Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 My mother grew up with a jealousy of her cousin, an only child 'who had everything'. When the family moved from Chicago right down the street, the adults tried to fix this cousin up with my uncle, because they were not actually related by blood, only marriage, and the same age.

This cousin was beautiful. She wore bright colors and was very fashionable. She also taught me how to color (I was four). I never liked going to her house though. Downstairs was especially scary. Her father was ugly and smelled of cheap wine and cigarettes.

She called me today to ask how I was doing after my surgery. Everyone in the family knows like a true Italian, this one can't drive and can T-A-L-K for long spaces of time.

I love her. I have always felt a kinship to her, and she to me.

What she doesn't know is that I am a Reiki healer, and that I wish I could help her in her plight.

She married a cousin of my father. They were fixed up. My father looked like George Kennedy, suave and sophisticated, and a nice match with my petite European mother. It was so cool, and the cousins looked good together like that, too. What my mother's cousin never was told, is why my father's cousin was raised by a single mother. The dad was not a family man, he gambled and drank.  He had no interest in staying with her. She and her son lived with my dad's family for three years.  Guess what? Her son (my father's cousin) had the gambling gene. He went through all his newlywed wife's (mom's cousin) money six months into the marriage.

She wanted out, but her Uncle, my great-Uncle, said, 'where will you go with two small kids?' So she stayed. Her daughter ran away from home at twelve, never to be seen again, and had a teen pregnancy. The baby was raised in foster care, as its teen mother was unsuitable.

Mom's cousin's father was an alcoholic who beat his daughter up. She 'was flying from one end of the house to the other' she said to me today. 'Didn't anyone tell you?'

What this cousin talks about is how, 'I need a man to comfort me, to sit on the couch and watch movies, kiss a little, and let me know how special I am. To really care about me.'

Poor thing. I was like that once. Been through a bad marriage, and wanted 'to do it right' and 'make everything better'. It never worked for me. But unlike mom's cousin, I accepted my situation. I made the best of it, and truly enjoy the life that I have. I am blessed with a boy. And I have a calling that is unusual in that I love it and it is blessed.

As a physician, I can estimate that the 'no damn good' gene on her husband's side is carried down through the bloodline. Their son was spared the gambling, but is 'not a go-getter' and has been supported by his parents for the past six years. The daughter caught it full strength and has caused nothing but pain to the family.

I can also guess that mom's cousin did not receive proper counseling for her childhood abuse, and was not healed from it at the time of marriage.*

As a Reiki Intuitive, I see that the Universal Law of Attraction is giving her what is on her mind: someone who doesn't hurt her physically, but lies and hides things and goes through all their money. She lost one house already, and the inheritance of both her parents and my great-Aunt and Great-Uncle. She calls her husband stupid and ugly and says 'I don't love you'. She is describing the mirror of herself she has in her spouse. And all those things are exactly what her father taught her a long long time ago.

She is jealous of my mother. My father had his secrets too. She just does not know he was moody, depressed, needing a lot of free rein from mom, and was jealous of his brother in law 'who has everything'. I am not going to tell her that. But my mom's cousin loves us, deeply, and goes to all the family events even though they live a four hour drive away.

She doesn't know whether to believe in God. 'I want to believe, but how come all the good people get bad things? And the bad people are like, thriving?' she shared.

If you want something good, you have to put the energy out there. All she has to do is love herself. Love her husband. Set limits. Seek help, like Alanon or something for families of gamblers. I actually said, 'you can call a women's shelter and find out more'. She thought that since the abuse was emotional, she was not eligible for help. I told her absolutely, you can call and get help, no matter what.

She is almost seventy. All she wants is a little happiness and peace before she dies.

And close to death she is. Severe, multiple autoimmune illnesses. 'He broke my heart' she says. 'I put myself on a pedestal and deserve to be treated better!' Rationally, she knows this. But her will has been broken. I was like that once, two years into my first marriage. And two years into my second one, too. That's why I stopped dating, because men who interest me are ones from whom I should run far far away!

If you would not mind, please send Reiki to mom's cousin.

I did. I have already had Margaret Mc Cormick clear her. She was FULL of NE's and DE's. But a mental attitude can invite further attachments, even through the gold web. We still have free will. And today, I asked Michael to step in and help. I was concerned about what I might sense when I was in her aura. I did CKR and stepped back. Michael did all the work and told me when to close it. He also cut the etheric cords three times between mom's cousin and my heart.

Quit the stinkin' thinkin'. Love is the Solution to Everything. Why is that a lesson that takes multiple lifetimes for us to learn? It is so simple for the birds and plants and animals...


Reiki Doc

* = http://www.nicabm.com/trauma-therapy/?del=friend this link is for state-of-the art research group, on the effects of trauma. It is a multidisciplinary team. Ruth Buczynski is the contact person.