Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Focus On One Thing At A Time

I woke up to this message from Ross:  Focus on one thing at a time, and try not to worry about anything else.

I've been working on my spiritual, creative projects. This is a good thing because I've only had one case on Monday, one case on Tuesday, and I have today off.  It's not enough for me to live.

Yesterday I made three Loving Embrace of Gaia Shields, and three Pink Rose Petal Shields.

I also got feedback from some bracelets. Here are some photos of reader and colleague Rhiannon Landry on receiving her grief bracelet:

Hers had puzzled me, because her deceased grandmother changed the design. She wanted a pearl for the focal, and also, a pink Swarovski crystal and told me, 'because she will always be my little girl'.

Rhiannon told me she found much peace and closure by wearing it. And also, she told me, how uncanny it was for me to describe what her grandmother said, because, in life, Rhiannon was much taller than her grandmother, who always made a point to say, 'you are always my little girl'.

She hugged me tight for a long time, Rhiannon, and I held back as tight as I could with my one arm. My packed lunch box was in the other. <3

These designs here are from Caysen for his mother, as well as from me for her. The top one says, 'Forever Special'. I had made her a grief bracelet, the whole family, in blue angelite. But her triplets were color-coded for their meds and equipment, and Caysen's color was red. She had asked me in January to make a red one.

Caysen also loved carousels.  The top one is for his mom. He wanted 'lots of hearts!', to the point where the sterling silver hearts outnumbered the red beads! I told him, 'she asked for red how will she see it?'  He selected five, one for each family member.  

I have the word, 'forever special' for her. And to flank it, he wanted, of all things, orange Swarovski crystals! Because home for them was Orange County, California, and even though her mission was to take the world to her kids--much travel everywhere across the globe--his heart was here with his family.

The middle one is mine I wear in remembrance of Caysen. I made it the same time. I have one heart between crazy smile and gentle friend. He was totally amazing.

The necklace I created by special ordering a charm, using a split jump ring, and ordering a chain. It's in sterling silver. She has an eighteen inch chain with his fingerprint or something on it. So I ordered a longer chain.

I will send them by mail, as spirit asked. 

Both grief projects are free to Rhiannon and to Deb. 

This  is our outreach.

Here is a link to Caysen's memorial fund, if anyone is interested. There's no need to feel compelled to give, listen to Spirit. Just know that gorgeous smile really warms my heart, and I'm grateful to have known him. It's a nice way to see his face again, with this link.

The rest of this blog post, deals with the message to me from Ross. The reason I need to write about it, is because when I communicate with spirit, there's so much more communicated to me than mere words.

Just like in human interaction, with face-to-face, the tone of the voice, the inflection, the mannerisms --when I communicate with Spirit, I 'pick up' something 'more'.

What I picked up on is encouragement from those who have been through it.

I picked up that some very strong distractions are likely to come up.

And that with effort, focus, and concentration, everything is going to be okay. 

Our guides love us.

Do the best you can, and angels can do no better--is a quote my favorite priest from Newman Hall in Berkeley, Father Al Moser, his mother used to say that to him.

He became a priest because he was in world war two. It was bad. He was in battle. He thought he was going to die that night then and there. In his foxhole he made a promise to God that if he lived he would become a priest and help others. 

He made it. 

I'm sure Father Al is long gone now, but he's one of my favorite people. He happened to be in Cincinnati the summer I was, and we visited there in his home town where he was seeing his family. 

He was a gentle, kind, caring man, who took an interest in others and wanted them to do well.

Much like our angels, guides and deceased loved ones.

Remember no matter what happens, those of us on earth who are in this role as Lightworkers, and those of us who are not on the earth plane, are cheering us on and encouraging us to make it to the finish line, no matter how unclear it may seem at times what direction and what distance that finish line is!

We are going to make it!

Last night I had a little miracle.

Ross has been making himself more present lately. Both to me and to Anthony. 

Yesterday basketball practice was cancelled due to low temperatures.  So Anthony and I tried our gym. A men's basketball league was going on all night.

So we went to Chick-Fill-A. I have a coupon for a free sandwich, one in January, one in February, and one in March. I love their superfood salad. I could eat buckets of it lol. 

A mini-miracle was that Anthony ate a salad (teasing--he eats them, actually)! No the woman rang up our order without punching in the free, and I paid. I was horrified and she was too. The manager came in and handed me my coupon. I was like, even more horrified! He said, you can have a sandwich on us, and use this another time, and here let me reimburse your credit card, I'm sorry.

I was like, whaaaat?

And pleased for the kindness.

Anyhow, Anthony wanted a new 'fake hydro flask' from Costco. So he could put his stickers on it and bring it to school. I told him I didn't HAVE the three hundred dollars for 'the Costco Experience' as he calls it. We would only buy TWO THINGS--his flasks. And tomatoes. That's IT!

We walked through the store without a cart.

As I walked by an air cleaner, I FELT a difference! I was like, 'ahhhh! this is what air is supposed to be like!' (as an aside, one of Anthony's administrators has severe asthma. She is on steroids now. To 'decrease inflammation'.)

Of course, the North Long Beach in me was like, 'one hundred dollars for an air filter, too expensive, don't get it!'

Ross had wanted me to get out of the house and buy Anthony some new basketball shoes this weekend. Anthony had told me. I knew it was Ross when he said 'don't worry about the money I will pay for it' to Anthony. This is what Ross always says to me.

I didn't go. I was just 'blah' on the weekend.

So I knew the Costco hydroflasks were Ross' second choice gift to Anthony. That's why I agreed to go.

But we saw good deals on water. And needed a cart. So Anthony went to get it. He took FOREVER. Ross told me to stay. 

Anthony came back, sheepish, with the air cleaner in the cart, and said it's from Ross but it's okay to put it back because he wasn't sure about the message.

THAT was my miracle. 

Ross said to put it in my room.

I slept well last night with it on. I'm living in a state of chronic inflammation, so that when I go up two flights of stairs at work, I have to stop and breathe hard and get my heart rate down. Anthony and I were like that the whole hike...a little effort, then recovering our heart rates and air. It's reconditioning PLUS airway diseases. 

Today I am to buy three more air cleaners. And the are forty dollars off each, one hundred is a bargain. And Ross told me where to put them. 

Here are some articles I've been reading, if you are interested:
  • vegan gluten free brownie recipe
  • Mind control patents the government holds
  • Stanford Torture Experiment that passed some IRB long time ago-
  • 'Shocking' article. Please note the ad placement and size. This isn't about justice. It's about getting clicks. And if you think THIS is bad, you might want to read some Kerth Barker. There's organized, hidden versions of this that get away with everything. It's tragic and I pray justice comes soon to all of it.
  • I completely disagree with this article. They don't know that SRA people are behind all entertainment, and that subtle brainwashing has been going on to the masses starting in infancy and preschool. It's working. They are taking the kids away from the moms and exposing them to the same type of stuff that makes SRA 'work'. It's just on a subconscious level. THIS I believe is why teens rebel so horribly these days, and also, why parents are at a loss to counter it. There is the article as the 'tip of the iceberg' and so much MORE--that's why I disagree with it. The article doesn't 'dig' deep enough. If you have little ones, show them animal shows. That's what I did with Anthony. Animal shows and lots of old VCR stuff so whatever programming was in it wasn't 'current'. Besides, VCR tapes online are super cheap! LOL. We loved Jack Hanna and Zaboomafoo and National Geographic stuff for kids.
  • This video is just plain silly, and warmed my heart. This guy is charismatic.
  • F-ck That Honest meditation video  -- WARNING very crude foul language! -- this has really made me feel like the Galactics 'got it' and are encouraging us in our language. I am going to buy the app and also play it every day.
  • Here's an article about post-op pain meds in Germany--herbal tea! 
  • Red Pill. Please take it. Please wake up. Please.
  • Discernment Test on African Vaccines Tetanus and Anti-fertility. It's an old story. Who's right? Is it possible someone 'tinkered' with the vaccines? By the way, why are there so many peanut allergies? Hmmm? What's the truth? Only what resonates in your heart as 'true' is truth. It's NOT what's on Snopes or in writing or TV anymore. Remember what Kanye said. They are LYING to you!
  • It's dog eat dog out there. This article a man is suing Aetna for not giving him treatment he's needed for years and years. Good thing he has a lawyer!  Scroll down to read article about Anthem not paying for ER visits if you get a 'you're okay and can go home' from the ER. 
  • If you have a kid going for surgery and they won't let them eat before here's the latest recommendations on how to time it to avoid aspiration (inhaling food/liquids and getting a very bad pneumonia)
  • Secondary confirmation for yesterday's blog post.

That should keep you busy!

I'll get working on my 'to do' list. Ross wants me to get started on my day. It's cold here--no warmer than fifty degrees for us. Usually it's seventy this time of year. Last night as I was falling asleep, I saw our rabbit's face. She was cold. I went downstairs and brought her inside. 

I've kept the heater off. It's fine in our warm beds. The reptiles (turtle, ball python) and bird have heat sources. It saves us money and we do okay. I have on long underwear and a down throw right now. And a warm cup of coffee. Anthony says yesterday we were colder than New York! 

Life is good.

Good things are happening. 

Be open to your dreams, and above all, create. This is the best way to regain your old self. And to find your way, one step at a time, focusing on one thing at hand.

No matter what may arrive. And hopefully, it's not much.

I'm going to go buy some new crystals to make a grid for a friend. It will help her.

Ross is waving and he's quiet for now. He says he will speak tonight.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc team captains