesn't understand what is going on on the other side of the drapes, the respiratory rate going up to thirty, or anything. It just doesn't exist to them.

I still have to do my job. The moving part really upsets the surgeons.

So I was smart. Propofol is okay to give in this surgeon's book. And I gave it. Lots and lots and lots of it. Propofol goes away. When the inhalational gas wasn't enough to keep the patient deep--and I had it cranked all the way up, I gave boluses of propofol and put them on the vent. My colleagues, wouldn't notice or care about the vitals introp. But I do.

At the end, after the local was in, the patients were happy, the surgeon was happy. And I was content 'to be wrong'. Six of one, half-dozen of the other...they leave the hospital faster.

I realized, that the media strongly influences this surgeon. And along with the political, the concept that 'narcotics are bad' has been reinforced. And the patients believe it too. So now, the only ones who get pain medicine are those who have extremely complex procedures involving another surgeon to follow.

Third, you place your judgement aside. The other person may have some things that are kind of 'not okay' going on--not this one but in general--perhaps 'doctoring the books' or 'business deals' or something. You just let Creator judge and you go for the valuable human soul underneath.

I was working hard. I stood up the whole case. I chatted. We found we had things in common, like gardening. I even made an effort to reach out, and asked for friendship on a certain app.

Everyone is right.

Everyone in their own mind is right, and doesn't need a lecture or a thing like on Jerry Springer to 'awaken' them. Everyone is going to end up at the same place eventually, and the Truth will be told in so many ways.  For some, it's going to be really disturbing to them because everyone likes to be right and nobody likes to be wrong.

Flexibility and strength of mind and commitment to your assignment is highly important, Ross says.

So open your heart, swallow 'your pride' (which is really your ego in disguise) and when the time is right, do what you were sent to do. It feels absolutely wonderful to restart a friendship. I can't wait to spend time with this person, perhaps to work, perhaps to eat lunch, perhaps to learn of their own awakening. It feels much much better than the resentment that has built up.

My closest friend at work, and the attitude they had towards this person, was what helped me realize the situation is real, and I'm not crazy; there was no need to defend myself. I had the support. So seek your support. It would be easy to gang up against the third person and talk behind their back, that's only human. But go beyond that, and do the right thing.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S.  The display of white is going way up, the whole top to bottom, and more frequent too


I saw a tattoo on a patient that kind of stood out, metaphysically, as if I was supposed to see it. There were two seated figures facing one another, that had hats like in the lower left hand corner. In between them, facing left was a snake kind of like this, but not cobra, it was solid black and longer in the tail.  

I 'sense' this is a symbol for the Ida, Shushumna, and the Pingala--the father, mother and child--as well as the kundalini. 

I believe it's something from the Order of the Magi, perhaps all of these in the Ill Loom In Naughty are thinking they are part of that. 

The patient was African American. So there is a connection perhaps to Egyptian Royalty being people of color, I don't know. But the 'black Mamba' looked a lot like that snake. So perhaps the 'New King' was a transfer of otherworldly power--hidden in plain sight, kind of like when the old Esther (Madonna) kissed Britney at the Grammys and transferred THAT power.  It's also why she shaved her head, she didn't like being the Esther.

Check out A Call For An Uprising for some footage, or Russian Vids. It's uncanny the coincidences, especially that the mountain the crash was on is the back yard of the Kardash-shee-ins.

I also from Cob Brah--didn't realize the Ra is in the name.  And Kob-Bee. It's all somehow connected this snake reference.

One day I suppose we will figure all of this out. 

Until then, I will put my musings aside.