Thursday, November 24, 2022

Why Be Thankful?


Ross and I wanted to write this blog post especially for those who are feeling down and alone at the beginning of this holiday season.

It is a difficult time of year for many of us.

Remember you are part of this community. We have amazing members. And it's all free. Money isn't necessary to be a part of Doctors With Reiki. 

Free healings are sent out every day, twice a day, to you and your family, to help your life experience be a little more pleasant and easier.

Holidays can be rough.

There can be family members we have to see who have been abusive, and we can't escape the memories and emotions that come to the surface. There can be people excluding us, or lying to us, or just having everyone we know have passed over already...there can be so many, many things.

So, if you are one of those who has trouble, you can heal.

You can ask for Divine Intervention to help you begin anew.

Spirit is always, always, always with us.

For those who have had the darkest of upbringings, there is hope. I've had people with dissociative identity disorder, from complex trauma-based upbringing, confide in me. They found their freedom too. Here is a video link for you that's really encouraging: click on here for the video

Remember, this video is for those who have been really, really affected. And these survivors find hope and relief with very straightforward, Bible-based religion. Just because the video says tarot cards are bad, means that they are, to them, tied into these darkest of upbringings.

For people who aren't from those upbringings, Ross and I prefer to leave to you your own decision on oracle cards and similar things. We agree it is a slippery slope. Always use your discernment, every time, and reaffirm your connection to the Divine every day. 

What I like about the video, is something we don't see often anymore: the sinner's prayer, and feeling like giving your mistakes to Creator and asking for Divine Intervention/Protection/Help. It's a beautiful thing. So many today believe they have everything all figured out. 

To this we say that the entire world of academic Physics thought that they too had figured out all the laws of the Universe! 

Then Einstein came along and changed everything with his work. 

So be humble, be open, be honest with yourself and with Creator. 

I'd like to share an example of the kind of approach that can be really successful. There's someone I'm related to by marriage. Someone who wore Luciferian symbolism to a child's birthday party. And smoked pot and got high there too.  Over the years, I've learned to love this person. Not easy at first. But truly, to see the person God has made, buried inside there underneath all that. Everyone responds to unconditional love. And this person is now more relaxed, open, and truly happy. They ditched the 'fashion statement'. And when we as a part, in God's plan, extend lovingkindness to others, God's plan really, really works miracles!

That is all we have to say for today.

So even if you are sad, alone, reach out. 

One of the things Carla used to do in medical school was to go visit pet stores (Ross reminds us) to cheer herself up and be around puppy energy.

Help others who are worse off than you, if you can.

And listen carefully to Spirit for you never know when or how you will be asked to be a representative of Home to someone who needs to experience it here on Earth.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple