Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Reiki Is

Reiki is a connection to Truth. It is a knowing that you always felt, perhaps a distant memory through many lifetimes.

It is the veil, torn apart, and sight restored.

It is home.

It is friendship. For when you take the class and learn, you meet others like you, who have been your friend in many, many lifetimes. They are your Soul Pod, and you are on assignment together on Earth. Only you haven't remembered it yet. The joy of it is that you shall help one another in remembering it together.

Reiki is lifetime of support of friends who are like family. We have a Reiki Share group online, and we submit prayer requests to each other through our common point, our teacher. Since Reiki can be sent through space and time, we look out for each other. All it takes is an intent. And a photo of the recipient helps very much too.

Many of us in the healing arts have had abusive childhoods. Think of it as paying in advance the Karma so the Reiki, the jewel of the healing gifts, can be discovered later in life. Forgive yourself for what you have been through, and how much it took just to survive. You are safe now. You are home. And you are Karma-free. : )

One of the benefits of Reiki is that you can go back and heal yourself through time. Program it. Send the Reiki back to your younger self, automatically. It is hard to understand, and harder to explain. Just know it works, and Trust.

In Reiki you are given the basics of working with Spirit and energy clearing and protection. They both go hand in hand.

Although there are many sources out there, and the IRT through William Rand (no, I have not yet registered, but I am considering it), your heart is the perfect source of what it is that is right for you. It shall resonate with What Is Right, only if you take the time to get to know your Heart Center, and Listen.

When in doubt, a pendulum makes it visible, the Yes or No?, the What is Right?, the If Not Now When? Many of you in growing up have learned a valuable tool within the Magic 8 Ball. It is much the same principle, except more precise in pendulum work.

No matter what it is, as long as we are in the third dimensional 'reality' called the Illusion State by many indiginous people, it is best to practice Safe Reiki. That is, Reiki in a practice setting that will decrease risk of legal harm to you. I am a Reverend in the Universal Life Church. I bought the kit, and have a little badge and parking sticker. It took forever for them to send it. But the Reverend Title is instant, and it's free. Check out the Universal Life Church website, the one with Amy as the leader. A person of the Cloth is protected by 'healing' and 'laying on of hands' legally. A person without this title is not.

Similarly, Reiki Insurance works much the way as Malpractice Insurance for Doctors and Massage Therapist Insurance for Masseurs. For $149 a year, Membership to the IRT gives you this coverage, although there may be cheaper versions of Reiki Insurance out there. It is right to do your homework.

Anne Reith ( has a Business 101 course that covers this and other aspects of running your own Reiki Business. You might want to check it out.

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc