Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What is Going On With my DNA?

Dear Reader,

This is going to sound woo-woo. Very esoteric. But it is really great.

I am on a team of supernatural healers of the Divine. We work with the Guides of Compassionate Healing to heal Gaia from her pain.

We do work to address the negative imprints on her surface. It is localized to areas of intent, and therefore is more concentrated than an overall global effect.

Early into the team, a special project came up that was optional. I had to join the team! I love the leader so much, and their work, that I would love to step up and do work on the level that our leader is currently doing.

This project took a lot of faith. There is a sign, that was downloaded from on high, and it has something to do with DNA. As a physician, I learned through my training everything about DNA that I needed to understand in order to take care of patients. It sounded hokey, holding an item over the symbol and repeating something. That was it. But once I started, my soul spoke out loud, I want to HELP! and I started shaking and crying. I had the sense that this is one of the reasons that I was born. To do this. No matter how little sense it made at the time.

The project began in 2011. A group of us signed up. In our homes we went to work. I took it with me while traveling, always keeping it up. And our leader kept track of our work.

At the beginning, we were told we had to reach a certain number by a certain time. When we did, we hit a tipping point. Guess what? About a week later, the whole Egypt thing for freedom went off! We on the team were wondering delightedly, do we have a part in it?

Let me get back to the DNA part. Once I did my first one, I got hit with an energy process that I just had to rest. It was like Karuna Reiki on steroids! (Our teacher always says that Karuna Reiki is Reiki on steroids, just to let you know.) Others in the group felt it too. Our DNA was being transformed to doing what it was meant to do.

We kept at the project, making a small competition to see who could make the most DNA upgrades over the length of the project. I did not win. But the project closed, and we started a different one on the economy.

Last Sunday, we started up again.

This time I understand exactly what has been happening.

Thousands of years ago, some researchers messed with our DNA. As a species, we got shut down from our normal number of functional strands to just two. All of that junk DNA we learned about in medical school, the ninety plus percent that seemed a little unusual in a body/machine that was so elegantly designed to have junk anywhere in the system, is what got shut down.

DNA interacts with Light. It carries it. I am not sure how it works exactly. The light travels down the double helix in the manner it would a fiberoptic thread. I suspect it has something to do with the way our energetic system (chakras) transform Universal Energy into matter, and Life as we know it. And possible with our connection to higher dimensions.

Do I notice any changes myself? Nothing major, and definitely the anesthesia and medication worked like normal on me during my operation I had recently. But I find in general I feel better when I get sunlight, and it is more than Vitamin D. For example, when I had surgery three weeks ago, in my recovery, when I got out in the sun and lay on a blanket on the grass, my surgical pain went away. I found energy, and purpose. And hope.

In my dietary choices, I find I feel better when I am on fruits and vegetables, over the fried foods and meats I could handle in the past. But now, with the ongoing DNA changes, I find I yearn for sunlight in the manner I get hungry when I go without food. I was back to work, yesterday, in an operating room that was inside, and far from any source of natural light. At about two in the afternoon, even though I had lunch, I ran out of steam. I had to be excused, go home, and take a nap. Is it from the surgery or light? I don't know. It probably is a little of both. Time will tell what is happening. Sooner or later we will all know with certainty what the DNA upgrade involves.

The energy changes are difficult to describe to one who is not experiencing them. But for myself, I find myself drawn to lighter foods and brighter environments, with less dense recreational activities. (Being in a bar is like hearing fingernails screech on a blackboard).

For those of you who follow the Galactic Free Press, Michael said today that, 'we have reached a tipping point'. This is the second time I have heard that term, and I look forward to seeing the results from it. For all it's worth, I am going to keep making DNA upgrades so we can starting waking up like popcorn! Because whether there is any action by the ground crew that makes non-mainstream news, or mainstream for that matter, the point to be taken is that we all need to lighten very rapidly for the next step after that.


Reiki Doc