Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Elementary School Blue

My father was an elementary school teacher. Some of my earliest memories are from going with dad to his work. There was a hopefulness about the place. All of the children looked so much bigger than me! I looked up to them, and looked forward to the opportunity where I too could go to school and learn.

I thoroughly enjoyed the educational process. I picked up loud and clear that the generation that built the school hoped for great things from us students. Everything was neat, clean, orderly, and pleasant.

Recently I took a bicycle ride with my boy to a neighboring school. (He does not attend it, he goes to a school I selected just for him. He is a bright boy, and I want him to be encouraged to develop to the fullest of his potential.)

As an intuitive and as someone who has advanced degrees in higher education, I was shocked to see the local public elementary school. Where were the windows? There were no windows whatsoever on any of the classrooms! The school was painted drab gray, not the bright pink or yellow ones I grew up with in another school district. Although the playgrounds were fairly standard, and also there was a big grassy field with lots of trees, I noticed there was a lack of color. Gone were the flowering shrubs that were familiar in my youth at all of my schools. In a word, it was depressing.

There were many bungalows present, and I was surprised at how many jackets and lunch boxes were carelessly left outside over the weekend. I felt that everyone was just going through the motions, students, teachers, and the government that was not being a good steward to taxpayer money.

There was no auditorium or cafeteria, only benches underneath a shade. Litter was everywhere.
It was in disrepair. I have seen Navy Hospitals and VA Medical Centers that were more pleasant!

I was sad. I felt like this was a place where the life force in all of our young people was systematically destroyed. The children were being taught to live in their mind, and not their heart center. The heart is actually capable of making intelligent decisions on its own. But the heart needs peace, joy, love and contentment to function in its highest good. Not piles of homework and a backpack that weighs thirty pounds!

I envision a happy place for children to explore life, and to also learn from each other. Not just the social things, but from who they are. For everyone to learn at their own rate, and not be separated out so much by age and by academic ability. Some of the kindest kids on earth are the ones in the special education department. Their humanity is a shining example for love to reach beyond the confinement of Down's Syndrome, developmental delay, and physical special needs.

In addition to a brightly colored place where children helped to run it and decorate it and maintain it, there would be a curriculum to spur one on in the life experience. There would be cooking, woodworking, and computer skills from a very early age. There would be classes in metaphysics, the true history of the Universe (not this pack of lies that everyone has spoon fed you), and practice in honing the intuitive skills. Reading, writing and arithmetic would be there, of course, just like the science that I adore. There would be music and dancing every day. Lots of art in many different types of medium--clay, paint, computer just to name a few.  And lots of time for playing in the sunshine! It would be a place to build hope, confidence, and mutual trust in the skills of one another.

There would be animals and plants, and ample opportunity to get to know and take care of them.

There is so much to learn from the direct interaction with Gaia.


Reiki Doc