Monday, June 11, 2012

Reiki at The Bowling Alley

Yesterday I was at the birthday party of a classmate of my son. The guest of honor was turning eight. Everyone from the class and the neighborhood was invited to play a few games of bowling and have some cake.

Having recently had surgery, I just sat.

 There was a woman one lane over, a mom, that caught my attention. Physically at first. She was dropping the bowling ball way too hard. "ouch!" I caught myself saying as the ball made a terrible crash when it hit the floor. Energetically, I picked up discord. I wasn't sure why. There were a lot of exes and remarried relatives at the party. But from her I sensed a general disconnect with reality, a mental living in the head that was more profound energetically than most. Must be a worrier insomniac, I noted.

About twenty minutes later, there was a crashing thud as a grownup fell. It was her. I was the second to come to her aid. No loss of consciousness. She is grabbing her knee. Dislocated. Gross deformity and pain. I instructed one person to call 911. I told a teen niece to get ice. SAMPLE...surgeries? Allergies? Yes, penicillin gives a rash. Medications? Last food? Now at the party. Events leading up to accident? She felt it starting to go out but didn't have time to pop it back. Ice arrived, she refused it. Do you want to put your knee back? And straighten it? No. Here is ice. She didn't want it. I directed us to move her off the slippery lane about a foot. The whole time I had one hand on her shoulder and the other on the shoulder of the mother of the birthday honoree who was using her knees as a pillow. The ex husband, the cop, who was best friends with his ex the birthday mom, supported the leg. As I spoke, I reassured her. And gave Reiki

The pain of dislocation is excruciating. I give pain medicine for a living. I had the opportunity to note the effect of reiki, it's onset, and effectiveness. Guess what? Reiki's effect was as strong at two to four milligrams of dilaudid. She actually smiled! The onset was the same, maybe a little faster because it titrated itself up without pausing to check for respiratory depression. As long as it was consciously flowing, she was okay. When I gave report to the paramedic, reiki interrupted. They moved her just a bit, slowly to the gurney, and she screamed. But I communicated three important facts: penicillin allergy, full stomach, and witnessed fall with no loss of consciousness.

The party went on. The Karaoke DJ said a prayer for the whole bowling alley for her over the loudspeaker. And we all clapped as she went away.

I couldn't wait to share with you--reiki works in emergencies like tried and true narcotics for pain. In much the same clinical timeframe. And you don't have to lock it up! Or chart giving it. Or  find a witness to waste Reiki that was not used.


Reiki Doc