Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wide Load--Miracles From Heaven -- Gaia News Brief 16 March 2016

Ross asked me to write what I don't want to write about tonight.

We just reviewed the topics and I have them right here in my mind.

The title? That was given to me by Spirit on my drive home. I saw a truck with WIDE LOAD going really slow, some trailer home on it, you know how they split them in half and put them on two trucks?  And instantly, the movie marquee caught my eye--'Miracles From Heaven'.

There you have it. In real time, yes, that is how I 'roll'...and THIS image gave me the giggles something amazing.

I am not separating myself from you when I don't write.

I am not separating myself from you.

I am not separating myself from you.

What I am doing is going off and exploring some really COOL stuff. And I keep it to myself because A) who would understand and 'get it' what is going on--it's WAY 'out there' and B)it's personal and deeply meaningful to me in my personal growth.

Topic number 1:  forming my first collective

Today for the first time, I participated and merged my energy into my first 'Collective' of souls.  There has been much work on me lately on how it 'works'--my relationships with each of my husbands--Michael, Raphael, Merlin, and Ross.  For the longest time, I just don't 'get it'--and as much as I love them my preference is for my Twin.

We have an understanding but I am in no way 'galactic'.   And if you want to talk anything more 'galactic' in this than my comfort level, I will ignore all comments because I am not ready. If you love me, you will not push me further in this regard than my own organic, natural growth and progression.  There is no need for me to be 'pushed'. I am doing fine. And I will block any and all who try to force my growth in this direction. (This is ANOTHER reason why I didn't want to write about it--lol).

What we did is we were very much like a litter of puppies who are sleeping together.   We just all lay down in a pile next to one another, and merged. I was still me, but at the same time, I was MORE than me. Somehow, when all out energies/souls were in this configuration/position, something NEW that I've never seen before or experienced could be felt with my Consciousness.  Ross was closest to me, and held me close so I wouldn't be concerned about anything. He is most comfortable to me, and calms me too.

I liked it!

I wouldn't recommend seeking a collective.  (You don't know who it is with your energies will mix, you know?) But if one is offered, and you are okay with the energies involved, it's really comforting, healing, and nice.  I suggest you say yes and give it a try.

Topic number 2:  critical thinking while reading topics of a spiritual nature

I am reading the Keys of Enoch. I don't know if it's just one book or two, I only have one volume. It's white like the Pistis Sophia, and just as boring and dry to read.

I read chapter after chapter, and it makes just about as much sense as reading the articles about medicine in Scientific American did when I was a chemical engineer. It was sheer gibberish, I could only understand about ten to twenty percent of what I read, and that was on a GOOD day! lol.

But I wanted to learn. I graduated from medical school, and to be honest, those Scientific American articles of a medical nature are EASY.  It's the research from someone in your field that's really bench top--laboratory esoteric stuff that's hard for me to follow.

I don't just take everything in and 'swallow' it while I read. This is a skill I have kept since my university time at Berkeley. Always ask yourself what makes sense, and if you accept it.

Enoch likes Orion.  He likes the beings from Orion.

I don't.  Not the ones I have met in Council. They are arrogant, rude, and lie. They are self-centered, and will PUSH you to change your mind after you make a decision that concerns them that they don't like. They will have council after council where I have to show up. They ask the same question in different ways and try to trip you up, do make you look bad, and to force a change in your decision, even though YOU haven't changed your opinion of ANYTHING at all.  They annoy me.

Basically, I went up to Divine Father, and asked, 'is my reading this okay?!'

He brushed it off, said, 'don't get too much into the wings part' and encouraged me to learn.

At the level I'm at, there's not much published and what is, is often the same material for, um, others who are interested in the material but 'do not have our best interest at heart'.  This goes for things by Thoth, Enoch, and one other I think is Mercury but I forget. Is it Hermes?

I take them with a grain of salt. But the technology, the topics? I am like, 'wow! Ross? Do YOU do that?' And depending on the question, Ross says yes or no, and explains a little, but downplays it some too. He keeps it real and I totally appreciate that.

It's like I can't get my hands on enough spiritual 'travel brochures'--any material I can find--that explains WHAT THE OTHER SIDE IS LIKE--lol.  

I want to know.

That's why I meditate more. The Council by Ron Head has a really nice message today. You might want to check it out--Oracles and Healers.

Topic number 3:  a Reiki sell out

Reiki belongs to everyone.  It is Universal. It is free.

It takes energy exchange to LEARN it..but among friends and family, particularly if one has another means to support one's self, the energy exchange is more liberal and not as strict.  Wouldn't you agree?

The medical world is full of regulation, restrictions, and requirements...all of these are imposed upon us by both the government and the insurance companies.

Doctors are waiting to get OUT of medicine.  A young lady urologist told me just the other day she would get out if she had another 'gig' to fall back on. It's not worth it, all the nit-picking rules and the compensation and the hours.  It's not her passion any more.  She's been with us for perhaps two years, tops, fresh out of her residency program and fellowship.

You see, corporate medicine is right around the corner.

These 'foundations' are hiring doctors on salary. And it's very difficult for private practice groups to 'find someone who believes in private practice' coming fresh out of school.  The new graduates do not want to run an office, work long hours, and take too much call. They would rather be an employee, with a 401K, benefits, and protected work hours.

Our cardiac surgeon, who two years ago made this switch--from private practice to employee--just quit.  He left that position, for a loss in pay!, to be in private practice again. He wanted more control of his time, of his hours, of his he was sacrificing money-income to get his freedom back.

I want to caution you about news like this, which I just saw announced today:

It's official! The papers have come through, and "Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International, LLC" is a new company, with so much for everyone involved in it to look forward to! We are changing the course of history, and of medicine, as we unite to bring blessings to patients facing serious allopathic treatments, including surgery. Hail and gratitude!

It's naiveté at it's finest.

The WOLVES of insurance, medicare, government and Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are in the wings, watching, and waiting for the right moment to infiltrate and conquer from within. 

By contrast, by empowering healthcare workers to be Reiki 'literate' while they are doing their own jobs, everyone will benefit, and there is no way to 'control' Reiki.

(For example, in California no license is required to provide Reiki as a business. Malpractice for Reiki is very affordable.  What is going to happen when the state gets into the picture? Yes, exactly--all the fees and costs of doing business are going to go up.

In Florida, only Reiki practitioners who have a license as massage therapists can provide Reiki as a business. Everyone else is just left out...)

Back to the Reiki-literate and Reiki-trained healthcare providers in the system, one ICU nurse confided to me on the messages on DWR on FB, 'I would just tell the patient, 'look, I can help'--then they would close the curtain, and give Reiki for twenty minutes. The patients and the patient family LOVED it. And no one else ever knew.'

There are TWO ways to seek abundance and prosperity. The first is to take it upon yourself to earn money or set up a business and get it the old fashioned way, through hard work, intelligence, cunning, and luck. THIS IS TOTALLY THIRD DIMENSIONAL! Taking this approach NEGATES the ability of Spirit to intervene on your behalf as EASILY as they could 'otherwise'.  By 'Otherwise' I mean working with the Laws of the Universe in a FIFTH DIMENSIONAL way, stating the desire or need, just like giving your order to a server at a restaurant--and through close connection to Spirit--following the 'leads' and 'inner guidance' and being on the 'lookout' for things to be provided to you in 'unconventional ways'.   Drumvalo Melchizedek, with his wife in the middle of the forest in Canada, miles and miles from any town or highway, was low in funds. In the middle of the night, there was a knock at the door. It was his old college roommate who lived across the country, returning him the loan Drumvalo had made to him twenty years before--THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH!  How could that roommate even THINK of where to go? No one could find them.  It was the ANGELS--it's like their 'calling card'--doing miracles like this.

They can do them for you too.

They are not your servants to make you 'rich and prosperous' like Lisa Eddy warned today when she made an eloquent post about New Age mentality that wasn't 'right'.  Angels are angels, they love to assist you, but they are NOT going to enhance your lifestyle only to get you MORE entrenched into the third dimension. Their purpose is to guide you OUT of it! LOL. (I'm shaking my head with a smile right now, I hope you can see where I'm going with this).

Just remember, the playing field is not even when you are in 3D. It's the 'advantage' of team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

But in 5D? Now THAT's my cup of tea! The playing field is in OUR favor in the Higher Dimensions, in every way!

Now I will stop.  Oh! Ross wants one more thing.

Topic number 4 my carpet

The old one looks terrible. It is only temporary, but I am getting a new one installed. It's going to help with all of the people who are coming to look at the house for all the foundation issues.   I can't fix everything, but I have to make this, a 'tile cleaning' , and one small job with a painter to make things better. Then we address the cracks--which is a very slow and now legal process.

Ross wants me to talk about the clutter. It's bad right now. I had laundry in the living room waiting to be folded since Monday. I haven't been home. I cleaned it up for the carpet measurement guy. But I didn't put the clothes away. They are in baskets.

My bed looks like a tornado hit it. The sheets are all messed up, and I don't care. When I am tired I pull just enough over me, and I sleep just fine.

The dishwasher needs to be unloaded, so there are dirty dishes in the sink. 

I spent about fifteen minutes for the first time playing my piano today. It gave me joy. Anthony isn't here tonight.  I used to play it for one hour every night after dinner when I lived with my parents. I miss it. But the phone rang, and the measurement guy had a question, and I stopped. 

I have some MAJOR deadlines due. Reappointment to the hospital. Paperwork for my home situation. My taxes. And another two projects I am working on at the time. Plus my shop on Etsy--the one I don't think is showing up on many 'searches'--but it's available for my readers if they like.

(BTW you know I NEVER ask for anything. I don't have a donate button. It's free. The energy exchange I put out boggles the mind--on a daily basis--and no one offers, except a handful of those who are very close to me personally--and I laugh when I think about how the imbalance just keeps going and going with no end in sight!  I make a few simple requests and people push my boundaries on those very few ones I have's totally hysterical! I give free healings twice a day to over five million people. I do. I do that to anyone who has ever ready my work, plus all my Reiki lists and I cross link with OTHER'S lists and followers. I do it like clockwork. And I go to Target and nobody knows me! LOL. I LOVE it like this and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  It's just silly how things sometimes work out. That's why I give a hard time to my friends who are REALLY BIG into the 'energy exchange department'. Because we are friends I get like a discount on their services...but they never stop to think about how much I am giving, all of the time, to EVERYONE who asks, with both hands open, and my whole heart. What's the price for that? I don't know. But Ross knows, as do all in my 'Collective' LOL...and deep in your hearts know.)


I am going to take a break and step back so Carla can have her dinner. Carla has exceeded my request tonight. She exceeded my expectations by making it funny. Carla adds humor like a chef adds pepper and salt to what he is's an art and makes everything so much more palatable! I appreciate it so much. Thank you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple