Friday, March 25, 2016

N A W E H -- Gaia News Brief 26 March 2016

N A W E H (No Way Yaweh) lol

I am no longer reading that book. Archangel Jophiel caught wind of it that I was talking with Divine Mother incarnate about it--'through the grapevine' REAL time...

It fascinates me, that book (Y H W H ) because it has references to MORE-mons (hope it's under the radar in this spelling) and also lots of cool stuff like equations and graphs about how spirit and things work.

It also got me thinking about 'whose team is this book really ON?' because what material presented by the book, which was white leather with embossed gold doves and flames on it--sure looked like a bible to kind of reminded me of the Book For Those Newly Deceased in the movie Betelgeuse.

I was like, how cool is this--no matter what team it's for, it's something to move forward, and heck, if I get the other teams 'playbook' I'll check it out. Why not? I want our team to win, and busy as I am, it's not like I'm being spiritually challenged in any way. My life is difficult. I have my lessons. But I'm ready to read some college textbooks...

I knew in my heart who the right team is.

And this book wasn't right.

I didn't think it would affect me.

I knew in an instant when my colleague who is Coptic who saw me reading it, he recognized it, and was frightened.  I'm not surprised he knew, and he treated me with respect after that. I didn't know for sure what I was reading, I was just 'checking the merchandise' but he did.

I think it's a mason-ick bible of some sort I got my hands on.

I am glad I read enough to make the connection between all the pyramids that are stuck on top of just about everything you see in architecture...all these people who believe this stuff are waiting for some form of enlightenment to descend on their heads and take them off planet. Home.

I get that.

What I didn't get, and now I do, are some very important things:

  • you can't judge a book by its cover  one of the maxims of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is 'what's black is white'.  Here was this innocent looking book, with pictures and graphs that weren't very beautiful (EVERYTHING from Heaven is BEAUTIFUL, it goes without saying)--that was actually very 'dark'.  How was I to know? I'm like a teenager in spirit. I'm figuring out who I am...and now I know...that book is NOT me!
  • just because you don't believe doesn't mean that reading it won't affect you  there are key codes and activation sequences buried into just about EVERYTHING. Even this blog has good things put into it by Spirit to help wake people up. I have no awareness of it, but the words and the tone and my energy light a 'spark' to help ignite the awakening process in people, and to support them in their growth. A lot of this has to do with vibrations of light we can't measure, like Reiki, but can FEEL.  If it feels good, it's probably a good thing.
  • when it comes right down to it, just like money, with spirit--there's the 3D approach to 'take it into our own hands' or the 5D way to just roll with it, and trust the 'process' with your guides.  I hadn't really liked the Drumvalo Melchizedek book, but it opened my eyes to all the mysteries of Sacred Geometry and the pyramids. I kind of was doing that with the yaweh-schmaweh book.  I had time on my hands, no really good spiritual 'read' in sight--lord only know the blogging stuff online is deplorable. My most prolific sources are Creator Writings (-I thank GOD for Creator Writings...and for The Council...and when incarnate Saul FEELS like doing a channeling for SOME people, it's REALLY nice when he does! (I roll my eyes with impatience over that soul...SIGH!)
I threw that book away.

All sixty five dollars of it and not all the way read. Divine Father and Divine Mother said there was something altered into it, it was not 'right'--and therefore the work was not suitable for me to study any more.

And I asked Divine Father for something to read that is good for me and also to keep me engaged in my Ascension Knowledge.

Don't Cry

Today I was at the surgery center pushing propofol. We don't have pumps there. You just give a little at a time the entire case to keep the patient sedated.

It was a long case.

I had been forcing myself to ignore my memories that are sad, and 'think happy thoughts' keep my energy up.

Out of the blue, Archangel Michael said to me, 'Don't cry'.

It gave me hope.

I did my best to make it through the day.

Ross promised me he would explain things about his death, and why it was necessary, during Anthony's basketball practice.  He had me bring my little notebook to the gym.

I found a close parking spot, near a small island with gravel.

In it was a top from a yogi tea bag.

It was all crumpled and dirty, and I knew it was for me.

Love is Life and Life is Love

That was his lesson.

It's so him. He's really not much of a talker! I always have been the talker in the family...

I watched all the kids learning, interacting with the coach, and I could see from God's viewpoint just how wonderful all this life experience is...

When I got home, Anthony played the voicemail.

I hate voicemail with a passion and I let messages go unheard for days at a time. I don't like to stop what I am doing and listen. I would much rather read a text. 

My cousin had 'good news'--the one who never calls and I'm not very close to.

So I called her back.

It turns out she knows Tim Braun. And she is going to his friend, Mickey for readings. She dreamed of Grandma Lucille, who told her to call me.

She recommended a grief healing team near Temecula.  She explained how it worked for her, and how all these pains came out of her lungs. Mickey had told her she's not breathing right and gave the referral.  I could tell from my cousin's energy in her voice she felt better.

I also felt there was something MORE.

So even though we talked about my being a total psychic and medium and all that (but not that I blog too, cousins can only take so much! lol) came out:  my aunt and uncle's house is being offered as is for sale.  It's a beautiful two story home on top of a hill in San Clemente--lol, a stable one at that!--with white water views, and on a clear day you can see Catalina island. 

I loved that home!

There's a lot of negativity in it, and it needs lots of work--probably everything from plumbing to a roof...

I will pray on it.  I never in a million years thought I would live in it. I loved my aunt and uncle so much.  Aunt Annette bought me my first pair of roller skates when I was six, for Christmas. She was quiet, and so nice to me always.  And Uncle Rene got paralyzed from the neck down in a terrible motorcycle accident in the eighties. He was always home. And when I was going through a divorce in medical school, it was our phone calls that kept me going, and gave me hope. He was so strong, and so humble, and so honest!

The house is exactly what I want, something true to the original architecture, with NO 'open floor plan', and is like a blank pallette for me to design my own home. 

It's way far for my commute. And way way too expensive, even at this discount rate. 

I think I'll trust God on this.

And I'll heal with my cousin's recommendations (I am going to cheat, and in my meditation, ask some guide, possibly Zadkiel--to coach me in the breathing to release my grief...over past lives and this one...I'll do that soon now.)

One last thing.

Always ask God for 'this or something better'.

I manifested something today. Hmmmm what was it? Ah yes, it was an old dream--a flicker of the joy I once felt.  At the pancake breakfast fundraiser, I was in the kitchen cracking eggs, and flipping pancakes.  It seemed like a dream it was so long ago, but I had desires to be a chef twice--once on applying to medical school (Chez Panisse) and also while I was learning Reiki (Au Lac)...I LIKED the feeling in the kitchen, being with the other felt good.


She's my barometer of someone who is into 'current events' and 'watches a lot of news'--there's pseudo spiritual 'science' news on religious figures out there. I can't quite get a 'spin' on it--whose side it's on.  For example, Michelangelo made Jesus' WIFE holding him in the Pieta, not his mom. They had to change the leg (it was in her lap and sexy) to a whole new leg to be attached with screws to be more modest. Also the cherub on her shoulder was a heart, and romance...Mom says Michelangelo didn't like the church and was hiding the TRUTH into everything he did. 

Who doesn't like a good scandal? 

I'm a little uneasy at all the healers, and all their MARKETING, as well as the stuff that's going on 'out there' right now.  There's money--much more of it than before, and also, people going into it to SEEK money. 

I'll trust God on that one too. He knows what he's doing (Divine Mother does too of course!)...but I will watch and take notes. 

I always do.

This is the Pieta by Michelangelo.  I have only seen it in wax at Movieland Wax Museum as a child, never in person. Now you can look at it and decide for yourself. I really don't see what mom is talking about. She says the woman looks nineteen, and couldn't be the mother.  I don't know.


Carla is making her way.

I bought her  a crystal I know she will like. She doesn't know what I have planned for her.

I'm going to talk about Carla's work schedule. It's daunting. Even today, after the pancake breakfast (Anthony played gloriously)--Carla despite her best of intentions, hit every red light, and was late. Carla literally RAN to the building and up the stairs. It took her quite a while to catch her breath.

What kind of work is this where Carla must beg to see her own child perform, and literally RUN so that the surgeon and the facility won't be upset at her?

What kind of work is it where someone misses a family member's funeral because there is no-one to substitute for him on short notice? (the person informally covering for him was in one room and the bereaved was in another at the same time, sadly).

That is what I accomplished in my short lifetime; I set the path for the eventual freedom from the broken hearts you all have acquired in one way or another.

I am pure Love, and I am gentle.  I can be fierce if the need should arise...but I neglected my family, my loved ones when I was incarnate, and Carla is still suffering from my neglect.  Her emotional needs were not met, nor were her spiritual ones with my being away. Further, people took 'advantage' of her in her weakness, at her being alone, and it was not pleasant for her in any way to endure this type of torture.  It happened both before and after my death, but mostly while I was traveling...

What is there to gain from all of this rehashing everything?

To be honest, not much.  For what is on our 'plate', is our own purpose, our growth as souls, together, Carla and me, as soul Twins. 

I am taking care of her as in Life Carla more than certainly took care of me..I was well fed, well bathed, well clothed, and never experienced lack.

What I want for you, is to experience the vastness of the cosmos!  Try not to get 'lost' in the nitty gritty of the every day, or of the past.  Acknowledge and appreciate your perception of this eternal moment Now, which is the only thing we have, all of us, is this moment NOW.

And go and create!

Will Carla go to live in her cousin's house? There are a lot of factors with it and I can't see right yet.  (clears his throat as in he's not saying--ed--and he's happy!)

Now it's time for Carla to meditate, and to work on her grief from her losing me.

Meditation is good.  (I see Campbells soup flashing--ed)

I love Carla and I love you (but in different ways--I love everyone--and Carla as my beloved)

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple