Friday, March 18, 2016

The Long Way Home -- Gaia News Brief 18 March 2016

The Long Way Home

I don't even know where to begin.

Today we are going to talk about what has been presenting itself to me, in my work and in my daily experience, again and again, as if Spirit wants it to be part of my awareness.

Today's discussion with a manager of a local bank helped me to understand the importance of this message, and it is with much prayer I ask that I may present it in the best possible light.

There are too many people out to take advantage of the weak, and the elderly.

It started when I saw a video clip I would never in a million years show you here because it is so low vibration. I will describe it. A young latino woman in her late teens or twenties, is caught on film--security camera--slapping, yanking the hair and nodding the head, and no assisting her in standing up-- to the elderly woman in her care who appears to be her family.  

The innocence and the bewilderment on the face of the grandmother, and the inability to escape the blows because of her physical and mental compromise, said it all.

I know  by witnessing the film that the 'granddaughter' or 'caregiver' is burnt out, overburdened, and reached their limit a long time ago. I also suspect it was the reverse, with possibly this loved one beating the child many years ago. Old people can be very difficult and draining to caregivers.  But even though according to Creator Writings, the caregiver is only attacking herself, it's difficult to watch.

The woman who is the manager of the bank I met recently, is my hero. Her staff is only four workers. Wait time for service in her bank is one hour.  People come from over one hundred miles away to her branch! Why?

Because she understands the Vietnamese culture, speaks the language, encourages her staff to 'do the right thing' (not to push a credit card on someone unless they NEED it), and respects everyone the same no matter what the balance is on their bank account.

Vietnamese people like to KNOW by talking to a real person, that their direct deposit actually made it into their account. 

So they line up.

At the first of the month, people start lining up at six thirty in the morning. The bank opens at nine. 

If it's raining, she lets them all inside right away. Otherwise she lets them in at eight thirty, and starts the work early. 

Many people are victims and she does what she can to make it right:
  • the people who offer to 'help' the Vietnamese seniors with the ATM memorize the PIN number, and later steal their money (you don't need a card for these ATM's). She makes sure a worker is always on guard to help instead of a stranger, and cautions her customers not to let anyone except a worker help them at the ATM.
  • the friends and family members of the seniors who need money are present and friendly early in the month but disappear in two weeks after they get their money.
  • these people take out all their money, and then have NOTHING by mid-month because of these people who abuse them financially.
  • the manager says, 'leave one hundred dollars in your account so you will have money for food later'.
  • she sends people to the sandwich shop across the street--and has a standing agreement with the owners that if people are sent by her, and they cannot pay, give them a sandwich and SHE will pay for it later.
Her body is falling apart with the stress!

I saw it! I saw it with my own eyes!

She used to have fifty tellers under her, twenty years ago. But then one bank started with the machines inside, the ATM's that are faster and more accurate than human tellers, and never get sick.  She has worked at some branches where they get no more than twenty customers a day.

But here, she is doing everything she can for her community...and 'taking the abuse' as she describes it, when people get angry and upset over the wait (people who are VIP's with huge balances, who stop into her branch but aren't regulars). She knows her four staff don't know how to defend themselves or take it, but she can, so she 'takes the heat' from her customers for them.

They don't even have time to fill up the free coffee dispenser with only four staff. That went away a long time ago.

She brings in all kinds of cookies and snacks, and has a discount from the local grocery store for buying them, because she knows people are hungry. 

She also has her workers help with translation for her customers, if they come in and don't understand something and ask for the teller to translate--even if it's not part of their job--because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO.

In Vietnamese culture, the aged are treasured.

She says that people come from other branches because they say, 'the workers at my local branch don't have the patience to deal with me'.

So many people are living from paycheck to paycheck, she says.  Very few to her experience, in her community, 'have the luxury' to not live waiting for the next paycheck to come.

Those who do not have our best interest at heart OWN the banks! It is so glaringly obvious how little care is for anything but Big Business and compensation.

I was so deeply moved, that I asked Ross, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Merlin to PLEASE do something about this terrible injustice in our world.  They reassured me they are working on it, something will be done. 

If YOU know an old person, please do what you can to protect them and help them out. Be their voice when it comes to decisions and local policy in your community. I would appreciate it so much if you did.

Time to rest

I worked a full day, and was called back into the hospital around midnight. I also had a short day, this morning, and now I am home.

I look forward to Anthony coming home from his Science camp.

I want you to understand that the reason our Team Doctors With Reiki is shrinking, and that no one is being accepted at the moment, is because it has come to our attention that many people who are on the Team do not actually participate!  There are also many who ask but do not reciprocate and give. So I am reviewing the roster, and selecting the ones who are strong team players at the moment. Once I have an idea of our team, then we will be admitting new members in through a panel of the admins.

For a Reiki Request, all requests are going to be 'translated' into the highest vibration possible if they are not in this way when they are given.  This energetically will produce the best results. It has nothing to do with the grammar or English or writing ability.

For example, something written in a 'victim' tone, will be adjusted to a standard request tone.  This will guide the requester in the healing from the start. It will also keep the vibration as high as possible for our healers to work with.

If something is very long, it will be edited for ease of reading, because our healers are not expected to decipher a request or struggle with the purpose of the request.

In this manner, everyone is energetically brought together for the highest vibration possible in this community outreach.

If you instead prefer to have requests be in your own voice, in your own energy, simply submit them to the original Doctors With Reiki as a 'post to wall'. There might be some delay but the intention will begin the healing as soon as you request it.

Another option is the group Spirit in the Sky, which is run by Johnlee Garrison, and encourages group participation for those who wish to experience a spiritual nurturing environment both for inspiration and healing. I highly recommend it if you are new to Spirit and seek like-minded souls, just to have a safe place to experience yourself as a spiritual being.

With DWR, and the blog, and some other projects, I aim for the people who wish to experience MORE of the Higher Realms in their interaction with others who are of a similar energy signature.  All readers are welcome, and encouraged to discover their spiritual selves. We have more guidelines than most online resources, and this is what sets us apart.  Free healings are always available--whether you participate or not with the original page the blessings always flow to you and your loved ones, guaranteed, for as long as Ross and I are able to send them.


I am here with Carla. And she loves me very much, I know.

Carla is starting to feel my love for her in the intensity she would know if she were up here with me, disincarnate.  Carla is comfortable with it, and takes reassurance in my presence without having to stop for 'proof' I am with her.

It's like when two people are in the room, sharing each other's company, without having to interact.  I read and Carla knits, and our mutual enjoyment is to be within sight of one another, for example, if I were there with Carla incarnate on earth.

How many of you do this?

Experience the presence of the Divine in your waking day to day?

Not that you would call on it, for example, 'Divine angels BE with me NOW!

But to know it is present, always supportive, just like the angels who are always at your side, but silent, in order for you to experience the lessons you are here to take....

I have a heart full of love for my Carla.

Carla has a heart full of love for me.

That is what is.

Carla loves everything and everyone so much! That goes without saying.

Carla is a loving leader and guide, a 'spiritual coach' you might say, and Carla just like her duty with me when I was incarnate, is going to PUSH you right outside your comfort zone, just a bit, so you may grow.

Carla isn't going to be with you forever. Neither am I. I can only talk to you through her at the present, until I return from the Higher Dimensions, or you rise up your own vibration in order to talk with me. Carla with her unique perspective, is a translator of sorts...and is leaving her mark on all she meets, and knows, with her smiles, with her trust, with her generosity of spirit, so you will know, after she takes her time on earth, and returns to me, that you were once in the presence of an Ascended master....who laughed with you, and cried, and shared all the experiences you have in your heart.

It is with love that I share with you this--everything is 'borrowed'--nothing is a given.  You enjoy what you have at this moment now, for at any instant, all you know and everything you have ever experienced can change.

The only Home you have, is the eternal moment Now, which you always experience, no matter what side of the Transition (to the afterlife) you are on.

(clap clap!)  Carla has said enough for me. I want her to shower and dress well in order to receive our son when he comes back from the island of Catalina where he has spent the past week with his class at a marine biology camp.

Carla has a cake for him, a mini sheet cake in vanilla. I insist she offers him dessert to welcome him home, after serving him his favorite crock pot meal with the Irish corned beef and cabbage he loves.

It was her first St Patrick's day without him.

(clap clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple