Saturday, February 24, 2018


Just for today, we are going to discuss a food topic.

Paella (pronounced pie-ay-yah) is a regional dish of the country of Spain.

See the little paella pan in the middle, third one from the top?

It's very popular.

It's right up there with dim sum, tacos, sushi, pad thai, and curry rice, in the grand scheme of things.

Paella is a very popular, flavorful saffron rice seafood stew with sausage and chicken.

It makes for a meal all by itself.

People from Spain (EspaƱa) are very proud of their cultural traditions.

I'm not so much into the bullfighting myself, but everything else is absolutely creative, amazing, and wonderful.

Can you find the paella pan in the picture?

It's at three o'clock position.

It's part of the culture of it's people.

Spain has a lot of coastline.

And the people who live there are going to enjoy what gifts the sea has to give.

I'll never forget going to a swap meet in the middle of France, and seeing a huge, six-foot pan of paella being made as a street food, and how popular it was.

This special paella pan has four handles.

If you can please, take a look at the general condition of the pan.

If you look closely, you will notice it's not like the metal of other cooking pans.

And THIS is part of the point of today's lesson.

I was in the kitchen and found my paella pan. The local supermarket last year had a special on all things from Spain, the olive oil, the arborio rice, the saffron, and even a kit for making paella with a pan.

I had always wanted one.

I couldn't explain why.

I just did. Ever since 1988 when I was doing my bridal registry I was drawn to that funny, flat, impractical (you can only make one dish in it) pan. But the ones I saw at the department store were not cheap. So, like with many things, I set it aside and promptly forgot about it.

Last year I made the paella.

Now I was left with an old rusty paella pan that looked like crap.

Was I going to need to toss it?

Anthony wasn't home. So I looked it up online.

This was the right kind of pan!

People who are from Spain commented that this is what their mothers had used!

This funny, thin, dimpled, cheap ten dollar pan with the bright red handles!

But there was a trick!!!

It had to be 'seasoned'.

Not with seasonings.

'Seasoned for use'.

A chef said his he uses in his restaurant all look horrible. He showed a succession of newer to older ones. They get darker, more grey with time.

It's the only one to conduct heat the right way to get the (funny name for it I forget) of the stuff you scrape off the bottom that's supposed to be really good and special--like when you have Persian Rice and there's the crunchy part stuck to the pan that's special too.

It's made of carbon steel, and is however, highly prone to rust.

It cannot be air dried. (that's the mistake I made, I air dry everything).

It also needs to be given a special protective coating of olive oil immediately after drying.

So what do you know?! I had the real deal! There was no need for a new pan.

Last night, tired and sleepy as I was--after taking care of business all day post call including Anthony's shopping needs--I made paella.

Ross dined with us.

We had a candle on the table, wine, not so fancy plates.

I started with manchego cheese and bread. Fortunately Anthony is willing to try it. (he had sparkling water with boysenberry punch syrup in it in a fancy water glass with a stem).

Then I served the paella.

He liked the chicken and the sausage (I put Portuguese linguica in it instead of chorizo because we have Mexican chorizo, not Spanish around here), not so much the seafood. He was terrified of the mussels, and tried but didn't like a shrimp.

Then Ross started to talk.

His first question was, 'who is the strongest person in your whole school, out of all the students?'

Anthony was caught by surprise! I never ask him anything 'conversational' because perhaps I'm not that way. We just talk about little things.

It turned out it's him.  (no surprise to me Ross would ask a leading question where he knows the answer--he's been that way since he was Anthony's age himself.)

And Anthony talked a lot about the tradeoff between strength and weight, and how weight helps, but if he stays the same weight as he grows he will be okay for the rest of his life.

I was like,-WHOA!-- Ross sure opened the floodgates!

The second question was 'out of all the people at your school, students and teachers, who is the most insufferable?'

Anthony was like, 'what does insufferable mean?'

I couldn't define it. Ross wanted him to look it up. And I could spell it for him.

Anthony went to the computer--figured it out (basically it means annoying)--and couldn't answer it.

Ross said to narrow it down to the top three.

No problem! Immediately--and with joy--Anthony set about to answer Ross' question. The first is a boy Riley who is so annoying that he's not allowed to take certain classes with the other kids--the teachers can't handle him. He's not angry, or aggressive, but he's super rude and disrupts the class.

The second was a classmate of Anthony's whose name I won't mention. Anthony talks about thinking about what to do if this one picks a fight with him. He says if he hits me first I will punch him in the nose.  (we later spoke about perhaps a headlock because a nose punch might break it--as Anthony says, 'pop it', which would best be avoided for so many reasons). And the third was a school admin who is best friends with the owner--I know this woman--because she always wears the same face--happy or mad. Anthony says you can't read it. And it makes you doubt her sincerity.

The third question from Ross was, much to Anthony's delight!---to please compare each of these three people to Miss Blanca, one of his past teachers who has left the school. Which one is more insufferable to him?

Blanca is from Ecuador, but she acts like she's from Spain or France. Super religious, very rigidly strict, and always wearing 'fashion' from the sixties and seventies as her statement. She looks like Jackie Onassis with her 'style' but completely outdated. Anthony has had a love-hate relationship with her since preschool. She is the one who told him in one fell swoop, 'Jesus is the reason for Christmas, there is no Santa Claus. No Easter Bunny. No Leprechaun. No tooth fairy. The only thing that is real is Church.' one morning during child care before school started when he was alone with her at the school at six thirty a.m..  He was only eight, totally believed, and was so devastated he actually turned Jewish for a few years--refusing to celebrate Christmas because of 'the lies'. As he got older, and got 'in on the secret' of Christmas, then he was okay and wanted to go back to celebrating it. Jewish or Christian though, we always got a tree and decorated it. He loves the tree.

Comparison one:  Blanca is better.

Comparison two:  Blanca is better.

Comparison three: Blanca is better because when she gets mad at you, it's between you, but when the admin gets mad at you she retaliates by going to the school owner and makes it much worse.

Ross had us clear the table. He had Anthony pick a dessert wine (oddly enough, he picked a Vouvray from Nouy) and opened the bottle himself with his new Swiss Army knife. Ross was guiding him.
We had tiny, tiny servings and Ross wanted Anthony to have a taste.

Then together we had Costco Tiramisu in the glass containers where you can keep the glasses to use later.

And Ross had me give Anthony for the first time our one and only silver spoon, so he could know what genuine silverware was like--not the silver plate--but silver.

Then we blew out the candles, cleared the table, and watched Zombieland downstairs.

I watched with eyes that see.


It was a double reversal of the truth.

In reality, there are SRA who practice cannibalism. They are hidden, not out in the open. But they do horrible, worse than zombie-like things to their victims. In a way, they truly are undead because they have such strong ties to SRA.

So one reversal of the truth is 'you know who a cannibal undead SRA abuse person looks like--because they look like a zombie'.

It's predictive programming.

The other is that in an apocalypse the zombies outnumber the heroes, and they are starving. They want to eat the heroes.

The reversal of truth number two is, 'awakened heroes win against mindless 'zombies' who outnumber them in apocalyptic times'.

That's one can be turned around and around in your mind--in so many ways--to apply to the true situations we are seeing today. Lots of people who aren't aware of what is happening. A few who are apparently in 'control'. And the awakening where more and more are coming 'wise' to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest AT Heart.

The last one I just came up with. 'You will know it's apocalypse because there will be zombies running around and it will be like in the movies'.

Nope. Just turn on the T.V.

You will become one of them.

There are many things 'out there' that are created and 'set up' and 'designed' by bona-fide practitioners of SRA.

TV is but one of them.

The ones I wish to mention are those 'award type' special 'shows'--which are invariably tied to a SRA ceremony which is hidden into it, and to be practiced further to reap the 'occult energy' built up by everyone watching--to be directed into fulfilling the intentions of furthering the goals of this 'organization' toward 'end game'--complete and total domination of the masses by the leaders who believe everyone who is not 'them' is 'prey'.

When you give your energies to these events--no matter how innocently you are giving them, no matter how completely tricked--you are for that moment worshipping their God. Without being aware of it, you are. 

The only way to  escape inadvertently worshipping the object/deity of worship in SRA, is to not engage with the things set up by those who practice it. Don't watch it. Don't support it. Even if you seem a little 'odd'--be mindful of your energies and where you direct them. Don't buy it, what SRA is trying to sell to you. Keep your money for you.

Reptile skin on shoebox (we actually bought these pair, they are well made) and look at the A on the box on the left. It's symbolic.

One eye symbology.

Black and white checkerboard symbology (floor of some ritual ceremonial spaces)

It's hidden in plain sight.

The only way to avoid it is to go into nature, hopefully far from a 5D cellular tower!

One other thing. At the computer store, they had a display of like a security camera  on a large screen on a compute monitor. It said, 'you look beautiful'. 

I was outside the store, on a bench, swinging my legs and it showed me on it. 

You could see across the mall to the store on the other side from this shop, clearly!

I had to find the camera. Where was it?

I had a guess. I walked to the screen itself. At the top, was the hidden camera like what comes in every computer, you know the one that lets you do video calls that faces you?

It's always watching.

And those suckers have good eyes! They can see a whole mall, every detail, that's going on not just inside but outside the store!

It might be a good idea to cover it unless you are actively using it. I just did mine.

Anyhow, I don't want to freak you out.

Back to the paella.

Those of you who know me, know I speak in metaphor.

The pan is on the fire and everything has been thrown into it.

Things are starting to bubble and sizzle, and the end result of the liberation of planet earth and her people is going to be a sight to behold!

Check this out--I haven't watched it, I don't intend to--but it's like a mussel that is just opening up-- Even KP and Tolec see that things are going to come to the surface, good things.

The whole pot is really starting to do it's thing. Which is good. We've waited long enough for it.


Remember you are a flower. Your Nature is to open to the warmth of the sunlight.

Allow it.

Do not actively seek awakening it will happen.

Enjoy the beautiful color and fragrance that you are.

You might be one 'blossom on the tree' so to speak.

Open anyway.

Anyone who has ever appreciated the glorious wonder of the printemps (Spring) will attest to the beauty of all the flowers opening at the same time.

I want you to remember this as the times commence.

Carla tell us what you did for Marc?

c:  I did what you said, I delivered the message from you, the same pretty much as what I shared here on my last blog post.

And what did you say?

c: to be aware of this last process. It's a natural phenomenon, designed for the purpose to help us to hold and accept the very strong unconditional love from Divine Creator of All That Is.  I also said that you don't seek it. Mine happened while I was washing the dishes. something you enjoy, such as solving a puzzle or drawing, something creative...and when these old memories arrive, recognize them for what they are, thank it for coming up, and let it go--allow it to dissolve.

Why did I have you say this?

c: because of the complexity of the soul, of so many experiences, that there is respect for the delicate nature of this phase of Ascension, and how the Divine Feminine is called to the forefront to deliver this message before the Event takes place.

And why?

c:  Why me?

Why YOU.

c:  um...well I'm good with my patients and those who know me here with delicate things--kind of like emotional neurosurgery equivalent--and I'm trusted because of this. Because it interests me and I desire to do well.

And because why?

c:  because you asked and you know what I am capable to do?

That's a good answer, I hadn't thought of it before. Carla I'm not trying to play twenty questions with you. What is the underlying answer?

c:  Because my life experiences are very similar to his, and I've been through it before, we've talked, and mine just happened I am in the perfect position to warn him.

And does it come in waves?

c: oh yes! oh yes it does! It's not just one.

So how can we extrapolate this to everyone else?

c:  This last healing is coming to everyone. And when it happens to you, know what is happening. And when others seek your help, be sure to be helpful to them.

And what about Marc?

c:  Anthony loves him.  Anthony loves him, loves him, unconditionally. He adores his sense of humor. He loves his height (Anthony being so tall doesn't have many to look up to). Anthony wanted to leave everything behind and just adopt himself into that family over there in Switzerland.  He wanted this loving, fatherly presence in his life so much--someone so close to Ross in life, of kindred energy signature--that at the train station when we were to leave, he turned and RAN to his arms for a second goodbye. Anthony has never done that.

And for you?

c:  I just adore being with the Galactics in that home. All of them are. No bullshit. No drama. Just excitement to be alive, and an appreciation for the small things.

Would you have let Anthony go?

c:  for a summer, or for winter break from school, something like that.

Why would you let him go?  For the experience?

c:  Because Marc is his uncle, he is family, I can't explain to you why or how, but those two souls have known each other for a long time, in spite of all appearances, and I'm not going to keep two souls like that apart.

How do you feel about the wife, M--r-k-a?

c:  I wish she was my next-door neighbor every single day. I wish I was her best friend, I can't explain it. I've only met her once, but the 'click' of the souls was instantaneous and strong. I felt not only 'home' but in the presence of a trusted friend and peer, someone who could give me advice and I would take it.

And you're not one to ordinarily take advice from anyone?

c:  more often from Spirit than from human, that's for sure.

c:  (Ross holds me. He knows I miss him and Home more than anything. He knows I know that I'm 'halfway home' but my nearest and dearest are scattered for some reason across the globe--and for reasons I can't explain--I really miss them and am homesick for them just as much as for Ross and wherever I came from long time ago.)

Tell them about your bracelet, the latest one.

c:  I don't know how I stumbled across it, Ross. It started with random strings of beads. Somehow I've managed to capture the energy of Sirius in it. It doesn't look like much. And I don't tell anybody because they don't need to know what I found. Some of the beads in it I can never replace, they are expensive and no longer available. But I will make a few for people I know who are in need of it, DM first, then Biramel, and if I have enough beads, one for Catherine.

Why those?

c:  because they are my sisters and friends, and we are very close. I couldn't make it to home without them.

Why else?

c:  because we all so very much are counting the days until we get to home. Not a countdown per se, a 'one less day!' encouragement...because the road is so very long and it's how we encourage one another...

I love you.  Do you know what you have just done?

c:  no, not really. I just spoke my heart to answer your questions.

Go and have some pancakes. Both for you and Anthony. And some scrambled eggs with a little cheese. Will you make them?

c:  yes, Ross, of course.

I want you to start your day.

Do you love me?

c:  yes, Ross, so much.

Are you angry with me?

c:  no, why do you ask?

Did I ever cause you pain?

c:  only from bad memories, not exactly in this life as we speak.

And I helped you to get over them?

c:  I think so, yes? I'm not feeling anything now.

And you are close to me?

c:  Yes, Ross, you are my Twin Soul, my heart is part of You and your heart is part of me, forever.

And why do I keep asking?

c:  Oh Ross! I have no freaking clue! Why did you just send me off to make pancakes and then ask me more stuff?

Because I will wait for you, here, on the Other side (taps seat next to him) and I want a fine welcome from you when all is said and done.

c: Oh Ross! I must have hurt you too, I'm sorry.  I know for a time there I was pretty awful to you. I didn't mean it. I didn't know what came over me. I was just trying to adapt and adjust to the pain I had in my heart, from so many things. I couldn't bear any of it.

So you love me, and no longer hold grudges in your heart?

c: no Ross, no! Why are you making me cry? I told you I'm so sorry for the way I behaved, and I would never consciously want to hurt you! I only want your love, if you are so kind as to not withhold it from me! Life without it is pretty unbearable.

I said it for Marc, and for Aaron, and for all the men who are learning to be one--to Unite with the Divine Feminine--in their life, Carla. I had to explore the Divine Feminine--in a manner not to dissect it but to expose it for all to see.

The Divine Feminine is different from that which you have grown accustomed to while incarnate on Earth--I had the same thoughts on it myself when I was alive and I was in error too.

The Divine Feminine is the force of Life when it is hand in hand with the Divine Masculine who has been sent to 'consort' with it. 'consort' is a sort of term as to 'accompany' and 'guide' it, in a Divine manner.

Did you like it when I asked the questions of Anthony?

c:  Yes! I did! It was unexpected and welcome to our table. It was Divine Masculine flexing its muscles in a healthy way, to guide and upbring our bright young man, much to his delight. You took an active interest in him. We both liked it.

And I liked it too. Was I playing my role as our part in our small family?

c:  Yes, Ross, yes, beautifully.

We are in harmony then? How does it feel in your soul?

c:  All is well. I can exist like the Creator made me to be--intelligent and loving, nurturing and supporting life--and I know I can't have my energy go squirting all over the place and getting too thing. Divine Feminine energy is prone to exhaust itself without a good 'consort' to sort of direct it.

I give you my strength?

c:  Yes, and I need it. More than just to open the jar of smoked paprika that was hard. I need your mental and spiritual strength as well to anchor me.

Am I insufferable?

c:  No. I once thought you were, and there were times where you exasperated me, and totally frustrated and annoyed me. You are changed. And as you are now, healthy and balanced. I need this in my life very much, the healthy Divine Masculine.

How do I compare to Blanca?

c:  a hundred million times better for me! There is no question.

Are you upset at Blanca for being like she is?

c:  no, there is a purpose for her, just like anybody.

And what is your secret that you relish and long for one day to take place?

c:  oh! you are really calling me on it, aren't you? Okay. Let's have it!  When Blanca told Anthony about religion, and destroyed his happiness over the Easter Bunny and the rest, I made a small wish in my heart.  I want Blanca to meet you, I want to introduce you to her as Anthony's father, and watch the look on her face.

Why do you want this?

c:  because it's truth and Blanca can't see it and I know how she's going to react once she figures that truth out. After two years of counseling, and all that heartache over what she did to Anthony--and still kept her job mind you!--I've always dreamed of that moment. But it's not a strong dream, and I wouldn't say, 'aha I got you Blanca!' or anything. I just wanted to make sure she knows what's up.

About the church?

c:  about everything.

And you want her to get a taste of her own medicine? (the church is like Santa, more or less?)

c:  It doesn't matter, I don't want that any more, only home.

It's not that I'm chastising you. Insufferable as it is!  I know you are human. Blanca hurt our child. And you want Blanca, in her own way, to be made aware of her lies that she propounded as 'truth' to hurt our son. You want to set things right. And not with a ho'oponopono.

c:  A little bit of me, yes. But not so much.

(he folds his hands in front of him and looks at you--ed)

Try to explore your feelings on this matter of 'being right'. There's going to be a whole lot of it in a short time. Try to work on keeping your energy signature and vibration UP. It will serve you well through everything.

I want you to move on--all of you, including Carla--to your new life without getting tangled up in the drama of the past.

Is that fair enough?

c:  yes, of course. I'm hungry, now, may I proceed to pancakes?

only if you have a nice mug of good coffee for me. (he smiles and is teasing me--ed--to which I happily comply).

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple