Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Let Go and Let God


Dude there is a lot of turbulence out there in the energies. Yesterday I had a day off, and I remembered I had to send copies of my malpractice insurance to certain people with the hospitals and my billing company. This is a task I do every beginning of the year, to prove I'm insured for the year. 

Normally it's simple. But yesterday, it took hours, literally hours, to find the certificate.

I'm disorganized, apparently, both online as well as in person. It turned out, on a hunch, that the email went to a different email account. I was able to find it and send it, just before I was ready to give up.

It's maddening, living in these times. We aren't robots. We need more than technology.

And the social engineering is getting people 'ripe for harvest'--look at this article about a recent in-flight outburst--people are on the verge of freaking out. They are super easy to control when they are afraid, but now, with the fear going on for two years now, people are starting to break.

I do my best to follow 'sources'. But even then, some of my 'sources' are getting kind of 'wonky'. Jessie C and Jeff are selling 'My Liberty Stand' ...it's like some of those old things like Amway or Herbalife all over again. Yes I understand they are under the gun and can't make money in regular jobs because they are persons of 'interest' to the cabal. But it's weird. Jessie is teaching courses and even though they are probably a good thing, it dilutes the message.

Ben Fulford has done like a one hundred eighty degrees...at first Klaus Schwab was taken to Antartica under a trick and next he's taken the Khazarian Mafia out of control for the money systems...

I have to say it again, this is an information war as well as a war of the secret societies. The only thing that makes sense is what is written in the book of revelation in the Bible. And also, people who promote the study of end times in the Bible are being censored big time these days too. 

It's kind of like living in a three-ring circus I never asked to go see!

That's why you need to remember that Divine Creator still is in control. What's going on right now is above our pay scale. But being loving and helping to calm the people who are freaking out IS within out pay scale. People respond to energy.  So keep being a continuous source of Reiki. Right where you are. 

You are good people. You are awake enough to know there's something going on. And unfortunately, none of us are truly in a position to 'do something about it' to reach a definite conclusion  in the near future. Cobra asked for the meditation, enough people did it, and now what? Right? LOL. 

We had reservations to go to Disney on Christmas Eve. It was raining. And the drive there was really scary, I almost turned us back. Anthony said, 'mom, we are so close, let's just keep going'. And as it is, if you make the reservation, you need to show up.  A ticket alone isn't enough, they count who is going in to the parks. So we went. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I even saw a cloud ship right over the parks, and I knew who was in it, and it made me smile.  

I can tell you Ross is super busy and has been so for a while. Not sure how long. His presence is felt and he always makes time for our readers here with his messages. But he's busy, something is going on up there, and I can tell. 

Our message is 'don't lose hope'. 

Remember this is a team effort.

And due to security, not everyone can know every detail about the plan. Not even me, and I'm super close to Ross, I'm his Twin!

That's why it's important to let it go, and let it be in the control of Creator. You are welcome to ask Creator to help in every way you think is going to help. That's cool, to pray and petition. God will hear you. 

Otherwise do what you can to keep your energy in balance and healthy. And your connections to your loved ones too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Angels who are guiding you on our Journey Home