Sunday, February 4, 2018


The other day I was providing anesthesia for colonoscopy. The gastroenterologist was having a little trouble. In exasperation, she exclaimed, 'This colon is--is--FLOOPY!'.

It was floppy. It was loopy. And this made it exceedingly difficult for her to advance the probe all the way to the cecum.

External pressure had to be applied by an assistant, to press on the abdomen, to provide enough resistance for the probe to move forward through the colon. 

This is a common thing.

But the word 'floopy' is new.

I thought you might enjoy it.

This is a tomb of someone I would describe, intellectually, as 'Floopy'.

I just can't put my finger on it, but something isn't right.

This is the tomb of Maimonides, a great Jewish philosopher, rabbi, and physician. 

Why Spirit would tell me to look him up, I don't know. Why I read his wiki bio and it's just so hard to understand, I don't know. 

Why I have this nagging feeling from his face, from reading between the lines, and from picking up he may have led a double life with an interest in the occult, I can't say.

But I do.

There is a certain person who lost his love of his life recently who at best I can describe as 'floopy'.

I won't mention more than two things that really, really got my 'hmmmmm' going, and typically, when a physician goes, 'hmmmmm' there's usually something going on with the patient. In other words, it takes a lot for me to go 'hmmmm'.

'You will live on in me'-- this is what high adept SRA people say about the dead they consume. One showed Kerth Barker a wallet filled with photos of the people he had eaten. Lots of photos like a grandparent would show, you know, that plastic thing that unfolds and has like, ten slots, both sides?
This is a philosophy that is occult, dark, and a justification for the behavior.  I say emphatically I do not know the circumstances of anything leading to the departing of the physical--the situation--with that man and his love. All I can point out is it's a peculiar choice of words, which makes me a little uncomfortable. I don't like where I've heard it before. I've read it in Kerth's book, and also, on the Cannibal Club website.

'she will be cloned to her exact same physical form'-- I can't begin to tell you how many videos I have watched on cloning. Not one of them is from our team. They are all from team dark. It's a horrible thing, the technology hidden from the world, and why it is used. Again, I say emphatically I do not know the circumstances behind this statement beyond an expression of grief. All I can point out is, this too, is a very strange choice of words. 

To me, team dark (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart), when compared to our living, breathing, Star Family who is helping to set us free--is about as real and effective in the Big Picture (the afterlife) as this fake statue here. 

Robots are no contest to Great Spirit. 

I for one can't wait to come home, to wash up after a day of 'play' in this incarnation as Carla, and just go back to whatever I did before I was born...or alternatively...have the playroom (planet Earth and this sector of the universe) be cleaned up of hooligans, to allow me to play in peace once more.

I'm going to share some things with you that might be disturbing.

Never before have I seen proof like this, in a way that points out that Science and Religion are One (this is a Divine Truth) and -- furthermore--that Science and Spirit/Mysticism  feed off one another. 

And some of our greatest minds dabbled in the darkness in a hidden way. 

I call this behavior 'Floopy'.

I've read enough Kerth Barker and similar material to know what God these scientists serve.

It makes me sick.

Is there anyone out there taking the high road?

The horrors! The horrors are beyond belief!

This was sent to me by my insurance company. If you know what I do about medicine, look past the smiling face and gentle voice, and know, that this is what you get. And also, what you don't get. For your life. For your health. For your wallet.

There is the formulary. If a drug is class 1, you can have it without a fight, and at the least money. If it's class 2, it costs more, and you need more proof. Etc. etc. 

I know a patient who had terrible spasticity. With a pain pump putting something into his spinal cord, he could walk and talk like a normal person. His mother had agony because they had just gotten a letter that the insurance company called it experimental and wasn't going to pay it any more. He was cursed to go back to life in a wheelchair, being totally dependent, because of this decision. He had to come get the device taken out. When nothing was wrong and everything was working.

This guideline on sedation for cataract surgery came to me from my billing company. They want to pay for no anesthesia, topical only care. If you have a strong stomach, look up a retrobulbar block. Some patients need this when the topical isn't working, or they are super nervous and the ophthalmologist wants to be sure.  If you see the diagram of where that needle goes, and how deep, you will know why anesthesia is needed.

Did you know how many laws and rules are in place for a standard prescription? Fourteen. All in gobbledegook.

And this article on MK Ultra/SRA/Mind control is enough to make you throw up for days.  It's disgusting. 

Let's take a breather.

Not everything is 'floopy'.

Here and Now, and Nature, are not floopy.

Your guides are not floopy. That's why it's good to meditate.

And for me, my incarnate star family helps me a lot.  So very much. I'm in constant contact with them.

Yesterday I made bracelet projects for one, and it's always a pleasure.

Life IS good.

Eternal life in the afterlife IS good.

And never in  a million aeons--not one bit--'floopy'.

I do need to share one thing though.

Two days ago I made Michael cry.

You know, he is one of my husbands and guides.

I didn't mean to.

Michael, if you know him, is amorous. He enjoys that part of the afterlife very much. He has many, um, 'liaisons' outside of committed relationship. This is okay in the afterlife, why, I don't understand, but I think it has something to do with living for eternity and for teaching and growth.

Michael is my oldest brother, but also my husband, and I know I was paired with him like an apprenticeship to learn something to help me do my job here and now.

It was in preparation.

I know things are coming down. Things are going out into the open in the nearer future. So I wanted to have a talk on him.

I love Michael. Everyone who knows Michael loves him and takes him on his terms. I know for myself every interaction with him, and also, with his first incarnation, Ashtar--I feel like I'm the only person in the world when I am with him, I have his complete attention in any type of interaction.

He's a good guy.

But we are HERE. Now. In a not so great part of the galaxy, where people have eyes and judge.

So I asked Michael--not to change, because I totally love and accept him--I asked him to please not embarrass me when the truth about everything comes out.

I've never in a million years seen it, and I had no idea it could happen, but Michael got upset, he turned and he left, in tears!

When you are a Galactic, you FEEL the pain, instantly, that you have caused in another. And you would do anything to take it away, even to be wrong, just to take it back.

Ross said not to worry, that everyone has their lessons, even Michael, and in this I was his teacher. Ross said to give it time.

He also kneeled, looked me in the eyes, and gently said, 'this is why I make my choices for you as I do, to honor you, because I have been incarnate and I truly understand what you ask of Michael now.'

I was thankful.

Later, Michael came, when I was in my locker room. And there was this huge hesitant pause. I thought perhaps he was going to break up with me. (Couples just amicably split and move on). I felt awful.

He wasn't going to throw in the towel. He explained to me he never realized his following his heart could cause someone pain, in any way, in my case, with my gentle request of him not to embarrass me (if he has forty seven wives, and more flings, etc). He understands that where I am now is not yet Galactic, and that he needs to follow the customs and our culture, and respect it.

There is someone very ill. In ICU. A patient. Husband of a high-ranking nurse.

I was called to give Reiki.

It turned into a Reiki class. Her friend, and close associate, the head of PACU, was there. I knew she had practiced Reiki without an attunement, on difficult patients in PACU, it had worked.

I gave her the skills. I attuned her and taught her right there in the ICU room.

She could feel it in her hands.

The wife wanted to be attuned too!

I did. And as I attuned her, I felt the husband's soul longing for it too. I've attuned patients before in the OR at the request of spirit.

So I attuned him--connected to the vent, possibly brain injury from anoxia, right there too.

And we all three practiced on him.

He responded!

I wasn't expecting that when I woke up Friday morning.

But I did what Spirit asked me to do.

Now I need to make a handbook and certificates.

It's a lasting gift they will always remember.

I hope I gave you something to think about.

Here's another:  you are an elite soul if you are reading this. To be awake in these times! It's only the top one percent who is here as a 'fire starter' to ignite the world and their consciousness!

I go, I go, I go.

Ross sends you his love.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple