Sunday, June 3, 2012

Neil Diamond

One of the problems with multi-dimensionality is that time can appear to be happening 'jumpy' or asynchronous. (If you have seen the movie Men In Black 3, the character Griffin, the 'Unicorn' who is a 5D character, or have trained in Karuna Reiki (TM), you will understand).

I am sort of stuck between times right now. One Different topics. Neil Diamond is one of them. Let's start right now with him.

Neil Diamond

what they want you to think:  brooding introspective musician and beloved entertainer of all ages and time

what I picked up in the 70's:  cool music from a guy who really wanted to be a doctor but chickened out

what I picked up in the 80's:  trying to make a hit off of ET?!? Sellout!

what I pick up now: near the end of his life, a life lived 'well' by society's standards. I don't think I am going to cry for him, though, when he dies. How many people did he help lift up with his wallet?

Napalm Girl photo Viet Nam

what I picked up in the 70's:  someone really wants me to see their point of view. War is bad.

what I picked up in the 90's:  'that girl is crying for peace', says Kim Phuc. Wow! I cried.

what I pick up now:  both are warriors of the light, Nick UT (AP photographer) and Kim, for taking what life gave them and living with their heart. Did you know Nick's brother died 'trying to capture the photo to end the war'? Nick's legacy is doing what his brother's heart's desire was.

Being a Pioneer Girl in Little League Baseball

what I picked up in the 70's: I can do anything I set my mind to do, and excel at it. Baseball was fun.

what I pick up now: Why do mom's sit and not coach? Why do the boys look at me funny when I help them warm up? Why do some throw the ball hard and other's not? Why is the perception of women in baseball still all mixed up?

Growing Up Brady

what I picked up in the 70's: I want to watch it. It's my favorite show. And my friends, too.

what I picked up in the 80's:  I watched THAT? Campy. Lame.

what I pick up now: what a way to brainwash an entire generation of children into low self-worth. Ick.

People Who Ask You to Go to Their Church

what I thought in the 70's:  other people go, we don't. On the outside looking in.

what I thought in the 80's: I have mine but you have yours. I am okay with that. I refused to 'witness' like a youth group advised me to do. I thought it awful to sway another to my belief. They could see by my actions themselves if they were interested.

what I thought in the 90's: church is my refuge in Medical School and life struggles. How dare you Jehovah Witness try to change that? I was born Catholic and will die Catholic. End of story.

what I thought in the 2000's:  I want to raise my family in the church. And be a big supporter.

what I think now: Until the church's secrets on money and power come out, I loved it then but I am watching and waiting. Spirituality is like, every day. Church had me conditioned on time and wallet. Phew!


what I picked up in the 70's:  one scary story

what I picked up in the 80's: lots of history and lore. Somehow important to a culture of Hawai'i.

what I picked up in the 90's:  Pele is alive! I sense her. Out of gratitude I leave a parcel on her slope, breaking the rules. She makes me promise to bring my children back to her. I make that promise.
(I am childless)

what I picked up in the early 2010's:  I bring my kid and she is quiet. I hope she understands. And that I only have one. (I love walking on the pahoehoe lava flows and being in her presence)

what I picked up yesterday: she was more real than ever. I saw her. I touched her. In deep meditation I spoke with her in my heart. 'Do you need anything, Pele? How can I help?' and even more earnest, 'Am I doing okay in my assignment?'. She reassured me yes, she was fine, and except for some minor mistakes I was basically doing okay. And she will let me know when she needs me in the future. Not to be afraid. Everything is going to be okay. And she smiled. A shy, closed mouthed smile and looked me in the eye. Her hair is wavy and pretty and parted on the side. Her gentleness and power impressed me very much.


Reiki Doc