Monday, January 31, 2011

Reiki's Effect on Electronic Devices ; )

Yesterday at Trader Joe's my son was in the cart, handing items to the cashier for her to scan them. She had a *hard* time. It would not scan. Try and try again. She said, "I had no problems with the one before!" in exasperation. I had seen it. She was right.

What she didn't know is that my son is attuned to Reiki, and is a level one practitioner.

A classmate of mine, right before our Reiki II class together, said she was at home shortly after Reiki one. She picked up the remote and tried to use it to turn on the t.v. It wouldn't work. She kept pushing buttons and moving around the room. Nothing would happen. She complained to her husband (they were newlyweds). He picked it up and clicked and it worked just fine. It was her Reiki energy that was 'jamming the circuits'

Reiki has a sensation. It feels like something flowing from one's hands. It feels this way from the base of the palm, the center of the hand, or the fingertips. The client can often sense warmth or coolness, and so does the Reiki practitioner. In Karuna Reiki, and advanced form of healing (it has been called 'Reiki on steroids'), the entire arm has this sensation. Although it hasn't been documented as electromagnetic or ultrasound or microwave or anything, it is common knowledge in Reiki circles that it has this effect.

For me, I work in the operating room. I monitor vital signs electronically. I blew out a couple monitors--just some glitch that wouldn't read right and they had to exchange them. Only when I was first new to Reiki. I don't recall any other things I may have broken. But like my friend with the remote, I saw enough to know that there was 'something there'.

It's just something to think about. Have a terrific day!