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How We Fund The Outreach -- Healing Available through Energy Exchange:

  • Rose Petal Shield of Blessings  This energy layer is added to your aura, like a blanket of thick, soft, pink unconditional love. It will soothe you and comfort you as you proceed with your many Life Lessons. It will help your healing of your emotional body and on a soul level as you face your challenges from all of your incarnations at this time. It will remain in place until it is needed no more. I Includes a certificate. $20

  • The Loving Embrace of Gaia Shield  This energy shield is applied by Carla and protects you from the lower vibrations. No two are exactly the same, although every one will enclose the person in their own 'bubble of 5D' which is impenetrable. It will remain with you for all incarnations after this one, it stays with the spirit from one incarnation to the next. Placement includes a reading/description of your individual shield in writing, plus a certificate. $100

  • The Ross Bondo Healing Session Carla assists Ross in this healing, which is primarily directed through Ross and his notable experience in the healing arts. A temporary layer of 'Bondo' healing material is applied to the light body. As it is in place, deep healing occurs through all life experiences the soul has had, across all incarnations. Once this healing is complete, there is a sensation as the shell--which is no longer in use--releases and the soul emerges refreshed and renewed for more life experience without 'additional baggage'. This includes a certificate, and a transcript from Carla of what is observed in the healing as it took place.  $150
(Readings  available are offered after the Healing Jewelry section)

Healing Jewelry

Celebration of the Divine Feminine

These delightful bracelets are a symbol of the love only the Divine Feminine can give. It is elastic and available in any size you request. The color of the blossom is decided by Spirit. It contains rose quartz and a special bead which is a beautiful shiny shade of purple. Can be ordered in sets for mother-daughter, grandmother-mother-daughter, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, friends, you choose! All shipment is to one home--but for extra it can be shipped to all the homes too. $30 per bracelet, $10 shipping/postage to each additional home. 

Customized Grief bracelets

Customized Grief Healing Bracelet

These were made at the request of a mother of a triplet who had died. The entire family of four left behind had been given the standard Grief Healing Bracelets as an outreach. Although she loved the bracelet, she asked for something in Caysen's favorite color. Caysen actually came through and helped me with the design. The Forever Special he picked the sterling silver hearts and orange beads for Orange County, his home. (the family had traveled the world, and this has special meaning).  The crazy gentle one--smile-friend is on the other sides--I wear in memory of Caysen to honor him. This is one example.  Your loved one --if they are able--will come through and help to design a bracelet especially to help you.  There is a little customization on the standard Grief bracelet--when ordered--if a design comes through from them. But THIS one here is fully at the request of the family and the deceased loved one.   $100

Celebration of Loved Ones With Special Needs (The Bella Bracelet)

The Bella Bracelet

This bracelets celebrates those who live among us who are gifts from Divine Creator--truly--and one has to look closely to see how amazing these individuals are! Total spirit warriors! Has seed stone and labradorite heishi beads, which have a beautiful flash in the light. Also with one custom Swarovski bead. All bracelets are on a wire with closure of your preference--toggle, as shown, lobster clasp, or s-clasp. All findings (metal pieces) are genuine sterling silver. $50

Bracelets for Couples
Spirit guides us in the design of bracelets which are individually made to boost and assist both partners in a couple. There is energy connection between the two which work synergistically to enhance the healing. This is an example of a custom healing bracelet pair created for a friend who has Stage Four lung cancer, and his wife. No two are the same, as they are custom.  $300

Bracelets for Individuals
Spirit designs the bracelet to support the energy of the wearer in this phase of their life experience. No two bracelets are the same, as no two individuals are the same. They can be elastic, lobster clasp, toggle, or S-clasp  as preferred by the wearer. This one shown for example, has golden rutile quartz as the focal, with amethyst and hematite, as well as clear quartz. All metal is sterling silver. This was made at the request of a husband for his wife to celebrate her milestone birthday of fifty years! $200

The Laguna

Made with blue opal and apatite, this delicate bracelet helps the wearer to 'find their voice'. It provides one with both the freedom and courage to speak freely, and with the wisdom to recognize those with whom this free speech will be accepted.  It further stimulates creativity and ingenuity in 'connecting' with another, providing for an inner knowledge of the methods and situations which would be most conducive to the alliance.  Apatite is related to service and to the development of the humanitarian pursuits--it is attuned to healing, storing information, communicating, balancing energy and teaching. It truly awakens the finer, inner self.  Clasp may be either toggle, as shown, or lobster clasp as preferred. It is a fashion statement! (Be careful as opal is a soft stone, It will break when dropped on a hard surface, and also may be scratched by other metal jewelry worn at the same time on the wrist.) $300 -- limited supply

 The Grief Healing Bracelet
Made with angelite and feldspar, this healing bracelet helps to soften the aching heart, and also to open one to messages from those who have Transitioned to the Other Side. It is made to size with elastic.  $80

Here is an example of how the deceased loved one customized it within the original design. Grandmother wanted a pearl, not the feldspar, and also, a pink bead to show her granddaughter she is 'always her little girl'. This message was given, much to the delight of Rhiannon, because as she grew taller than her grandmother early on, her grandmother always said, 'you will always be my little girl'.  This came through from Spirit directly to Rhiannon and gave her much hope. This amount of customization is included in the bracelet if the loved one requests it for you.

Negativity Neutralizing Bracelet
This is the female version which has hematite, rhodonite (the pink or grey focal) and quartz.  Ross designed it for me to wear at a holiday gathering for my family, which in the past has had some conflict. It worked beautifully! It neutralizes negativity in the surroundings of the wearer. It is a protective bracelet which is much in demand for these stressful times.  It is made to size and elastic. $60

Negativity Neutralizing Bracelet (Masculine)
This is for those who are not comfortable wearing the pink of the rhodonite. The focal is wood, and the design is by Ross. The other stones and the function are the same as for the feminine one. $60

Jingle Bracelet
This helps to ease the feelings of loneliness (A 'Blue Christmas') around the holidays. It is made with Czech beads in iridescent blue like a glass ornament, and also, a single copper jingle bell. It makes a delightful sound! It is made to the size of the wearer.  $25

This is a bracelet for picking up the pieces and moving on. The stones are rare garnet given to me by a reader in Alaska. They needed a little TLC energetically. They were hungry for sunshine and fresh air. There are two of these beads--garnet is one of my favorite gems, it has a warm, supportive energy, which helps you to really focus on what is at hand and to work it through. For contrast, there is sparkling blue stone to help you see the thousands of stars lighting your way in your darkest of nights. The bracelet flows with an energy of love and compassion, renewal, and hope.

Second Chances:
I have this one on. I've worn it nonstop since probably last December. This is unusual for me as I tend to change bracelets (energies) often! There is a story behind this bracelet. Many of the quartz stones used in the Negativity Neutralizing bracelet were with holes that were too small for the elastic. They kept piling up! Because of this I was determined to use them. Keeping with the 'second chances' theme, I paired them together and spaced them with hematite--which I had ordered for the Neutralizing bracelet but was too small! I added to stars of Howlite, a stone good for helping to soothe and support unpleasant emotions. I am very proud of this design, because it reminds us everything works out on its own, at the proper time and place, no matter what. Even when at first things may look otherwise...there is ALWAYS room for a second chance! 

Earth Magic Reading:
Carla and Ross will do a personalized reading for you and your question, and give you a written description of the reading. A reading is about one page of information specific of the cards which come up, their meaning, and any extra significance which comes through Spirit for you. These reports are sent electronically to your email as PDF files for easy printout. $50

Face to Face Healing session with Ross and Carla:
This is something new and is available at the discretion of Ross and Carla. Currently we are offering these to people we know at our work. It is a combination of mediumship, Reiki, readings, and anything else 'which comes up' during the session. It is a fifty minute session in person. In the future it may be possible to do such a reading on Skype. (We are looking for the correct location for these to occur before we can book more freely). $300.

To Order

  1. Contact  us at or through private message on Facebook. We will need from you your wrist circumference, type of closure if this is  an option, and mailing address.
  2. Provide the energy exchange donation through PayPal as 'friends and family' to Other options are mailing a check or money order payable to Carla St. Laurent, to Doctors With Reiki, PO Box 2610, Mission Viejo, CA 92690.  We have also taken Western Union in the past with success too. All shipping in the US is free, international is extra.
  3. Watch for your initials and location as your order moves through the queue.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins