Monday, March 7, 2016

Whoa Nelly! -- Gaia News Brief 7 March 2016

Last week I had one of those days where I could 'see' how medicine is changing like wildfire from within.

Already we have affirmations posted at the bedside of each bay in Pre-Op Holding. Elizabeth C. is our RN who is the 'life coach and affirmation lady'.  She says them out loud from something she has in her pocket. And the ones at the bedside say, 'I am FEARLESS!'  'I am STRONG' and 'I am LOVED' on little sticky notes on an attractive little cork board hung by a string.  She says the families of the patients and the patients really like them. And she has already jumped the first hurdle of a nursing council--and is poised for the next meeting--to promote her idea to have these healing affirmations at EVERY bedside in the hospital, not just in English, but also in Spanish and Vietnamese!

I made a bracelet yesterday for a friend who is an OB-GYN. I have always felt  a connection to Beth. We enjoy each other and are very much alike.  I realized for the first time she is a Sirian soul, from many incarnations spent on the planet Sirius. She is an accomplished artist who works with oil paints. She gets her strength from her daily walks by the ocean. She even has the stretch of beach chosen where she wants her ashes to be spread.

Well, I came 'out' to her as a certified healer and psychic and medium. How I know the aura is weakened by the administration of general anesthesia, so I stand guard and instead of the attachments helping themselves to my patients instead I put the 'good things' in.

She was fascinated!

She wants me to do readings for her sometime.

I said no problem! Just take me out to lunch sometime and it's a deal.

The chief of surgery came to sit with us. I enjoy his energy very much too. We actually have mutual friends since high school, and recently realized it. He shared how his son who is in medical school was able to go watch him in surgery at another local hospital.  His son said, 'Dad! You act quite different in the O.R. than you do at home! You laugh and make jokes. You're not quiet!'  I shared with this bariatric surgeon how I saw an episode of the Simpsons where Marge was a successful owner of a line of women's gym's, and how Homer got his stomach stapled.  Did he see that episode? He hadn't and he was excited to hear about it.

It was a pleasant lunch.

Beth said how it's hard to find a doctor who believed in private practice.  It is taking them months and months to hire new doctors to their group.  They actually hired two physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are helping to ease the workload on her group.  (Everyone wants to be an employee of a hospital in their practice of medicine, just like being a resident in their training.)

Furthermore her specialty is being split up into two sub-specialties--office obstetrics, and 'laborists' who are hired hourly by the hospital to run the labor deck (kind of like anesthesia--always being present--before the OB-GYN's would drive in from home).

I know a local hospital is gambling on having a Birthing Center which is run by midwives. The mothers-to-be don't even get i.v.'s placed. It's in a separate facility from the main hospital. Then, if the mom's 'get into trouble' in labor, they are transported to the main hospital where the laborist can intervene. Effectively this model replaces the private practice OB-GYN specialists completely bypassing the status quo office-based delivery of care.

I know some of my friends who won't do OB any more. They are into laser rejuvenation of the 'lady parts' and surgery but there's no money and horrible hours with OB.  The malpractice is super expensive because the parents can sue any time until the child is twenty-one. It's just not worth it.

I know Lissa Rankin came to a similar conclusion herself, stopped her busy practice, and let her medical license or OB specialty certificate--one or the other that is big--expire.

This brings us to the GI suite at my hospital, on the inpatient side. They did twenty cases in one room in one day.   Everyone on staff there quits. Even the new guy quit to go to Kaiser. The two people who were there were 'part time', older nurses, who work six days a week because they are so short staffed. Administration is only hiring to replace those who leave. I know one who went out on disability with back problems.  Another one, the old charge nurse, was let go due to drug problems--she was helping herself to the narcotics.  And these nurses are washing scopes and recovering patients and helping on procedures, no eating lunch, and taking way too much call. They also do the pre-op evaluations and do the conscious sedation for the procedures too.

Why isn't there help?

Because the nurse manager gets a big fat bonus if she makes the budget every year.

On the outpatient side at a different facility I work at, it's nine to five work, with a full time technologist washing the scopes. There are breaks, and everyone eats lunch, no matter what. They are very happy.

Medicine is a very different world from the way it was when I entered it in 1992-1996. Managed care and insurance and especially the government have forced change. I overheard a urologist talking with a gynecologist in the doctor's lounge about electronic medical records for her office.  She had one system, but it needed so many expensive upgrades to the software and new computers she was thinking about renting the hospitals system, so everything would communicate seamlessly with the main hospital.  It would be HIPAA compliant in every way. The gynecologist recommended it, but told her it would set her back eighty thousand dollars to change systems, and then tens of thousands annually to keep it with the latest version.

Who can afford that?

I don't know.

I'm only along for the ride.  And filling you in as I go.


Table for one is getting to Carla.  She isn't talking to me at the moment.

Carla has agreed to step aside and give me some time to speak.

To her the relationship is a little 'one sided'--'Carla come be like me' and there is never any sign or progress of MY ever coming to be 'like her' (one who is incarnate).

There is no resolution in sight for this 'long distance relationship'.

Carla has a hard time with who I am, and my role in the grand scheme of things.

She says, 'Ross, everybody KNOWS you! But what about me? Why am I so hidden? So unknown to all?'

I gently explained to her that there is Mother Earth, who everyone knows, and experiences.

To which Carla said, 'And yet, Ross, everyone goes poop on the surface of the Earth'.

She meant it both literally, and figuratively, with the energy thought forms and processes.

If only Carla knew how very loved AND known she is, for her heart, for her tenacity, for her willingness to serve.

It is legendary to those of us up here...and Carla has no clue.  Not about any of it at all.

I love my Lady, my woman, my heart of my heart and my soul of my can I get her to experience it?

Carla sees her future as one of begging for crumbs from God through forced meditation, as there being no better alternative there for her to experience the vibration of home than through her daily meditation.

I will tell you what Carla did in her meditation last night. She cleaned out the drawers. In her little meditation nook.  She found four pendulums she had forgotten, and a lot of heart shaped rocks and crystals. And a couple of pyramids. But what is more telling are the stones she left back in the drawer--Joy, Beloved, Forgiveness.

Carla was not feeling any of those things!

Here she was with her pendulum 'helicoptering' that I WAS WITH HER!!!

And she KNEW it.

But she couldn't feel it, and she didn't force it.

Sometimes when you have a 'long-distance' relationship with your Twin, there are days like this.  It's not easy.  And for Carla, the concept of having to share me with 'who I am', my 'public', is daunting.  Even if I have to share HER--which she has no memory of this, it going both ways--it takes a lot of soul discipline and grunt work to get through her day.

Carla knows in her heart, and from her past experiences, that sometimes on occasion we 'dial down' the energies that are ramping up.  Sometimes it makes her feel despondent, for she LIKES the HIGHEST vibrations possible. They are more uplifting and comforting to her.

So she gives us the benefit of the doubt.

And resigns herself to wait.

I haven't talked with her any more than I have here with you right now.

I haven't engaged.

Any husband who is worth his salt will KNOW when his wife isn't ready to have a discussion about the way she feels, and how the relationship is going. He will be loving, and toe the line, making sure to contribute to the household in every way...until it wears off.

It is in this way Carla needs my love more than ever, and I am willing to wait for the storms to pass.

Twin Flames and Twin Souls are NOT 'storybook endings'.

It is work.

And like any relationship, you get out of it what you put into it. And as long as both people aren't in a 'bad place'--fortunately my being disincarnate is an advantage in this one! it is going to work.

I see this as a squall out on the open seas. Anyone who knows anything about Gaia knows she has her moods.

They are a part of her charm.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple