Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thawing -- Gaia News Brief 9 March 2016

There isn't a lot right now for me to say.

I have 'movement' when it comes to the situation with my home. Right or wrong, I am moving forward. There were four people who came to look at the damage.  I also sought legal counsel. For the first time in a long time, I have hope. I have energy. I have a plan.  Anthony, bless his heart, wanted to be home for the inspections. I kept him home for it. He is learning about life, and his teacher supports this lesson.

Another I know has physical manifestation of a long-standing root chakra (survival) issue when it comes to finances. This person is terrified of the one who fixes this particular problem, but has taken steps to regain health.

My mother who is terrified of cataract surgery just underwent it successfully. She had cancelled the last time. She is delighted to see the colors more vividly with her 'new eye'.

Lastly, Dr. Bret has resigned from his position of being on staff at my hospital. He says he is doing better, but is also going to stop with the blogging for a while. Here is what he says to be his 'last post':  .  I always appreciate his perspective. He inspires me.

Right now there is a need to do this--to just rest and enjoy the warmth and grow.

Much is going on in Spirit for me.  Ross and I resolved our conflict.  Part of it was him saying to me, once I was walking to the lawyer's office, 'Allow ME to take care of you.'

That's a big one for me, to let go.

I also got reassurance of how much my guides care about me, right when I was drifting off to sleep. Michael, Raphael (a pretty ring), Merlin (wonderful roses), Divine Father (some new grid to 'wear' of Light), and Ross (I forget because I actually did fall asleep).   Sometimes when I am in the thick of a lesson, I feel abandoned by them. So they did something to reassure me of their caring, which means a lot.

I was talking to them earlier about the life experience being 'nightmares on top of nightmares' and all I wanted when I incarnated was 'to live a good life'--you know, a reasonable one, with reasonable expectations.

Then I also noticed how as incarnate human, I am sensitive to all the negative imprints here on surface Gaia, in the ether, in the energy.

I've had some REALLY harsh interactions lately, online. My aura was feeling it. I like, just do my thing, and everyone is really kind and appreciative...with a few exceptions.

Ross wanted me to explain how any unkindness that is done affects us all, everyone--because of the drop in the vibration of the energy. And a 'Negative Imprint' is one that 'sticks around' in the location where it happened, even after the people who made it leave the area.

As a result, I am slowing down in my work online.  The healing will continue on DWR. The other 'related work'  I am focusing on some deep introspection on what it is about, and why.

It's not 'business as usual' as there is need to revisit the mission of each work, and to relaunch it when it is time.

It seems to be the times.

This isn't my 'last blog post'.  But it is a departure from the status quo, and tentatively, first steps into the new.  Then I'll come back and share about it.


I don't have much to say, other than Carla is now speaking to me, and we are on our way.

Carla doesn't like sharing me.  She sometimes feels like she 'doesn't have enough'--of my time, of my attention, of my physical presence.

It's a hard act for her to follow, my Ascension.

But she is doing her own work, giving thanks and noting the progress, and seeking a cup of water and rest when the going gets to be too much for her.

Carla has a full day in store for her. And after this, there is even more 'work' for her house to follow.

So I will be quiet and allow her to make breakfast for the family.

I love each and every one of you, I love ALL, and I support you in ways that are not possible in 3D--to even comprehend them.  Just like how some diners which stay open twenty-four hours and serve breakfast all day--compare to those who are the usual hours and breakfast is in the morning.  I and my services are 24/7, 365, to you in Spirit, with love.  (raises finger --ed)  I may add brotherly love, and not the other kind.  (he whispers conspiratorially--with a smile--ed)  I WANT Carla to keep on talking to me!

(Clap! Clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team