Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reiki at the Beach

Today was a field trip to the beach for the first graders, to celebrate the end of the school year.
We went to an isolated beach, one that is the teacher's favorite, and where locals do not want tourists to go.

It was freezing! The June gloom was in effect. One of the girls wore a pink parka over her suit. But once in the water, like all children and when their parents like me were children before them, playing on the shore makes all the cold from the weather go away.

I am a Southern California Native. Born and raised. At this time of year, we are taught to shuffle our feet in the water to allow the stingrays a chance to swim away before stepping on them and causing them to sting us. We are told to avoid the jellyfish, and how to treat its sting. And the dangers of rip tide are spoken, and we know not to swim against it if we are caught, but to swim parallel to the shore to get out of its grip.

I grew up brown and tan and sunshiny, spending most of my days at the beach. And today the water did me good, just to be near, to sit, and to enjoy the water and the squeals of delight from the class.

One of the joys of Southern California beaches are the sand crabs, gray, flea-like creatures the size of a marble, but hard, like a crab. They dig every time the wave goes out, and children digging like mad can sometimes catch one. They tickle. And are a miracle of sea life that you can touch in your own hand.

In the water, close to the shore, was a seal pup. A pair had been released there earlier in the day. Its eyes looked lost, big brown baby seal eyes, as it poked its head out of the waves and hauled itself up on the shore. It was a Harbor Seal, with no ears, no bark, and no movable pelvis to permit the tail to help it walk ashore like its cousin, the Sea Lion.  My heart went out to it, and wanted to get close to comfort it. There is a law forbidding touching a marine mammal, and we warned the children not to come too close. But I took pictures, and movies, and enjoyed Nature up close as one could get.

Once the children had gone down the shore, the seal followed me, from the water as I walked. Moved by its plight, I sent Reiki to it.

"You are kind" its spirit said, telepathically.

I felt its energy, its bewilderd state, and its sorrow at leaving the rescue facility. It wanted its family, and there was none in the water. The humans on land were the closest thing to it.

I gave symbols for emotional pain, both Karuna and Reiki. I also gave the Transition Symbol, to help it on its new life away from humans back in the sea.

It said more, but I forget exactly what. And I sealed the aura and protected it.

Later, he washed up on the shore. The lifeguard drove the kids away. And made a phone call, presumably to the Rescue Facility. And gave this poor creature Tough Love. The seal made a display that looked much like a baby bird saying 'feed me', gave up, and swam away from the shore.

Mermaids are strong healers. There is a connection I cannot explain that I have to the sea. As I stood on the shore, letting my feet get wet, I saw distant flashes from a life spent in Downtown Lemuria. It was not comfortable to me. I already remember dying in Atlantis in a great flood. But this was a first for the other continent that has been lost. Either way, the connection and the comforting I get from the ocean is hard to describe. I love it. With every fibre of my being. I had dreams while growing up of undersea cities, vivid ones.  It is one thing I hope to get to understand once Ascension happens and we all get to know the Truth of our History.

As the children showered off the sand, and dried off, getting ready for the trip back to school, I saw a fin in the water. And a familiar curved back. It was dolphins! Common dolphins! There were eight of them in a pod, swimming parallel to shore from west to east. Again the children squealed with sheer delight at their presence. You can feel them, dolphins. They have a wondrous energy all of their own.


Reiki Doc