Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Advantage of Reiki in the Hospital

Since I am a practitioner of traditional medicine, let me share the training I have been through. After a Bachelor in Science at Berkeley, I worked for five years in industry as a research scientist. I left this position to follow my dream of being a physician. I moved to San Diego, put myself through medical school, and started residency in General Surgery. One of the challenges I faced as I progressed in this path, is that I was working so hard I was not able to take care of myself as well as I had in medical school. Lack of sleep, recreation, and exercise began taking its toll. As a result, I switched from Surgery to Anesthesia, a move that matched my personality as well as my lifestyle. I am busy, but nowhere near the way I was in my General Surgery days.

I was an assistant clinical professor and enjoyed teaching my students very much. However, I noticed patterns in my patients. Some of them, especially the heart surgery patients, sometimes were surrounded by an aura of dread--so much that lines did not get in, i.v. access was a challenge, and sometimes even the surgery was difficult.

Something was going on in the mental aspect of my patients that was having an impact on delivery of their medical care. I wanted to understand more of it, and see if there were ways to counteract it.

After Reiki training, I have learned MY mental state profoundly affects care, often streamlining it, and gives a better result for my patients.