Monday, February 26, 2018

Deeper Healing

There's not much to say.

Ross and his teams are working on my last layer, the fear of crowds and the public.

Over and over I keep hearing, 'you will be loved'.

It's persistent, and I'm calm.

I'm grateful for this healing.

An program is in place to facilitate the hurrying up of Ascension. I was given notice of this yesterday on a need to know basis. I have relayed the exact information to the person I was supposed to give. And also, my eyes which see have witnessed the removal of certain beings from surface Gaia. I have seen them at a station much like the one depicted in They Live (movie), and they are being escorted off planet.

Soft, gentle vibrations are starting to build.

They feel wonderful.

So just enjoy the view.

If you ever read the Little Prince and wondered about the baobabs, these silhouettes above are the actual baobab trees in Madagascar. Aren't they amazing? Tall and big in the trunk.

I have air filters going in practically every room of the house. It's making a huge difference. At Costco there is one on sale, a white rectangular one from Korea. It has enough filters in the box to last you for two years. It's forty dollars off. 

Sometimes I wonder if every person on earth turned one of them on would the chemtrails go away?

I think I understand the point of detoxing. And I suspect that massage will be an excellent way to help remove some of the embedded nanoparticles from muscle tissues. Exercise is another way to help decrease the burden of these things on the body. 

I've seen two videos on hope lately, and one on common sense. I'll put links to them here if you are interested:

I'll also share with you two things our family and friends have found to be hilarious, but WARNING, foul language and poop jokes are in them:

Things are moving along, in a nice way.

Ross and his teams are right. 

There's no reason to worry.

Everything is going to work out for the best.

I just asked Ross if he has anything to say. He shakes his head no. He just wants me to make us some oatmeal for breakfast. With 'lots of things to go on top' to add flavor. Dried fruit, pecans, etc. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins