Saturday, June 16, 2012

Open Letter to Aimee Copeland

Dear Aimee,

I am sorry that you lost your legs and your hands.

I know first-hand how horrible pain medication can make you feel. I had surgery on June 5th earlier this month. I hated the pain medication too. They gave me Dilaudid.  I felt itchy and I scratched so hard I made myself get scabs all over my body. And the constipation was most awful.

I am an anesthesiologist. I am also a Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher (TM). Do you know what that means?

It means I am one of us. Holistic. And I wear the little white coat. I am an M.D. I went through the training and I work in a hospital twenty minute's drive from my house. I take call in the hospital, and have to be able to come in the middle of the night for emergency cases. I do both and I do well at it.

I actually give Reiki to my patients while they sleep, to take advantage of their weakened auric system and blast them with the Light. Sometimes I attune people to Reiki when I am guided to do so while they are asleep. Now do you trust me? Will you listen to what is truly best for you?

You honor your holistic training and yourself by taking the best and leaving the rest of both holistic and traditional medicine. It makes you a healer. It brings you in balance. And it helps you to feel better! How can you be an example for others when you are not at your best?

Phantom Limb Pain is real. I read about it studying for my Board Examinations. Sometimes people who had an accident and lost and arm will feel it 'sticking out'. They will pass through a door sideways so as not to hit it.

People who undergo amputation and get a nerve block at the beginning of surgery (spinal for the leg, or a combined 3-in-1/Sciatic....or a interscalene/supraclavicular for the arm) tend to avoid this complication of Phantom Limb Pain. Because of your infection, and how aggressive it was, your team was likely concerned it would spread if they used these invasive numbing procedures to protect you from later pain. Saving your life was their number one priority.

We see this, in the University Hospital, about once or twice a year. Meningococcemia in kids, who lose multiple limbs due to impaired blood flow from a bacteria. Stevens Johnson syndrome, somewhat a mystery as to why the body reacts much in the same way to a trigger, usually a drug. And to your situation, necrotizing fasciitis, more often seen in 'skin poppers' who have no veins left to inject the i.v. drugs. In every case, doctors and nurses and respiratory techs fight hard to save a life. Day and night, untiringly, working past fatigue because there is no time to waste with this enemy.

Now your life is saved, and you are suffering.

I have a word for you. In fact we have two bodies superimposed upon each other. Your energetic body is still whole.  It is there. When people have parasitic energetic entities sucking on their second chakra (Negative Entities and Dark Entities, see and they have a hysterectomy, guess what? Those NE's and DE's are still attached to that second chakra after surgery!

There was a writer who shared how he was talking to a homeless person, with poor teeth and many missing, and how during the conversation the homeless man would seem clean and have a beautiful smile at times, and then go back to looking the way he was. The reason is that the conversation was flipping back and fourth between the 3rd and 5th Dimension. In the 5th Dimension, our energetic bodies are 'us', and they are perfect in every way.

Because of this situation, you have an Earthly Body, and an Energetic Body, that do not match. And this is causing you great suffering.

From the conventional, try a block when it is safe. That is what we call these numbing procedures. See if you can break the cycle of the pain before it sets. There is a chronic pain syndrome called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, type 1 and type 2. You would have type 1 due to actual nerve damage. There is a branch of anesthesiology that deals with this exclusively. It is called Pain Medicine. Find yourself someone you trust, early, and see what they can do. You might have some options that will work for you. Do look up the CRPS 1 information, though, and educate yourself.

As  Reiki Doc, I am sending you distance healing. I can do that. Right now. I am starting it.

You have a beautiful aura. It is very healthy. I am surprised by it as I connect.

I feel the loss of energy in your arms, and I feel something like an i.v. on the left elbow.
The feet are okay.

Here is what I pick up when I cleanse and balance your chakras:

First Chakra: ground to Gaia. Connect. Connect. Your abundance is assured by the angels.
Second Chakra: feel your feelings, they are your guidance. They will be rocky for a while. Let them out.
Third Chakra: You have the power to do anything. You are like Monika Korra*. Your will is Strong!
Fourth Chakra: you are loved and have the ability to love. You are not dead. There is a great deal of family and friend love supporting you. And love from others who have heard your story too, like myself.
Fifth Chakra: this one is on FIRE. You have a story to inspire others. 'You are BEAUTIFUL', as Nick Vujicic** would say. Look him up, see his films. They bring tears to my eyes, he is so hooked in to Source.
Sixth Chakra: it is highly developed. It will increase more.
Seventh Chakra: there is this beautiful column of bright, whiter than white light about six inches diameter shining into your head. It is your connection to Source, and it is SHINING

The fearless YOU who wanted to experience the joy and thrill of zip lining is unchanged and still deep inside. That is your essence, your spirit, your love of Life.

Yes, Aimee, I did that right now, here in my pajamas, in California. I can send healing back and forth in Time, and across great distance. And the healing is instant. My friend in Hawaii had a problem, I was sitting in the O.R. and the patient was stable, and I sent it. It takes me about five minutes. When I give Reiki in the O.R., I use my eyes to draw the symbols, when everyone would see me with my hands. My friend felt it at once. It works, this Reiki thing, although I am not the best at being able to explain it.

Other Holistic healing to try: Homeopathic Medicine. It rocks. Find a Homeopath and answer all their long boring questions at the interview at first. They will help you. Also try acupuncture/Oriental Medicine, for they can move the energy around, perhaps 'rewiring' you to accommodate your new configuration and avoid the CRPS 1. And if any of my readers have any options that would be amenable to Aimee, please, put them in the comments after this. It will take many healing hands together to get her on her Way. And we all know what that is, like Bethany Hamilton***, a powerful chance for Aimee to know herself and get to help others.

Aimee, whatever resonates with you, go ahead and try it. These are suggestions. I encourage you to take the best and leave the rest--from EVERYBODY! You are a pioneer in all healing modalities.

We are One, all of us, Lightworkers, on this journey through Life together.


Reiki Doc

* = Monika Korra--

** = Nick

*** = official website of