Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Battle Of Armageddon


Think about it. You, by virtue of being born, are conscious and alive to see the biggest battle ever! 

In the one corner, we have the master of Darkness, with all his military prowess, and all of his minions. Would he be willing to sacrifice the more 'bloodthirsty' faction of his own warriors on his team, to promote the other faction to the forefront?  With the 'other faction' being 'those who seem less insane' to the masses?



If the goal is to win souls, and to control everything, and further, prove 'God is a liar and throw God out of Heaven' (his words, not mine)--anything goes.

In the other corner, we have all that is Right and Good. Outside of 'this existence', the battle outcome is known, the only thing that exists is Love.   Why is there even a fight, so to speak, yes?

But in this corner here, we have Michael the Archangel, valiant, courageous, and a demon-slayer. Literally. There is Our Lord and Savior too, who has his own moves and plans that sort of go 'under the radar' but are highly effective, especially in places of great repression. For example, in China and in Afghanistan, the 'house Christian' churches are growing faster than anywhere on the globe.  People are being martyred for their faith. It's really happening. 

Who will betray who?

Who is going to play what role, what part, in the Liberation of Earth and her People?

If suffering comes to your door, how are you going to respond to the challenge?

In Rome, people had to 'make burnt offerings' to the Roman leadership (human/Gods).  Many Christians did what they had to do to save their lives, and yet, they lost their souls in the process. Others volunteered to die for their beliefs. Some fled the area, and lived in caves in hiding from the evil government.  St Cyprian of Carthage had to decide who was still Christian and who was not after Rome fell.  (it's not a popular video on YT, by the way). 

Western culture is by nature, flawed and manipulated by outside forces.

Warnings for preparation in body and soul are being given. 

Outside it looks like a typical, sunny, Southern California day. I requested the day off, to rest. My chest needs a little TLC. But today looks totally, totally normal. 

The energies--and I really am blessed to be able to sense the energies--are both wholesome and healing on the top layer, with sort of uncertain 'footing' underneath, kind of like being on thin ice with lots of activity going on just under the surface. And unfortunately, I can't see or sense what that activity is.  Internally, I am calm, and trusting. Slowly I make attempts 'forward'--making appointments as best as I can, making lans, and keeping up with housework.  Nobody knows when or how any 'changes' will hit. 

I was happy to do a reading for a friend, and also, to receive an order of new crystals. I am comfortable with the Unseen. And I know, in my back pocket, things that work against the Darkness--prayers--just in case anything like that comes my way. 

In the meantime, I keep working to grow and be a better person. THIS is what is meant by the statements to 'repent'. Be your best YOU that you can possibly be. Fix your bad habits. Love yourself. And love others. Find your talents, your gifts, and grow them as beautifully as you can. Set boundaries, if you need to. Learn to look for the gifts and blessings Divine Creator bestows upon us every day. Be 'mindful'--with your heart and mind connected to what is Right and True, and Real--unconditional Love.

Walk the walk.

All blessings are with you!

Who knows what is going to happen?

If you look at history, humanity has been through SO much!!

The Dark ones 'hand' and 'battle style' are pretty obvious once you know how to look for it.

But the other 'hand', the not Dark one? That is yet to be seen!

It's going to be an excellent competition and battle to save souls. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins