Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Ascension Means to Me

There is a lot of talk out there on the Internet about Ascension. Have you heard about it? Do you know what it is?

Basically, Mother Earth is not doing so hot right now with all of the pollution.

Tree-hugger extraterrestrials have come to Earth to assist. They can not do all of the work for us, since it is our planet and we can decide how to take care of it. But they are here to help.

Everyone has to pitch in. Once on land, they can harness their advanced technologies to the benefit of Gaia, working with us to get the clean up job done.

There is  not much time. We have a choice: do the work and help Mother Earth, or let her do the job herself. If she does the job herself, it will be like a dog shaking off fleas. We are the fleas if you get the picture.

There exists a hierarchy of entities of the Light, and a similar one for those not-so-of-the Light. Both groups are vying for your attention. Because if you think it, it shall come to pass. Whether it is a worry though (it will manifest), a fear thought (it will manifest), an angry thought (it will lower the vibration instead of raising it), or one of welcome and deep longing. For some reason, we are creatures that can make things come to pass, just by keeping it on the mind and believing it to be true.

Mass media takes advantage of this.  'The world is a scary place'.

There has been a game going on for thirteen thousand years. It plays out much like this:
'A big horrible scary disaster happened! We need some organization to step in and take care of it!'
And guess what? Some institution steps to the plate, and takes over. Literally. Takes over.

And freedom is lost.

There are many kinds of freedom. Depending on what layer of veil you have pierced, if will affect your definition of freedom itself.

Veil 1: Thinking, breathing, existing. 'Working for the weekends' (ninety percent of population)

Veil 2: Gotta vote! Gotta work the political system! Experts are legit. It is worthwhile to sacrifice for national security. (ten percent of population)

Veil 3: Better learn from History of what is going on. Study of the relationship of government to man over the ages. (ten percent of those who pierce Veil 2 will pierce Veil 3)

Veil 4: Something funny is going on with banking industry. All of the world's resources are controlled by the few extremely wealthy families. Much of the global economy is indebted to them. (ten percent of the Veil 3 piercers with pierce Veil 4)

Veil 5: The presence and the role of the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and other secret societies is known. These groups use metaphysical symbols to keep ordinary people in political economies in spiritual bondage to the oldest bloodlines on Earth. (ten percent of Veil 5 piercers will pierce Veil 6).

Veil 6: The secret societies are so advanced technologically that time travel and interstellar communities have no boundaries. (ten percent of Veil 6 piercers will go on to pierce Veil 7)

Veil 7: Childhood fairy tale creatures of Dragons and Lizards and Aliens are the real forces behind the secret societies. Veil Seven piercers are the kind of people that enlighten and brighten the world no matter where they are and what they do. (ten percent of Veil 7 piercers go on to pierce Veil 8)

Veil 8: The harmony in the Life Force makes all things exist, even the dark ones have their role. God has made this world to polish us and make our spirits glow in shiny Light back to him. Everything is perfection, everywhere you look. We are One. This is the Christ Consciousness that lets us travel the stars at will, without technological advancement.

An excellent summary of the veils is in this link: ttp://

The problem is that no one can appreciate the view a higher veil has from the plane of their lower veil. The higher veil one seems crazy to them. It is incomprehensible. Furthermore, as people achieve Veils 3 and beyond, they are a liability to the controlling factions that dominate the politico-economic system of Earth. Many people who rise up in the Veils suffer loss of friends, marriages, and family due to the differences in perception between the piercer and the ones in their immediate circle of employment, home, and family.

How does this fit in with Ascension?

Gaia is moving up. As a planet. To a higher dimension. From 3D to 5D, which is apparently different because time is not like we have it here and now. It  is supposed to be pleasant.

Are you going to move up with her?

If your vibrational frequencies match, that is not a problem.

If your vibrational frequency is not as high as hers, that is a problem. You will either be taken off to another planet that is compatible with your vibration (still 3D). Or you may choose to pass on and reincarnate here at a later time. All of this was decided in your before-life Plan and Life Script.

2012 scenarios are right around the corner.

The Solution For Everything is Love.

Be Love in your heart! Honor lovingkindness everywhere you go! And with all creatures.
Keep in the joy of your heart center no matter what is going on around you. It is your touchstone to get you through all this. What the mind cannot understand the heart knows well!

The decision for which outcome--like the movies with lots of action, or peaceful and calm transition for Earth--this year is being made this week.

I vote for peace, love, and  harmony. <3


Reiki Doc