Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I have in mind

I just watched "Celebrity Ghost Story" followed by "My Ghost Story". If you watch those, you will want no part of this. There is no entertainment value whatsoever!

To those of you who were raised that there are evil spirits 'out there' that want to cause harm, Reiki may be somewhat of  a challenge to accept into your everyday practice.

To those of you who think the Paranormal is a source of excitement, although I find Reiki exciting and I am passionate about it, you might be disappointed to learn there are no bells and whistles, and certainly nothing worth videotaping.

There also is a fringe of somewhat loose-thinking people, that energetic work is only for those types--the tarot card readers, the mediums and psychics, who lead an alternate life from the every day nine-to-five folk that go seek help from them. I saw a psychic today give a reading in a bookstore where I was buying books. At a table in the middle of the room. Nothing was private. Some gentleman walked up to the reader and client, interrupted, and asked for what was the fee to get a reading. Fifty-dollars a half hour. For that. It affected my shopping, and I felt compassion for the woman with the deceased husband who was getting the reading. This was at the Learning Light Institute, the oldest and most reputable place for sensitive folks to follow their interest and brush up on their skills.

It makes me sad.

Nowhere is there a place for science-minded people to go, to learn something new that might help them in their practice. Except here, perhaps. I promise you level-headed discussion about something that is truly cutting edge. I doubt drug-makers will be sponsoring any studies. And I doubt any double-blinded randomized study will prove something from outside the 'normal experiences'. Somehow, it seems that would be beside the point of being spiritual beings in human bodies in this life.

What Reiki can do for you is to build confidence in your perception, and a rigorous outlet of energy that is healing. It can be hands on, up close, or from a distance. I will talk about distance healing another time.

Take care, and thank you for your interest. One day, like-minded folk like us can discuss openly about this subject. For now, I am not sharing my identity like I would, because of common misperceptions about Reiki that are in conflict with my daily work. I want to keep bringing home the groceries like you!

: D   Have a nice day!