Saturday, January 7, 2023

With New Eyes That See


Two nights ago we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark after a fun, although, rainy day at Disneyland.

I'd first seen the movie when I was around sixteen. And off and on maybe two or three times since. But this was the first time since I'd learned Reiki, as well as after I've developed my hobby--understanding hidden symbolism of the occult.

I was absolutely shocked by the content of the material presented in the movie from so very long ago, from the detail, as well as for the implications for someone who is 'into' End Times Bible Prophecy. 

It's all there.

The part that first startled me was Indiana Jones is an expert in the occult! 

I'd never heard that before, or understood the full implication. Now I do. He could have been a member of a secret society or an Illuminati! We never really know, to be exact, except that such knowledge requires lots of study, and possibly, initiation of some sort.

Another part was how the German war machine was searching the globe for religious artifacts which hold great occult power. 

That was true. Totally true. The spear that was thrust into Jesus' side at the crucifixion, is another such item--there are many. And the goal to use these 'supernatural weapons' in 'warfare' actually is historically correct. I didn't know that when I was sixteen and saw it for the first time!

Why was the ark hidden in something that looked Egyptian? I don't know, since the ark should have been Hebrew, right? 

But the Temple of Solomon is where it was supposed to be hidden.

The Temple of Solomon!?!?!

They are rebuilding it. 

Trump purchased the property for it. I remember hearing that and going hmmmm even when I wasn't as good on my End Times stuff. 

This is where the A/C is going to sit, and declare himself G-d. 

Don't expect to see End Times stuff on the news  along with news, weather and sports! There's places to look. Bible, old testament, Revelation, book of Jubilees, stuff like that. That it would be so clear in a movie from so long ago startled me. It totally went over my head at the time.

And then, in the final scene, with the Ark and the French guy speaking the old language? He had on the breastplate of a priest--with all the correct stones in it! in the movie!

This is where life and art are one! There's priests for the Solomon Temple already trained how to do the sacrifices and everything. Here! Now! Today! It's been going on for years. We are close enough to the end times that they have teams preparing one another to pick up their duties right where they left off...

I wonder how many other things are 'hidden' in our entertainment and culture, like this? And how much more time will it take for us to be able to understand? 

So many, many things are hidden in plain sight. And for those of us trying to just get through our days, it is understandable we don't 'get it' most of the time. Fortunately, one day we will. And it is a good thing.


Our purpose in describing this to you is to keep doing the work you are sent to do.

Carla has done hers, dutifully, and now she is able to make the connections and is able to share them with you.

Your life is not hers, her life is not yours!

Do not by any means compare yourself to her on this 'discovery'!!!!!!!

Instead, look to your own path of growth and development. And when you revisit something from your past (in Carla's case it was this movie)--see for yourself how much more you are able to see and hear and understands--compared to back 'when'.

That is our lesson for you today.

You have come a long way. 

Congratulate yourself for this!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins