Sunday, November 27, 2022



This is a close up image of a shark in an aquarium. Take a look at the teeth. Not only are they very sharp, and there are many of them, look closer...there are rows and rows of them, are there not?

And what happens when an old tooth falls out?

Another one immediately behind it springs up to take its place.

The system of control, or darkness, if you will, is designed with such redundancy in place. If you lose an Epstein or a Maxwell, that's okay, for their system is organized and someone will step up into that vacancy and perform similar duties. 

Furthermore, for example, with a highly notable public figure who might be deeply entrenched in the system--if they pass, it's not like with people outside the system. What was making that person 'go', perhaps, for example, the essence of a 'general' from 'the dark side' kind of entity--simply hops from one human body (the dying one) to the next (the one designated from within the system to take their place). 

In some instances, like for example, Jessie Czebotar, she was trained that as the successor she would have to take the life of her predecessor according to the rituals the system has for people of her former rank and status within the hierarchy.

Now that this point is made, let us look at the shark itself.

This is a killing machine.

Designed by evolution, or by Creator, to do what it is meant to do--keep the population in balance as a predator in the ocean. 

Well, what about the shark equivalent, in the hierarchy-led organization of Darkness? You might say, the one who holds the Power of The World, perhaps?

The spiritual opposition is highly organized! Because everyone in the 'teeth' position is attached and taking the leadership of the shark itself. 

This perspective is crucial to keep in mind as we enjoy the popcorn and watch the show. Here is a fascinating video example from mainstream media sources:  Can Yay disses old friends

A wise man once said a house divided against itself cannot stand. So what is going on?

Well, from what I understand, from what I've studied and been told, the Light side of the 'System' is supposed to throw the 'Dark Side' of the system 'under the bus' and then UNIFY everyone under their umbrella so to speak.  It's not what it seems. And it too is carefully planned, and controlled...for maximum psychological effect on the masses.

So where do we go from there?

Align with a bigger shark, the Divine Creator, who is the biggest 'shark equivalent' in the sea!

Be okay with being a light-bearing, love-sending part of the system who has been even more engineered and planned and organized since the beginning of Time!

Do what you were sent here to do.

Even if you don't understand it.

Even if there's no progress report on you or the spiritual war or the ultimate end of conflict. 

I think, and Ross agrees, that it's better to be aware and understanding of the complexities of the opposition. Given the alternative, Ross says, to be 'technically asleep', in general most would agree although painful at times, 'awake' is the better option.  So give thanks for that if you are awake. 

For other people, only if they approach you asking for reassurance that what they are seeing is 'real', then give it gently to them. But spoon feed them. Don't overwhelm them with Truth. 

A time is already here where one person who has 'eyes that see' could talk with one who 'doesn't'--and the one who 'doesn't' wouldn't be able to understand the message, even if that message is based in love and freedom. 

Ross says to allow everyone to gently awaken in their own time, and to offer everyone loving support.

He also says there are a large cohort of people wanting to escape from 'the System' (like Can Yay). Not everyone is in it for their own fun, they are coerced for having been born into their system. 

Offer up in prayer al the things you yearn for but do not understand. 

Everything is accelerated even though it may not appear that way to you (ten years or more is a long time, I'll grant you that for the significance of the undertaking)...everyone must continue to do their part so that the world will know freedom from evil once again.

You will rejoice with every skirmish we win in battle! That is okay. Remember Rome was not built in a day. Neither shall the recovery of the freedom of the masses happen overnight. When the final battle is won it will be like an instant and then you will forget all the suffering from the delays in your appartent time.

I caution you to remain close, close, close to Divine Father and Divine Mother! And Rejoice! It raises the vibration globally when you do.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

With Love.