Sunday, June 17, 2012

Feeder Rat--a story of a Rescue Rat

I fell asleep listening to an interview by Cobra last night on the internet. And I woke up with this story. Like Aesop, this tale has a powerful message to those that have ears that can hear and those that have eyes that can see.

This is Cecil, a Ball Python. My boy wanted 'his own pet' when he was in kindergarten. It was his Christmas Present. Ball Pythons are gentle with children, and a good starter pet. I was so much thankful for his preference for a pet that would eat once a week and require water daily over the rabbit he had been wanting that makes a lot of poop and has to be fed twice a day. My schedule is tight.

A big lesson for me has been that Cecil eats live prey. There are rats and mice that are raised for this purpose. I have written about my ambivalence to this in earlier posts. This story is about my overcoming my fear of rats in general, and being able to love instead.

Sometimes a Ball Python won't eat. The first time it happened, it was to a hooded black and white rat pup that gained the name, 'Lucky'. My son was deathly afraid of rats, we have had them in the garage in the past, and we have caught them. So Lucky went to live with my mother, who gave him a good life. Lucky passed in his sleep last month, having lived a good life away from death by snake.

Last year, I opened my heart to Three Blind Mice (see more posts). Recently, I bought two small rats to feed the snake. As a snake gets bigger, it moves up from multiple mice to rats for better nutrition. Unfortunately, with these two I learned that Cecil prefers multiple mice over rats.

The white one was friendly to me, and I loved it. He wheezed and I knew he had the common respiratory illness that almost every rat raised in captivity gets. It is fatal. But while he lived, he came to me when I called, and took food from my hand. He seemed genuinely delighted to see me.

That's why I fed the other to Cecil. Or shall I say, tried? The dark hooded one, I took by the tail, and put in the box with the snake. This rat was smart, and it horrified it to see the snake. It knew. After five minutes, I would reassure it today was not the day and put it back in the holding cage with the light one. It would cower in the corner, glaring at me, while the light one would scamper up and take food from my hand. I offered it to the dark one first, but angry and upset, it did not trust me.

This went on for quite some time. I offered the dark one to the snake each week FOUR TIMES. And each time it was the same. Then I bought some mice, and the snake seemed to be starving, it ate them up so quick (please know I pray for feeder mice and rats, and give Reiki. They go unconscious in ten seconds and never know what hit them.). I told the dark one it would not be eaten. Grudgingly, it lived in the cage, and enjoyed the company of the light one.

One day, the light one started breathing heavily. In rats there is not much time. Soon it was walking to the right, in circles, and the dark one was holding it up to support its weight. I talked with them, and gave Reiki, to both, the Transition Symbol to the light one. It passed the next day.

You should have seen the look on the dark one's face in the morning. It knew. When I reached into the cage to take the body of the light one, it had fear. I made a special coffin out of a paper food container, wrapped the light one in leaves and flowers, and showed the dark one. It understood. I buried the white one in the garden, under a stepping stone.

When my mom brought Lucky to the pet store to buy a new cage, he gave a nasty bite to the worker who tried to pick him up. I wasn't even going to try with this one. Even though we were afraid of each other, I made the commitment to treat it with respect and lovingkindness. I added him to the cage that had been Three Blind Mice's. It was a proper rat cage, not a big plastic bin with a lid with holes in the top. He could see out. 

I gave him a name. Dad. My father was born in the Year of the Rat. So I started talking to it with love and calling it by name. I learned he liked carrots and cookies. And I often cleaned his cage. But he seemed lonely.

The last time I bought mice, in a different cage there was a hooded rat pup next to the pinkies on the wet nurse rats. He looked at me. Something told me to buy it. Of course, not understanding fully, I put it with Cecil, and Cecil did not eat. You are not supposed to name food, but this one I gave the name, Uncle. For my father and uncle were best of friends. Dad took to Uncle immediately.

Being younger, I was able to handle Uncle during cleaning. Sometimes taking him out of the cage directly. And as always, I lavished attention on both rats, rubbing the head and cheeks where they like being touched best. 

Guess what? Dad lets me hold him. He likes it as much as I do. And Uncle likes to squirm and explore. I have my hands full with those two! My cockatoo is in the room, and likes to run circles in the cage--wall, floor, wall, ceiling, wall. Guess who copies? Both rats. Loop the loop after loop the loop! And Cecil will be fed exclusively mice for the future. My son now thinks that both rats, Dad and Uncle,  are cute.

The lesson is that we have some powerful Rats here on Gaia. They have suppressed us, tried to get every drop of our blood, sweat, and tears from us, and plotted our demise. They have names, I will not write them. But if you listen to Cobra Interviews we both know who they are. The tool that I have used with Dad the rat is Love. Kindness and Respect. Gentleness. These Rats on Earth are horrible for what they have done to us. Yet they are still from God and soulless they may seem the sources say they have a soul like all of us. No matter what their armor, they are defenseless against Love. Even the most horrible cruel person will drop their guard at when a baby smiles for them.

David Wilcock said, in July 2011, a Lie isn't a Lie when there is no lack of Information. When everyone knows the Truth, the only response to someone trying to Lie to you is to laugh.

We know the Truth. I am going to meditate today at noon as Cobra requests. For love of the Rats on Gaia. To open their hearts and make a peaceful transition into the Gold Ages. If love can take a feeder rat with attitude and make it a nice pet, what can the united Love of all of us do for these souls who are against everything that is of Heaven?


Reiki Doc