Queue 2018

I am working on a website with my designers/developers and it will incorporate this into it--sorry for the lapse in keeping this current.


This is the equivalent of a pizza tracker for anything ordered for me and Ross to create.

If it is on this list, order is received.

EE means Energy Exchange donation is complete.
M means it is being made
S  means it has been shipped
R means it has been received

Then after a short time I will delete orders which are fully complete so the rest of the list may move up.

Here too is my weekly 'weather report' on my availability for my Healing Projects:

Date: Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Energy:  moderate
Availability:  moderate--one short day scheduled this week, otherwise all long days.

Bracelet (any type):


  1. open

Rose Petal Shield:
  1. open

Loving Embrace of Gaia Shield:
  1. open

Ross Bondo Healing Session:
  1. open

Earth Magic Reading:
  1. open

Healing Session with Carla and Ross:
  1. open