Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Conversation With Pine Trees

At the Water Day Picnic for my son's school, the towering Pine Trees spoke to me.

'Hold up your Light'.

'Well, how do you do that?' I asked, confused at the guidance.

The trees flashed a picture in my mind--a feeling/picture. I felt the column of light within me about six inches tall, white, beaming all the way UP toward the sky. I understood. And I held myself taller, and breathed my Light up towards Heaven.

They sent another picture: their columns of light pointed skyward. Theirs are thicker but the same color. 'Be like us' they advised.

The trees shared that this was a special day for them, to be around the children. Over one hundred of them were there in bathing suits, brandishing squirt guns and eating watermelon in the sun.

'We have been picked to be here for the children. That is our purpose. To make for them a safe place, energetically, to play with Gaia and delight.'

'But you are going to have to wait another year!' I exclaimed, in my mind, in response to their statement.

'We (trees) can wait a long time. We do hear them playing from time to time during the year. There are some very special Entities who have passed through this educational facility. There are many here, and more to follow. We are here to watch them as they grow.'

I got the feeling that like guardian angels and family, even neighborhood parks are not by accident in the Divine Plan. And I was humbled by their Task, to watch and serve for children on a Spirit Path. I felt their Love for them, and their Grace for never wanting to be loved in return back. Their generosity of Spirit and giving of Love to the children never wavered over all their lives.

Why am I sharing about this? What does this have to do with medicine? And Reiki? And changing the system for patients and their doctors? What the Heck is This???? you may wonder?

The answer is this: it is very Fifth Dimension to talk to animals and plants.

Yes! I repeat. After Ascension, those of us who 'made it' are going to start having CONVERSATIONS with dogs and cats and trees and grass and ants and spiders and all wondrous creatures on Gaia!

And it is going to start happening Now. Just like this, with telepathy, thought pictures, feelings, and greater Learning for all.

I think I am going to have to go Vegetarian! I am close but not quite there yet. The meat in the meat section made me want to throw up. But tonight I take my son and my mother out to The Outback restaurant to celebrate the last day of school. Both of them are meat eaters, and they feel funny without some steak every once in a while. Frankly, I prefer the salad and the baked potato, but I get a small seven-ounce steak just to keep them company. Since I am on the mend from surgery, it makes sense to me to make up for my EBL (estimated blood loss in surgery). I bled a lot out my skin incisions, and I was dizzy until I started up on FeSO4 (Iron Sulfate, Iron pills. Lock those up if you have kids, they look like candy and are fatal when overdosed) and 1000 mcg qd of Cyanocobalamin (B-12 sublingual).
Then I got my energy back.

The other day, I asked why the Vegetables and Fruits aren't hurt with all of us eating them. That destroys their life, too. The answer, by inner guidance was, 'We are going to die anyway. Fruit fall to the ground. Vegetables go to seed. There is no need to waste them. That is what we were made for."

'And the mice to be eaten by snake? The same thing?' I asked

'Yes, but only for those animals that are designated to eat them. To keep the balance in the ecosystem.'

Remember the part in the Bible about how you will get new bodies that will never get sick or die?
Those are the bodies that are in the 5th Dimension. They vibrate at a higher rate, way above Duality (the 3rd Dimension). There is no getting sick. There will be time for everyone here to have the choice to remain where they are or move UP. It is free will. However, bodies that do not break and die will be a blessing to everyone of both sides of the Healing Arts!


Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is some recent news that plants have intelligence. It is a scientific breakthrough.