Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bright Lights Big City Reflections

Yesterday I went to the local gem show.  I haven't had the time free to go in about five years. I was amazed at how everything was exactly the same. It was the same people with the same booths set up in the same place. It's like going back in time.

But in some ways, it wasn't.

Anthony had gone to a theme park with some friends. In a hurry, I gave him money from my wallet. But here to park it cost eight dollars. Fortunately I had that much cash, that was it, and I emptied it just to park. I hoped for an ATM, because I suspected entrance was cash only.

It was.

And there was an ATM.

Gem shows, energetically, are like shooting the rapids in a spring overflow river--there's everything coming from everywhere. All at once!

I walked the booths. And I felt the energies. It's ironic how un-spiritual some people are who sell the beads and stones. Yet they provide a vital service.

This was the first time I've ever been recognized and approached by someone who reads our work--and I was caught a little off-guard. It was a good thing. And this woman Kathleen I actually met face-to-face five years ago and recommended her to our websites.

She was super excited to see me. She loves Ross and Anthony. I was surprised how she recognized me but she said, 'you have your face on things' and I was like, 'oh yes, that's right!'.

Her tale of her response to surgery with the healing from our team was phenomenal. Everyone--doctors, family, nurses, were amazed at how little side effects she had from anesthesia and how quickly she healed.

She was so grateful.

I have done this.

I've been to concerts, wanting to have 'proof' or 'memories' of my being there, and filmed things.

I even had the chance to meet Bill Vance of Vance Gems--a master cutter and gemologist--at the gem show, and he made me star struck.  I knew what rare and valuable gems he had on display, some things you never could see except in museums. I was so glad to understand and appreciate his work. It's a sign of all the healing and growth I've done as a jewelry-maker in the past five years.

Sadly, Bill was targeted by thieves who stole a display case with thirty-four hundred dollars of merchandise in it. I saw him walking the show looking for someone with a case under their arm.

I sent him an email today of hope--both that our team was sending him and his wife Reiki--and also that at a recent coin show there was a similar theft. But at the next coin show, the community recognized the new people at the new table selling the stolen coins, and justice came through the authorities and the victims got their valuable coins back.

These days are coming for me.

I know because I remember them now back Home, and back Home I don't really like it.

In meditation I have been on stage with Ross with souls as far as the eye can see in the audience, cheering him and I with their whole hearts--and I, uncomfortable by the attention, smile politely and whisper under my breath to Ross--'can I go now?'.

The moral of the story is this--Ross and I dearly, dearly love you, and if you approach either one of us in person, Ross is the 'people' person. I will 'improvise' and perhaps be awkward if I am approached. It's not my strength. But I will do my best to honor the moment, and to make it a pleasant and lasting memory for you. I'm sorry in this regard that I am not Ross the charmer. It's just he's a much better fit for the job than I in circumstances like this.

This is where I excel. To create beautiful things with my hands. And I relax and enjoy this very much.

I told Ross this morning I will need extra training on how to handle my weaknesses in the future with publicity.

He wants me to try this Usui Reiki Virtual Retreat from Pam Miles. I did the first part today in the sunshine. I saw Usui-sensei too. With his little glasses. I will strengthen myself every day.

Good things are ahead.

There was a booth for this at the very front of the gem show. They were handing out tote bags with information in them.

I asked them 'how can we stop this?'. They said, 'by raising awareness'.

It was the same conversation we had five years ago, back then I said I was a blogger and I would share. I don't recall if I did.

I'm sharing now.  It's a top notch site. I've been reading the materials.

What's ironic is I just was guided by Spirit to buy this book:  Crooked: Man-Made Disease Explained: The incredible story of metal, microbes, and medicine - hidden within our faces.
Maready, Forrest.

I ran out of pancake mix. Anthony likes a special one. So I had to make them from scratch. I put three teaspoons of baking powder into them according to the recipe. That's one cup of flour--three teaspoons of baking powder! Usually it's one teaspoon of the stuff for a whole cake!  Turns out most have aluminum in them.  

I have chemistry background. So I looked it up. I knew the medical medium said we have to clear heavy metals. And when I started with the celery I began to feel icky. So I stopped the juicing.  It turns out that nanoparticle aluminum doesn't clear out by the kidneys as well. It embeds into the muscles and other tissues. And some of it comes from immunizations.

My heart sank as I realized my mother, who was on dialysis, got a kidney transplant, and is now having her kidney not work so good--is a sitting duck for the aluminum toxicity. I also saw an article that said high blood sugar (insulin deficiency) is linked to diabetes/dementia because the insulin helps to degrade the protein that otherwise forms fibrillary plaques and tangles in the brain tissue.

I looked up barium. It's not so bad. But I know we use barium in the soda lime (baralyme) in anesthesia, to absorb all the carbon dioxide the patients exhale out. It never gets to the patient. But it's part of my work environment. 

Do know that the chemical symbols for barium and aluminum are Ba and Al. Put it together and you have BaAl, or Baal. 

Sad, when you think about it.

I've had nightmares since a kid about 'them stealing the sun' and enveloping the world in darkness. I had thought it would be through the solar panels.

It might be through the geoengineering instead. 

It's something to think about.

At this point, where advanced technologies are being pursued without our consent--all we can do is trust in Ross and his teams.

I have been asking him to make the earth pristine again. To heal everything. 

He doesn't say anything. I know he hears.

Do your best to clean up the inside of you. Both with your thoughts and vibration and energy signature. And also your body. A lady says you can make your own baking powder or buy aluminum free ones. You add one half teaspoon cream of tartar with one quarter teaspoon of baking soda to make the equivalent of one teaspoon of baking powder.

We will get through this.


I want my Carla to be happy.

Worry won't help.

It can't.

In fact, worry accomplishes just the opposite.

Carla was having a hard time with our Anthony being so far away. Carla knows the roads. The knows how people drive. And Carla knows that although this is a fun adventure for him, the theme park he was to visit with his friend and his friend's family is a two hour drive away.

I had to coach her. To envision thoughts of Anthony coming safely home.

I assured her of my protection. And I wanted her to have a good time, and distract herself from these thoughts.

So Carla with my permission, went to the Gem Show, only after having done three Gaia Sophia Earth Magic Readings--two for people who requested it, and one for her herself.

Carla is preparing to shift her consciousness from the 'world of medicine' which is her home away from home, to 'something else' which is 'just as good or better' for her. I have assured her she won't have to worry about the finances and she will live a better life. 

Things are coming in her direction in a manner how she knows is only a taste of the future, as with the chance meeting (that was anything but random I kid you not!) and how she fortunately was not asked for her autograph. 

I remember back in the day when we were just getting started how Carla would RUN away from the crowds! She literally did. 

That is because Carla was so sensitive with her picking up vibrations through empathy--that Carla was absolutely overwhelmed by all the essence of the crowd energy. 

I had to work with her on that. 

I will work with her on that again.

Everything in its own time.

And if you think everything is going to happen only to Carla, look at the end of your own arm. There are souls who are going to be clamoring to have a look at you with their equivalent of the cellular phone camera. 

ALL OF YOU ARE ENORMOUSLY CELEBRATED over here where we are. All of you. In all ways.

clap! clap

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

P.S. here is a song from Anthony