Thursday, February 1, 2018

Taste Of Your Bowel Prep

Recently I had the opportunity to work in the GI Lab. This is where the gastroenterologists look at the stomach and the bowel from the inside with a camera.

In order to see, the lower intestinal tract must not have food particles in it. They stick to the walls and obscure any possible disease which may be growing inside the bowel on the wall of the bowel.

This means that the patient has to take a bowel prep.

Here is the routine.

First you start changing the diet to things which are 'low residue'--or may make it hard to see. This begins three days before the actual study.

 There are different options available when it comes to things to drink to help clear out the bowel. These are very strong laxatives, usually taken with a lot of liquid over a period of time.

These medicines are called 'bowel prep'...

And when done successfully, colonoscopy may be performed on the patient.

I've shared once already how my bowel needed to be squeaky clean for my colonoscopy, because everyone there I work with, and I have to face them every day. So I cheated and started on the clear liquid diet an extra day early.

This is not the point of today's blog post.

The point of today's blog post is that, a good doctor will actually take the prep to make sure they know what they are putting their patient through.

I drank a cup of prep as an intern, so I would understand the taste. I learned from the patients and nurses ways to make it less unpleasant. Cool prep served over ice wasn't as bad. And also, sometimes, mixing a little Tang (orange flavored beverage powder) helped it to go down.

When I had my colonoscopy, I had one where you mix it with water, but I used lemon-lime soda pop, and it wasn't too bad.

My gastroenterologist I worked with, a lady doctor, she had taken every commercially available bowel prep, complete to the end, just to know exactly what her patients are going to experience. This makes it easier for her to help them, to anticipate problems, and head them off at the pass. She wants her patients to get a good prep the first time. Otherwise some insurances don't pay for a second try at colonoscopy if the first one was too dirty.

Did you know, or ever stop to think that anyone would ever voluntarily take a bowel prep to help somebody out?

My friend and I, we have.  I did for the taste. She did for the whole everything. She's done Go'Lightly, SuPrep, and other ones whose names I forget.

Today I had an afternoon of total bewilderment and powerlessness.

I thought I was working all day. It turns out my boss was taking over my cases at the surgery center at noon.

I went to the main OR. I thought I was going to relieve one person, but I had to figure it out because of the timing of the cases and the politics.

I thought I was going to relieve a second, but the one I was supposed to relieve told me he had been relieved already.

I got out at like, one-thirty.

Should I go see my sister? It's her birthday, I know it's last minute, but she likes to plan...which would be more meaningful to her?

I offered to go watch mom, or to help her celebrate.

She was touched, but answered after I had gone home. They were keeping it low-key.

I stopped off at the reptile store to get a small rat for the snake. He had just shed. He gets hungry.

I offered it to him. He didn't want to eat. I made a mental note to take the rat back to the pet shop.

I had my luxurious day all planned. I would go to the gym. Anthony would go to practice with the babysitter taking him.

I was all set!

The coach was sick. No practice.

Anthony came home with ideas. He and a classmate were planning something yesterday when I picked him up. I was totally blindsided. And activity plus spending the night and they live far? When I work on the weekend? On his DAD'S weekend but his dad is going out of town?

He was trying to help. He knew I might need someone to pick him up. Actually, work is slow. So I had a short day.

This put me into a tail spin. How do I make it work for me and for him? I don't want to go driving the opposite way from my work in the morning to go and pick him up. I don't want him all tired...

I kept reaching for spirit, spirit wasn't there, I knew it was a lesson. I had to trust in myself.

Then I found the truth. If he came home at night and slept in his own bed, I'd be okay.

Then even trying to call the other mom was a nightmare of phone tag due to her poor phone reception near her house.

I never went to the gym.

I was going to make pasta, but I remembered the rat, and the pet store was closing soon. So we took it back, and had tacos for dinner.

I still have dishes in the sink. The pets are good. Anthony is sleeping. Tomorrow I have a normal start. I finally found my 'Zen'.

My test, my 'soul telling me to take the bowel prep', was to be totally blindsided, thrown off balance, to have my plans to make me feel in control of my life, and productive, and taking care of myself, being thrown to the winds with Anthony and his plans, with his coach being sick, etc, etc. 

To be honest there was a moment there where my head was spinning and I couldn't think.

And I can ALWAYS think. 

Look at what I do for my work--I handle crisis every day. Medical crisis. My god today, the patient stopped breathing so many times I couldn't chart. I had to do the chin lift/jaw thrust almost the whole case. If I gave less anesthesia, the patient moved. It was soooo frustrating!

I found my balance back. Both at work and at home.

Our brothers and sisters who are more 'asleep' in our daily culture, are, um, carrying a huge elephant that isn't even real.

This balance with the fake elephant makes them feel purposeful, productive, and like they are taking care of themselves.

The truth is going to knock them off balance and affect them to their core.

Your souls might be opting to 'take a bowel prep' in order to prepare you for what is going to be happening all around you very soon.

Take heart. If you feel that 'all is lost' just ride with it, and know there's a purpose to it. Just like my friend, when you know the ins and outs of a bowel prep, you have the knowledge and experience needed to help other people along when it happens to them.

KP has just a taste of what is to come here.  Alex Jones says in KP's article that the Hawaii missile was real. And that it was shot down by our antiballistic missile defense systems. (I had a patient that worked on them, and he said our defense is very good, by the way). I notice an article in Hawaii News Now says that our defense system failed a different test. I know this is a lie because my patient was an engineer. He told me our defenses he designed are good and have been that way for twenty or more years. There is also an article in Hawaii News Now recently that said that the person who gave the call about the missile--to warn the alarm--was mistaken and was being fired.

It's hard to describe, but there is a sound of 'entertainment', there's a way the narrative repeats itself, and wants us to think. It's a lot like how the professional wrestlers sound in their matches and how they turn out.

I've said all this year that the superb owl football game is rigged. I've said, 'if they make the professional singers lip synch at halftime, then how would the same people take a risk on the point spread?'

It turns out the person who outed it got 'suicided' or something, and is dead. There was a person who was an entertainment lawyer for the NFL, and he's not alive any more, just like, the day after he said the truth, that NFL and wrestling have more in common than you think.

And if you don't believe it, I saw Jo-hhhh-nuh   See Naw say on Saturday Night Live, that all sports are like wrestling (scripted for entertainment).  My ears can hear truth, even when it's a joke.

The last time was when a comedian told Ariana Grande she was better when she had balls (testicles)--implying she is a transsexual. It was the look those two shared, his with spilling the beans, and hers of true horror...she said her heart was pounding so fast...

I don't know if for sure it's true or not about her. All I can say is the energy of their conversation--both the SNL one and the other one I saw on a YouTube -- ring true.

Truth IS stranger than fiction. And the Truth IS coming out as we speak.

Here is one on vaccines. Flu is spread by breathing, not by droplets. And vaccinated people spread the virus six times more than non vaccinated ones.  Here is the link to the original study from which the article was based.

Here is one on trafficking shared by a pediatric anesthesiologist. Note how smoothly this article glosses over the horrors of SRA. It just totally sidesteps it. Otherwise, it makes a good point. The pimps and the prostitutes get arrested, but the johns get away with no responsibility whatsoever...

This is your calling.

To help those who are totally bewildered, confused and upset.

I have to say, more and more like this have been coming my way recently, when it comes to their health. I've had people just start to bawl. I had a lady with Parkinson's, who needed a feeding tube placed. She was in her wheelchair. I could tell by her hair, and how her sister treated her, that she had been a very precise, almost perfectionist person before. (many Parkinson's were this way before--why I don't know, but it's almost like the lesson from the disease...)

She just was terrified and put her face in her hands and started bawling when she met me.

Her sister said 'she's been crying a lot'.

I understood.

She knows her disease isn't getting better, there's nothing she can do to control it, and needing something to help you eat and take your medicines is a huge step towards the end.

She wasn't ready to take that step.

And my heart understood all this in a microsecond.

I hugged her in her chair, and soothed her, I let go of the hug and smoothed her beautiful hair gently, saying it's going to be okay, it's going to be okay, it's going to be okay. (I also let the nurse know to give one milligram of versed while she waited, and that did the trick too.)

My heart is different. It's more drawn to helping those who are suffering. Really, truly suffering, and being there for them.

I can't explain it, but it's new. And it's very fulfilling.

So, please notice in yourself--if you are drawn to serve, in a few days, you might have to take a spiritual/metaphysical bowel prep--and don't be too upset over it.  It's just a preparatory stage. And it will pass.

Our babysitter is from Africa.

Her father died. The funeral is this Saturday. He had renal failure back home, from his diabetes. Dialysis doesn't exist in Liberia. Nobody can afford it.

C-sections are a luxury there.

Many of her friends died from Ebola when it hit--last year, two years ago--I'm not sure when.

She and I talked over dinner.

First of all, Liberia was a country where freed slaves came back to make their own country in Africa. However, they colonized in an area that didn't belong to them. The natives were there. And apparently, what the Americans did to the Liberians when they were in slavery, the newly freed Liberians did the same thing to the natives, and worse! It was almost like the Native Americans being forced out of their lands here in the United States. Every port city was taken, every place with water. This led up to a civil war, where the natives wanted their rights. That's how her auntie came here--political asylum.

That was an eye opener!

I asked about the slavery. It's real. Just like in the videos you see. Many are from Nigeria. They want to go to Europe to become successful. They don't want to go to America because it's too hard to get in. The Mexicans come in because it's easy to stowaway and it's right next door.

So the people go, and the families never hear from them again. So they send the sister after the brother.

She finds someone who says to follow them, they will help her, and next thing you know, she is in slavery too.

There's no health care. If you get sick, they will either let you die or kill you for your organs to transplant.

Only recently the United Nations found out, and now they are making the original countries take some of their people back...

I asked about the witch doctors. She said that that's been going on for a long time. It's not recent. Liberia is a Christian country. Other countries there aren't Christian, so you have both the witch doctor or the other religion.

People go to the witch doctor to get rich, for example. The witch doctor says to find the heart of an ant, and that will make them rich. An ant? How are you to find a heart in an insect? So then the witch doctor says, 'you will give me your first born child'.

The people think they will never have kids, they want to be rich, so they say yes. But years later, when the family is started, guess who turns up? And if they don't give the baby, then all their fortune will be lost and the baby will die anyway.

I had heard that kids are sacrificed a lot for those 'religions', and that to have a building be successful the hands and feet (dismembered) of a child sacrifice are buried under the building before it is built. This way the soul of the child has to help it, according to the witch doctors. I had heard that this is becoming increasingly prevalent. I saw a video of a young boy who was almost sacrificed, he was kidnapped, but got away. That interview was really hard to watch. So sad!

She said that Liberians love to party. A funeral will have three parties. And they like the ceremony short so there is more time for food and alcohol. Any social event will mean a party. The birth of a child. A wedding. An anniversary. Many things like that.

Know that you are in the right place, at the right time, to do the right things you were sent here to do.

Everything is going as planned.

Be prepared, and also, be prepared for good 'self care'.

And enjoy the ringside seats to 'the show'. You've done your hard work on awakening. Now it's time for the rest of humanity to follow suit.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. Ross says 'all is well' and gives a smile and a huge thumbs up.