Tuesday, August 23, 2022

How To Tell When Someone Isn't Right For You


Ross woke me up and asked me to write this today.

I 'gather' that this applies not only to people we encounter in real life. It also applies to people we meet online, or who tell us the news, or who are 'celebrities' or 'world leaders'. It applies to the whole spectrum of people 'out there'.

It is increasingly difficult to tell if someone has our best interest at heart. Or doesn't. 

We live in a world where deception is not only possible, it is utilized by others to 'look out for number one' and advance themselves in the world. 

STOP is the most important first step.

STOP what you are doing. Realize it is possible that this person might not be good for you. Raise your awareness and let go of the feeling that 'everything is fine'. People who take advantage of you will lull you into that state. Even if everything IS truly 'fine', it's best to stop and double-check on it from time to time.  

Doing this is going to save you a lot of heartache.

Once you STOP, LOOK. Look carefully at everything. Don't try to interpret what you are seeing at first. Just take it all in. Really see this person, their facial expressions, their clothing, their actions, their surroundings. 

A wonderful example of this is the street beggar who goes and drives off in a new car after a long day of begging. This happens in our area. Many people fall for the children and their signs saying how hungry they are...when actually it's a lucrative way to earn money that is untaxed. This isn't always the case with beggars. But it happens enough in our area that people need to be certain before they give.

While you are looking, check for patterns. 'Follow the money' is an excellent pattern to show Truth. 'What's in it for them?' is another. Are there invisible puppet strings on this person? Who might be pulling them? Whose 'team' are they on? 

An example here are compromised church leaders of megachurches who do terrible things in secret and no longer worship Jesus as their lord and savior. 

Remember with the LOOK part, it doesn't have to be perfect. You are not a detective. You aren't trained in that. But you are using your own eyes to see, and have eliminated all outside influence to your process of examining your vision 'data' before you.

Last, LISTEN. Listen to that still, quiet voice within. How does it feel? What is it telling you? Are there any questions that perhaps you might want to have answered? Does everything add up? Or is there something a little off? 

You will know. 

Sometimes you might not want to hear it. You might justify this and give excuses for that. Especially if what you are picking up is uncomfortable. Sometimes people suffer from two common situations in this. The first is that you think if you pick something different from what everyone else believes no one will like you. That's not true. You can keep your mouth closed and never tell a soul what you believe--how will they know? Another is you think you might have to convince everyone to think like you. Again, there is no need. Keep your cards close to your chest, and play the game like everyone else. Nobody likes to be convinced of anything, really, especially if they believe something so strongly they are afraid their world will fall apart if their beliefs aren't 'true'. 

This one never ceases to amuse me. There's a huge TRUTH out there. About the Universe. How it runs. Who runs it. Who's who in the running of it. We are right smack dab in the middle of it. If you STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN enough, it becomes pretty obvious what's up.  Right? But there's people who say, dismissively, 'oh I don't believe in THAT'. As if their beliefs make something True! Isn't that the funniest thing you ever heard? The whole world--spiritual and material--runs on rules that aren't much different from gravity and no one is arguing that gravity doesn't exist. You fall and you get up, right? 


People are so fascinating sometimes. 

Ross doesn't want me to talk about myself or my lessons.Today's post is all for public service.

Ross reminds me of one thing. Sometimes people in certain roles (like the church leaders) don't always appear compromised, but they are. So, remember to run the STOP LOOK LISTEN on even people you've long held in your heart as a certain way. He says to watch for the fruit that they bear. Only good trees bear consistently good fruit. Anyone or anything who is churning up fear, anxiety, dread, or panic--the energy of Separation as Hope Johnson would call it--consistently--does not have your best interest at heart. Remember this.

clap! clap!

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Ross and Carla

The Couple